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Byrobot’s soccer drone was built to be kicked!




soccer drone

Out of all the toy drones at CES 2018, only one was created to be kicked. Byrobot, a drone company from Korea, showcased a prototype soccer drone called Skykick at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Skykick is actually just a quadcopter built with a giant ball-shaped propeller guard, but it can withstand kicks, and it can even be held like a basketball. Other than its kid-friendly design, the soccer drone was made to fly through hoops.

The company’s representative lightly kicked the soccer drone and started the quadcopter right after it bounced off the floor. Skydrone’s 6-axis stabilization sensor proved that it was stable enough to fly, even after being kicked. The pilot then flew the quadcopter through a drone soccer goal with ease. Even though it was only a prototype, Skykick showed that it was fully operable.

soccer drone

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