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SMOVE Mobile – Why this might be the best 2018 gimbal!




best 2018 gimbal

Mobile phone gimbals are a must have for travelers looking to match their drone footage with their 4K smartphone videos. We Talk UAV reviewed and compared mobile phone gimbals from DJI, Zhiyun and SMOVE last March, and even though they each have their own strengths, We Talk UAV made a new review video explaining why the SMOVE Mobile is a candidate for the best 2018 gimbal:

At first sight, the SMOVE Mobile looks like an ordinary 3-axis gimbal, but it’s actually designed with a built-in selfie stick. This gimbal can extend its reach while keeping a smartphone or even a custom-fitted action camera stabilized, which is perfect for vlogging and capturing a wider angle. The extendable reach also allows the SMOVE Mobile to film crane shots, similar to a drone lifting off the ground.

best 2018 gimbal

SMOVE Mobile is designed with a trigger built into the grip. The trigger can be conveniently used to lock the phone in a fixed position, regardless if the grip sways left or right.

best 2018 gimbal

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