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SMOVE Mobile vs. Smooth Q vs. Osmo Mobile 2!




SMOVE Mobile

Grip and Joystick

DJI Osmo Mobile 2 has a better overall grip compared to the Smooth Q, and the SMOVE Mobile has a rubber-like grip with a trigger. Only the Smooth Q has the zoom button placed on the front, while the other gimbals have the zoom feature located on the sides. Another noticeable difference on the SMOVE Mobile is that the joystick is plain, whereas the other gimbals have textured joysticks.

Charging port

The SMOVE Mobile is the only gimbal without a knob for adjusting the mobile phone, but it still adjusts with a different design. The charging port for the mobile phone to the gimbal was also said to be better on the SMOVE because the port is directly on the arm instead of the sides or bottom.

SMOVE Mobile


Best feature on the SMOVE Mobile

The biggest feature on the SMOVE Mobile is its ability to extend like a selfie stick, which means getting lower or higher angles is now easier. The extended arm also allows for crane shots.

SMOVE Mobile

All three gimbals are mostly the same in terms of quality, but there are still some noticeable differences. The SMOVE Mobile app has three different modes: pan follow mode, lock mode and all follow mode. The Smooth Q app was described to be the most difficult to operate because it has too many different settings and excess information. The DJI Osmo Mobile 2 was described to be the easiest to operate.

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