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SMOVE Mobile vs. Smooth Q vs. Osmo Mobile 2!




SMOVE Mobile

SMOVE Mobile, ZHIYUN Smooth Q and DJI Osmo Mobile 2 are all top mobile phone gimbals designed to take everyday phone cameras to the next level. All three contenders are similarly designed, so We Talk UAV did a comparison video to highlight each gimbal’s strengths and weaknesses.

Price and Weight

SMOVE Mobile is priced at $159, Osmo Mobile 2 is being sold at $129, and the Smooth Q has been recently reduced to $99. The SMOVE mobile weighed the less at 129 grams, which is nearly 60 grams lighter than Osmo Mobile 2. With a mobile phone attached, the weight difference is barely noticeable, but it may be taxing to a person planning to shoot for an extended period.

SMOVE Mobile


All gimbals can also be used as a powerbank. The SMOVE Mobile battery is rated to last 10 hours, while the Smooth Q is supposed to last 12 hours, and the DJI Osmo Mobile 2 is rated to operate for 15 hours.

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