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The Aire Robot is a Home Security Drone




The Aire is a smart robot assistant that flies indoors for tasks like home inspections and assisted selfie shots. It’s unlike any drone right now, and it won’t be available until this time next year. The futuristic robot is basically an indoor drone with a charging station. Users can connect to it through a mobile app anywhere with a basic internet connection. With the increase use of smart appliances and AI assisted devices, the Aire Robot is the next step towards integrating indoor security UAVs in tomorrow’s homes.

Aire Robot Specs

The Aire Robot has an advanced obstacle avoidance system that is vision and sonar based. It has a flight time of eight minutes, but a charging dock can recharge the home UAV in less than 30 minutes. The Aire Robot stands 14 inches tall, and its diameter is 12 inches. The weight is estimated to be three pounds. Its core will have an NVIDIA TX1 processor, which is the same kind of processor used in self-driving cars. A 4K capable camera will ensure clear visuals for anyone using this device for home inspections. Users can manually control the Aire Robot to search their own house or shoot videos and 360° photos. Currently, the Aire Drone only has night vision when it is docked. The home robot drone can also connect with Amazon’s Alexa, which is an artificially intelligent personal assistant.

Aire Drone

Reduced Sound

Drones are notorious for being loud, and a DJI Mavic Pro Platinum might be an exception, but the Aire Robot is significantly quieter than the average drone. With the combination of acoustic shielding fabrics and a ducted fan propulsion design, the Aire Robot’s flight sound is as loud as an indoor fan.

Aire Drone

Aire Robot’s Propulsion System


If the connection between the operator and robot gets disconnected, the Aire Robot will attempt to land in its charging dock. If that doesn’t work, it will land at its current location.  Aire Drone

Why Aire Robot over Wi-Fi cameras?

The futuristic home drone can manually be controlled by an operator, so all angles can be covered using the Air Robot.

Aire Robot


The Air Robot’s beta model is available for pre-order on Kickstarter for $699, and the estimated shipping time is September 2018.

Aire Robot

One comparable drone to the Aire Robot is Yuneec’s concept Valet drone, which was showcased at CES 2017. AI home drones were bound to happen sooner or later. Pledging for the Aire Robot right now on Kickstarter may be a long term investment worth looking into, especially since it’s 50% off the MSRP.


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