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A new silent plane takes to the sky – what could this mean for drones?




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Why drones could benefit from an invention like this

Quick word association test here: What is one of the first words that pop into your head when you think of drones?

For me, it’s noise.

Even the tiniest UAV creates significant buzzing as the props displace the air and keep the craft aloft. Imagine now how it would be if they were extremely quiet… I imagine many public complaints about drones in public spaces would melt away.

It is currently difficult to imagine a future where people will be okay with dozens of extremely noisy crafts flying past their house each day delivering pizza, packages and potentially taxying people if the noise problem isn’t sorted out. Aside from limited battery life, noise pollution is one of the biggest factors that is currently holding drone technology back.

On the other hand, perhaps the public will be even more concerned about silent drones powered by ionic winds if they couldn’t hear them coming? In recent times, the number of complaints regarding drones and invasions of privacy has skyrocketed.

Earlier this year, we brought you a story regarding the US military wanting quieter drones. Militaries wanting silent drone technology should be a worry for all of us, particularly because one of the primary reasons drones are deployed by the military is to, you know, kill people.

Although this project is in its very early stages, we will be watching its future developments with utmost interest.

Check out a video of the ion plane in action below:

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