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Shanghai like you’ve never seen before




Shanghai is a city rich in history and culture, with intersecting traditions and styles that meld to form a skyline that incorporates both new and old in a symphony of lines and colors. No perspective shows this off more vividly than an aerial camera shot from a drone. The Metropolitan 2 SkyThief Studio Showreel gives viewers just such an epic glimpse of Shanghai, China’s city of the future.

Burgeoning prosperity and neon lines combine with tessellations formed by an endless sea of skyscrapers to give viewers an impression of a city growing up out of the earth and reaching for the sky. The many geometric patterns, from repeating nautilus shapes to simple circular satellites show the variety of design employed in even the smallest of details within Shanghai, all details that come to vivid life from the perspective of the drone’s aerial camera.

Interior spaces interspersed with natural settings show the clarity and crisp imagery that the drone’s camera is capable of producing, all the while recording video in an unbroken smoothness that belies the technology prowess underlying the craft.

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