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Setting Up White Balance On Your Drone – What It’s All About




White balance is one of the forgotten features of your drone camera. Every digital camera and even your smartphone has white balance settings. But there are so many people flying drones, shooting video and still images and never use it. Well, that is easy to understand, because probably more than half of the drone users (unconfirmed info) just flick their cameras into the auto mode and enjoy hassle-free shooting.

white balanceIn this video tutorial, we decided to go deeper into this tiny little feature, take a closer look and maybe find the importance of this “unimportant” feature.

Here you will find answers to the questions like:

  • What is White Balance?
  • Who invented so-called White Balance?
  • Why does is measured in Kelvins (K)
  • What do those K numbers mean?
  • What settings should you use?

In the end, we wanted to mention that white balance also can be changed in post-production, no matter if you are shooting video or stills. But keep in mind that if you don’t want any, even a tiny color distortion you’d better set your WB properly from the very beginning inside the camera.

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