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Setting the bar for drone photography: Danish company release 100mp backlit camera




Danish company Phase One have announced the release of their new iXM 100MP – a camera capable of delivering images with an astounding 100 megapixel resolution.

The camera is the first medium format sensor that implements Sony’s backside-illuminated (BSI) 44x33mm sensor which enhances light-sensitivity and dynamic range.

Phase One specialize in high-end digital photography equipment and software and claim this camera is a breakthrough aerial camera platform.

Screenshot from Phase-One promotional video showing the iXM100MP attached to the bottom of a drone.

Specs and features for the tech-heads:

  • It weighs 1.38 pounds (630g)
  • Possesses an ISO range of 50-6400 and dynamic range of 83dB
  • The camera is weatherproof and can operate in temperatures ranging from 14°F (-10°C) to 104°F (40°C)
  • Has a continuous shooting speed of 3fps
  • Possesses USB3 and Ethernet 10G ports, HDMI out and XQD memory card storage
  • 14-bit RAW images and an infrared cutoff filter

How much will it cost?

When we said this company is high-end, perhaps it would be more appropriate to say outer space. The type of gear designed for Phase One is most certainly for a premium user – professional photographers, industrial mapping companies, people with too much money. You know, those types.

Costing far more than most consumers drones (most DJI drones are under $1000) this setup will cost you a staggering $40,000.

Yup – 40k.

Alongside the camera itself, Phase One will also release four lenses: A fixed focus 35mm and 80mm and a motorized-focus 80mm and 150mm.

Oh – by the way, each additional lense will cost you $10k. Better start saving!

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