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DJI And Seagate Partner Up For Storage Solution




Seagate and DJI partner up to create a new storage solution. From the world’s first 5.25” HDD to today’s largest 60 TB SSD, Seagate Technology pushes the envelope once again by teaming up with DJI to help improve their UAV’s data transfers. These two leaders in their fields are aiming to upgrade a drone’s storage by not only size but speed. Seagate still kept it quiet at CES 2017, but they did manage to tease viewers with a preview.

Seagate DJI Team Up

What’s It For?

As technology advances, drones are upping their video and photo capabilities, so faster reading and writing times coupled with larger capacities are in need to answer those demanding file sizes. Anyone that records in 4K can attest to the large video file it creates in a short time. According to Seagate, a DJI Inspire 2, shooting at 5.2K, can accumulate 120GB of data in a 25-minute flight. That is a ton of video data for 25 minutes, so Seagate is taking the initiative by aiming to simplify the workflow process.

When Is the Release?

Their release date is still undefined, but it is going to be announced later this year. In this video interview, Tim Butcher, Seagate’s Senior Vice President, claims that they have, “…several phases of products that will be rolling out this year.” That means multiple storage products are going to be released in 2017, so consumers can expect a variety of storage options to best suit their needs.

What Can We Expect?

Details like what type of storage options are still lacking. Consumers can still expect the best since both companies are reputable leaders. This collaboration will result in a simplification of the data file process. From the looks of the teaser, it seems like Seagate will create a shockproof, semi-waterproof, and overall rugged external hard drive storage.

The product that was being shown as a sneak peek seems similar to Seagate’s premium brand: LaCie. LaCie is also a reputable brand that was bought out by Seagate back in 2012. They have some of the most respected hard drives geared towards professional photographers, filmmakers, and musicians. LaCie’s rugged hard drive is also the closest match to DJI’s new product with Seagate.

Seagate's LaCie Storage


Seagate + DJI Teaser

Seagate and DJI’s Sneak Peak


Will It Only Be A Modified External Storage?

It is still unclear if the new storage system will be a direct drone upgrade or a modified external hard drive like what Seagate did with their Xbox One and LaCie storage products. By the looks of things, their first release will be just that: a faster external hard drive.

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