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Samsung is working on drones you can move with your eyes




Korean tech behemoth Samsung has patented a design for a new flying screen that would use sensors to track your movements and follow your line of sight.

The patent details a drone with a camera and observation system with the ability to monitor users’ eyes, head, hands or fingers in real time and be controlled using gestures from any of those body parts (whether it will monitor other body parts is not yet known).

While a patent application is no guarantee of a developed end-product, it certainly sounds like an exciting concept.

Imagine owning a flying tablet that’s small enough to carry in your pocket and you could whip out to snap photos or watch hovering YouTube clips?

The technology is somewhat reminiscent of an idea feature in the 2002 Tom Cruise sci-fi classic: Minority Report. In the film, Tom Cruise’s character enters a Gap and is asked by projected advertisement whether he was still enjoying the jeans he recently bought.

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