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Samsung Gear VR Goggles Will Have Drone Control Features




When Samsung just released a first generation of the Gear VR is was a real boom. Users got in love with this new accessory as it allowed them to play games and watch 360 degrees videos.

This week the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office published a patent application for the next generation Samsung Gear VR that will deliver their first original set of features and new input accessories that will go a long way in helping to excite consumers to this new product class.

 Samsung Gear VR - Samsung announced new virtual reality headset and its cheapNew Samsung Gear VR Goggles will have openings in the glass cover for better cooling that will help the mobile device to keep the temperature down and operate smoother and faster. Also, the back side of a camera can now be functional, so the viewer can see the world around him/her through the device camera. There are more features you can learn from this picture.patently mobile samsung gear vr

We Talk UAV is a drone website, so the thing that caught our interest the most is that Samsung is actually planning to control drones with these VR goggles. The idea is to make the drone follow users head movements to capture the gear vr controlling-droneAlso, the image suggests that viewer will be able to fly the drone with the head movements from point A to point B that is actually reminding us Fixed Wind mode and Tap Fly feature on a Mavic Pro when using with DJI Goggles.

BTW you can see our DJI Goggles Review video below or learn Top 10 Facts you didn’t know about DJI Goggles here.

What drones is Samsung planning to control? Will it be DJI, GoPro or Yuneec? Or maybe Samsung has some serious plans on making their own drone? We can only leave these questions unanswered and patiently wait for the official release.

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