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Sample Footage From DJI Zenmuse X5 (Not X5R)

Derrick Threatt



dji zenmuse x5

[Source:] Artbarn this past summer we had the chance to produce and shoot a piece testing the new DJI Micro 4/3’s Camera and get sample footage from DJI Zenmuse x5 in our backyard. Mike Bishop ( approached us to put together a fast-paced shoot and everything clicked!

The camera is incredible and very excited for it to launch. The ability to upgrade the camera to such a rock solid compact UAV system as the Inspire 1 it is truly mind blowing.

The App on iPad was rock solid and allows full focus and aperture control while rolling. The camera is heavier so bigger batteries will help but we mostly used TB47 Inspire Batteries gaining 8-10 minute flights with wind/speed

Thanks to DJI North America and Mike Bishop for the opportunity to play with some amazing unreleased toys!


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