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Russian signal jamming drones can block cellphones up to 60 miles away!




In the past week, Russia’s Ministry of Defense announced that they had greatly extended the range of their signal jamming drones.

Signal jamming drones are equipped with radio-electronic warfare systems and have been in use by Russia for around two years. Since first being released their range has improved from around 20 miles (32 km) up to 60 (100 km).

These systems are designed to provide protection and cover to groups of Russian troops from smart weapons such as homing missiles as they move through an area.

How do they work?

The Russian drones fly in groups of two or three along with a ground station. The first one acts as a signal-and-comms relay while another acts as a jammer. The system is called Leer-3. Essentially, the drones disrupt the enemies ability to communicate with one another – which during warfare, may make the difference between life and death.

Til this point in time, the drones have been sighted in Ukraine. According to, Russian troops reportedly work on adversary signal and cell comms suppression, identification and eventual destruction of the enemy force.

Whether we like it or not, drones are transforming the face of modern warfare. In a story we brought you earlier this year, a political scientist claimed when states equipped with armed drones confront states that do not, there was a potential for coercion.
Due to their relatively low cost, compared to traditional fighting methods, wars with drones do not necessarily engender the kind of pushback that we often see when troops are sent into a country, such as during the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Drones make it much easier for countries to enter into long-term conflicts that many in the public may have little idea about.
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