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Russian drone pilot flies mini quad higher than Mount Everest!




mini quad

At one point of the descent, the drone flipped upside down, but that was regarded as a tactic used to conserve battery.

mini quad

Koryakin also captured panoramas from his flight:

mini quad

mini quad

Mini Quad specs

The mini quad weighed about 2.34 pounds, and a custom-rigged 4s3p Li-ion battery was wrapped to help retain heat for the high-altitude flight. Anik FPV said the battery may have been covered with PE, or Polyethylene, which is the common type of plastic seen in disposable water bottles. Gemfan 7038 propellers were used because they are 7-inches, which is longer than standard mini quad propellers. The rest of the easily available parts are listed in Koryakin’s video description.

mini quad

Anik FPV mentioned that some colleagues believed that the drone couldn’t fly 3-4 miles upwards because of the thin air, but Koryakin’s flight proved that an everyday mini quad can be customized to fly even higher than those extreme heights.

Risky flight

High altitude drone flights may only be legal in places like Russia, but planes are still at risk. Even though an app was used to monitor air traffic, there are some airplanes that can fly undetected. Korayakin’s mini quad may have set a new record, but it was still a risky flight.

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