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Russian drone pilot flies mini quad higher than Mount Everest!




mini quad

YouTuber Denis Koryakin uploaded a video showing a custom-made mini quad ascend to a height of about 10.2 km or 33,464.57 feet. To put that in perspective, Mount Everest is 29,029 feet and commercial planes cruise within 39,000 feet. Unlike in the United States were UAVs are limited to a height of 400 feet, the YouTuber technically flew his mini quad legally in terms of altitude because the Federal Air Transport Agency has yet to specifically define how high a drone can fly in Russia. Here is Koryakin’s actual flight footage:

Another YouTuber that goes by Anik FPV featured Koryakin’s footage and added English subtitles. According to Anik FPV’s video, Koryakin flew his drone in the countryside with two spotters. Additionally, an app called Flightradar24 was used to monitor air traffic. With zero planes and only one or two cars passing by the flight area, Korayakin’s flight was described to be generally safe. Anik FPV also regarded Koryakin’s flight to be a world record setter in this video:

Flight details

mini quad

The whole flight took 26 minutes and 7 seconds to complete. Once the drone flew up about 6.38 miles, the temperature dropped to -54.4°F. It took Koryakin about 16 minutes to reach his goal, and it took roughly 10 minutes to land his drone.

mini quad

The maximum speed recorded by the drone was about 57.79 mph. The video feed and radio signal showed signs of slight interference, but the connection was described by Anik FPV to be generally stable.

mini quad

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