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Rocket Katana vs. DJI Phantom 2




Rocket Katana cuts Drone in mid flight

What happens when you take a rocket-propelled sword and launch it towards a DJI Phantom 2? This question is exactly what YouTuber David Windestal set out to answer. In his previous YouTube video, David created a 2000 gram sled that hurled an attached knife over 125 mph straight down a homemade track. In one of his latest videos, David rerigged his sled with what seems to be an additional rocket to support a sword. Due to a crowd of YouTube comments asking for a drone versus rocket knife video, David created a rocket katana to make sure the quadcopter was properly sliced. To fully witness the result of the rocket katana test, make sure to watch the slow-motion footage towards the end of the video!

Rocket Katana vs. DJI Phantom Results

The DJI Phantom 2 was inevitably obliterated against the flying rocket katana. The test showed that the blade nearly sliced through the DJI Phantom 2 drone in half; the cut stopped right before the end of the drone because of the battery. The GPS, the printed circuit board, and the whole drone itself was basically cut in half, but the battery was sliced through sideways. The rocket katana that caused the destructive damage safely landed in a pile of hay.

Rocket Katana cuts Drone in mid flight

What Kind Of Drone Was It?

A donated DJI Phantom 2 without a camera was used in the test video. The DJI Phantom series is considered one of the best drones since it became a model for other companies to compete with, but the drone used in the video was already badly damaged. According to David’s YouTube comment, “The camera, gimbal and video downlink didn’t work. The GPS would get a position lock every 5 boot ups and had horrendous drift when it did lock. The battery life [was] about 5 minutes compared to the stock 20ish. The remote had been dropped in the past, and the antenna was loose, and one gimbal was almost unusable.” Since the drone was going to be thrown out, it was the perfect test subject against the flying rocket katana!

Rocket Katana Cuts Drone

Inspiration Behind The Rocket-Powered Katana

David’s inspiration of a rocket knife and rocket katana stemmed from Mythbusters and another YouTuber named The Backyard Scientist. After watching The Backyard Scientist find some success in cutting a chicken in half, David was set on creating something he described as “10x more deadly.”

This is Rocket Knife

This is Rocket Knife

There is nothing like watching a rocket launch, but combining that with a blade that can cut a drone in half is something everyone needs to see at least once! As much of a sight, it was to witness the destruction of a DJI Phantom 2, this test is best left to the professionals!


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