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Rocket drone launches with firework attached!




YouTuber HaerteTest crash tested a toy drone by strapping a firework onto it, and he captured the launch from different angles. With some hot glue and a rocket firework, the rocket drone was created. Similar to the types of display fireworks used in Disneyland, HaerteTest strapped a rocket that flies fast and explodes with a colorful display, but he used a smaller-scale firework. Here are the results of the rocket drone test:

After unboxing the RCX Super-X quadcopter, which retails for about $89.90 on Amazon, a firework called Jewel Rakete was hot glued onto the top of the drone. The quadcopter was then tested inside the house to see if the propellers were safe from hitting the firework. Once everything checked out, HaerteTest took the quadcopter to a secluded area and lit the fuse. Before the firework kicked in, HaerteTest flew the quadcopter upwards where it shortly launched forward. The firework made the toy drone fly as if it were an FPV racer with a jet pack attached.

rocket drone

Screenshot from HaerteTest’s video.

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