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Red DJI Spark And Remote Controller Leaked




red dji spark

As usually, I have been scrolling though the internet looking for some fresh news and somehow I got on And you guess what I found there… New leaks of the DJI SparkRed DJI Spark and RC

This time the Spark is not white or black like in previous leaks, but red! In fact, the combination of gray, red and black looks very sporty and aggressive. So for this drone, we might be getting few different colors.

white black and red dji spark


But what’s more important is that it might come in two versions: with and without a remote controller, just like Mavic Pro. And from the leaked picture we can see that the RC has the same body, but missing a telemetry screen. It’s actually a reasonable move to pull the production cost and final price down.

DJI Spark RC Remote Controller

I used Photoshop to get rid of the Mavic’s RC screen and here is what I got. That is pretty much how the Spark controller will look like. Probably not exactly this look, but something like it. The Mavic Guide also found a moment in the teaser video that confirms Spark RC form factor. remote

Well guys, we have 5 days left till DJI discloses everything about Spark. But before that… I will throw this teaser here!

Watch the live event 24th of May at 11.30AM EDT at the DJI official website

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