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Recharging drones mid-air using diamonds and lasers? Sounds good!




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Why we need this technology

We’re banging the same old drum here but drone batteries are still overall an overall major weak point with most smaller consumer drones unable to remain in flight for longer than 20 minutes. Just imagine the possibilities if they could stay airborne for hours at a time?

We don’t know exactly how long a battery would take to charge using a laser beam – I couldn’t find the answer to that question in the short time researching this article. One would hope that it would be a jolt of power that had you ready to fly again quickly, rather than a slow recharge with the UAV hanging in the air for long periods. LakeDiamond’s charging technology is still being developed for field use but has achieved promising results in a lab setting.

This is a very cool project and we’re looking forward to hearing more about it in the near-term future.

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