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Raytheon’s laser system can shoot down 3 drones at a time!





Gunning down drones can be inconsistent, so Raytheon, a U.S. defense contractor company, developed a military-grade laser dune buggy capable of taking down up to three drones at a time. To demonstrate just how effective the new laser weapon system is, Raytheon downed 45 UAVs in a U.S. Army exercise known as Maneuver Fires Integrated Experiment (MFIX) in Fort Sill, Oklahoma. Here’s a video showing a DJI Phantom 4 getting shot down by Raytheon’s dune buggy from nearly a mile away:

Raytheon’s laser system is designed with 360-degree coverage for sea, land and air applications. Their custom dune buggy is built to identify and track enemy missiles, mortars and UAVs. When military and industry leaders gathered at MFIX, 33 drones, 12 Class I and II UAVs and six stationary mortar projectiles were destroyed, proving how capable Raytheon’s laser system is.


Screenshot of Raytheon’s YouTube video shows the laser system igniting the DJI Phantom 4.


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