[4], The modern plaza of Mexico City was placed by Alonso Garcia Bravo shortly after the invasion when he laid out what is now the historic center. He kept the four major neighborhoods or "capullis" but he had a church, now the Cathedral of Mexico City, built at the place the four adjoined. Today it is the big hub of the city … It now resides in the Museum of Anthropology. Prior to the colonial period, it was the main ceremonial center in the Aztec city of Tenochtitlan. The Plaza de la Constitución, as this square is officially called, is also one of the three biggest public squares in the world. [33] Since then, the rink has been repeatedly built up for several winter seasons. [3], The current Zócalo occupies a space south-southwest of the intersection of roads that oriented Tenochtitlan. Image by Photo ©Tan Yilmaz / Getty Images, Acapulco to Mexico City Tour with Zocalo and National Palace. This was opened in 1703. This vast open space is surrounded by the city’s most historically important buildings but the square itself is constructed from bland gray blocks … Right next to the National Cathedral, where Moctezuma's Palace once stood, this hotel in downtown Mexico City offers convenient amenities such as free on-site parking and a beautiful restaurant overlooking the famous Zocalo plaza. See 2,116 traveller reviews, 1,465 photos, and cheap rates for Zocalo Central, ranked #13 of 409 hotels in Mexico City and rated 4.5 of 5 at Tripadvisor. Current Local Time in Mexico City: 21:04 - It's currently night there (Sunset was at 17:56, Sunrise tomorrow at 06:54) Zócalo - A view from the Gran Hotel Ciudad de México. Jewelry shops and extravagant hotels line the arcade known as the Portal de Mercaderes on the plaza’s west side. [4], Flooding was always an issue for the plaza and the city in general. 22feb20--The Mexico In the Heart of Mexico tourism and culture fair has returned to the Zócalo in Mexico City, bringing together dancers, chefs, artisans and tourism representatives from every state in the country. It also changed the ecological system that supported birds and fish populations and allowed for Indian cultivation of crops. [5] It is bordered by the Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral to the north, the National Palace to the east, the Federal District buildings to the south and the Old Portal de Mercaderes to the west, the Nacional Monte de Piedad building at the north-west corner, with the Templo Mayor site to the northeast, just outside view. Fairly early in the colonial period, the Plaza Chica would be swallowed up by the growing city. Officially known as Plaza de la Constitución (Constitution Square), the Zócalo is the common name of the main square in central Mexico City.The space has been the site of rituals, ceremonies and parades for people living in the area for centuries, and has become a central gathering place for a variety of events in the modern Mexico City. A Day of the Dead parade has been held at the square since 2016 after the James Bond film Spectre featured a parade there. Ver más vídeos en español: http://bit.ly/2qIOfQO If you visit Mexico City, you really shouldn't miss seeing the Zócalo and surrounding area. Measuring 220m from north to south, and 240m from east to west, it’s one of the world’s largest city squares. The Zocalo is often the site of major parades in the city including the Mexico City Alebrije Parade. Santa Anna's base, however, was not removed. One of our top picks in Mexico City. As the city and its empire expanded, this area remained at the center, the site of the emperor's palace and principal temples. [17], Recently,[when?] Just before 11 pm on each 15 September, the president of Mexico comes out onto the central balcony of the National Palace to perform the Grito de Dolores to the crowd gathered in the plaza. During this work, the Aztec Calendar was unearthed,[4][10] as well as a statue of the goddess Coatlicue. [6] A European-style plaza was not part of the conquered Aztec Tenochtitlan; the old city had a sacred precinct or teocalli which was the absolute center of the city (and the universe, according to Aztec belief), but it was located to the immediate north and northeast of the modern-day Zócalo. [21] In 2001, followers of Zapatista leader Subcomandante Marcos, mostly poor Chiapan indigenous people, marched into the Zócalo to support a bill that would give them greater political autonomy. Casino Español (600) 6 min Cinco de Mayo : 61 Col. Centro in Cuauhtémoc, 1.7 miles from the center of Mexico City. The north–south road was called Tepeyac–Iztapalapa (for the locations north and south it led to).

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