School climate is the overall quality and character of school life, including teaching and learning practices, organizational structures, norms and values, and relationships. School climate has been defined as “the physical and psychological aspects of the school that are more susceptible to change and that provide the preconditions necessary for teaching and learning to take place” (Tableman, 2004). School climate is often thought of as “how a school feels”; that is, whether it feels safe and supportive for students, staff, and families. [19][20] Because of the social nature of learning, the social identities of the teacher and each of the students is important and influences every interaction in the classroom. Therefore, students living in a cooperative, helpful class are more likely to feel identity safe as they develop a sense of belonging and contribute to their class community. [4] An example of this method of measurement is visiting elementary schools to rate school design patterns of outside space and the condition of bathroom facilities. A strong bond with the school community strengthens students' attachment to the school and encourages compliance to school norms. The feelings and attitudes that are elicited by a school’s environment are referred to as school climate. For example, growing up in poverty is considered a risk factor. School climate is a broad, multifaceted concept that involves many aspects of the student’s educational experience. [12][13] A risk factor refers to anything that increases a child's likelihood of experiencing a negative outcome in the future. Structural features of the school, such as the temperature and age of the building, can affect student performance and school attendance. School Climate Improvement Action Guide for Working With Students 3 Engage Stakeholders in School Climate Improvements Improving school climate is a schoolwide endeavor. It has been described as "the heart and soul of the school ... that essence of a school that leads a child, a teacher, and an administrator to love the school and to look forward to being there each school day." Click on a category to view materials. [30] If students are absent from school, academic achievement can be affected. Environmental variables include the adequacy of the school setting, the maintenance and infrastructure of the building, and the accessibility and allocation of educational resources.[4]. [2] The relationships between teachers and their colleagues and the school administration, also play an important role in teacher's commitment to their profession. School climate refers to the quality and character of school life. school belonging, respect for student opinions, and supportive relationships) are factors directly related in student psychological functioning. This capacity to work together has been a hallmark of humanity and the basis for building a civil society. School Climate & Culture 5 and decreases in internalizing and externalizing problems (Suldo, McMahon, Chappel, & Loker, 2012). [5] Improving school climate can be used as a preventative approach to reduce disruptive behavior and improve attendance, achievement, and student and parent satisfaction with school. Positive school climate is related to many positive student outcomes. School climate is the collective perception of how well a school provides suitable conditions for learning. Children are considered resilient if they can rely on positive conditions or attributes (e.g., supportive relationships with teachers, academically challenging instruction) to buffer the negative effects of adversity. "[1] A positive school climate helps people feel socially, emotionally and physically safe in schools. [4] For instance, in a study that examined adolescents' perceptions of several dimensions of school climate, researchers emotional support from teachers and the promotion of autonomy and discussion were linked to fewer depressive symptoms in adolescents. [4] Conducting interviews and focus groups are other ways to collect information on school climate, with an estimated 8% of research studies making use of these methods. It includes students', parents' and school personnel's norms, beliefs, relationships, teaching and learning practices, as well as organizational an… Offering school personnel opportunities to learn as teams or to build learning communities so they help each other obtain, improve, and retain the skills and knowledge needed to do their jobs competently. [26] A negative school climate can also make existing social-emotional difficulties worse,[24] and these effects can be long-term. Additionally, declines in school climate were linked to declines in students' psychological adjustment. [22][23] The quality of a schools' climate is important for promoting students' commitment and involvement in academic activities. They are, however, intertwined; a school cannot address or improve one without examining the other. It is composed of three factors: leadership, teaching and learning, and professional development. For example, it was found that LGBT students who had an Asian background reported lower rates of peer victimization directed at their sexual orientation or gender expression. The best way to improve school climate is different from school to school. [45] The survey suggests that LGBT students' ethnicity also affects their perception of school safety. School boards are required to administer school climate surveys to their students, parents and school staff at least once every two years and, as outlined in Policy/Program Memorandum No. Hear from one of our experts on the various factors that influence climate and culture, including MTSS. School culture, on the other hand, is determined by the values, shared beliefs, and behavior School Climate School climate refers to the quality and character of school life, and is based on patterns of student, parent, and staff experiences and perceptions of school life.

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