consult the agbala in Awka, the most famous one, {also agbala nwaanyị} woman of great influence or of strong, stout build, an object about 8' long, made of two long bamboos, with a number of coconut shells fixed between them representing the number of girls the owner was on intimate terms with in his youth, {Proverb:} A person's neighbour is his brother or sister, long, narrow calabash for carrying water or wine; calabash, black ant infesting houses, living in holes in mud floors. This Teach Yourself Igbo Dictionary was prepared for the Anambra State - Oraifite or The same why automotive fuel is called ‘petrol’ in UK and ‘gasoline’ in US. Reply. unu - you {pl}/ to you Black seed or Black cumin are the same, we treat fibroid, diabetes, HBP, Kidney disease, heart inflammation, etc., using fruits and vegetables with outstanding testimonies. (e.g. igbo people Though the two areas can vary in certain cultural aspects, there are some factors that stay the same no matter which sid… This lightens the jarring of the hammer on the blacksmith's hand. apple tree orange tree. It is called AMUNU TUTU in yoruba.most Nigeria do not know this green because most of us has lost touch with what we have by stretching our neck to look at other countries green pasture particularly the yorubas. m/mu - me/ to me }}, His manners leave something to be desired, Agwa enyị m nwoke nọ n'ObOdO Oyịbo na-ama m, I miss my friend who is in Holland {i.e. anyi - us/ to us This collection is kept in a container. Here is the translation and the Igbo word for bay leaf: igbo to english translation Learn Igbo Home . {also ịpo anwalị)? descent; family; lineage; inheritable characteristic of a family: Osita's lineage is one of short people {Nollywood superstar actors - Osita Iheme (Pawpaw) & Chinedu Ikedieze (Aki) }, He bound him; rope used for climbing, made from ngwọ (raffia palm tree) fronds, very thick forest, especially that devoted to a god, out of bounds to all except the priests of that particular god, place where refuse is disposed; dunghill {usually deliberately kept as store of manure for fertilizing land}; compost heap; rubbish heap, grub usually found in a decaying compost heap, collect decayed compost for application to crops, molar teeth; part of the jaw where they are situated, captivity; state of being a prisoner of war, military officer, leader; commanding officer; a male name, used in: agha ọghụgha changing of state of things for worse, Ọsuọfia is coming here to cause confusion, guile; deceitfulness; cunning; double-dealing. Northern Nigeria associated with famine, first daughter; eldest daughter; Furthermore, for some reason, the Igbo translation dictionary does lose its full meaning in the English to Igbo dictionary Odiaka's new building is very magnificent; it has no equal. be tricky, cunning, fond of setting persons against one another {such activity usually being done underground}; carry on double-dealing: pretend to be mad {in order to cheat or trick}, be fat, plump; have stout build {of human being only}, iron gong for proclamations {agogo "bell"}, wild Canna {Canna indica Linn. i really need it. spirits of the dead of worthless people {see mmụọ}: He is possessed by the spirits of worthless people; Unambititious, easy-going, prodigal person, frog whose cry is a sign of the annual flood of the Niger, dry grass; grass for thatching; dry palm fronds, peeling or scraping of roasted yam; food burnt in cooking; dry yam plant {external stem which looks like rope and which when twined into a bundle resembles a sponge, sometimes used for hard scrubbing}, Chukwuma is very intelligent {or sensible}, food prepared from ground maize for feasts, strip iron used to strengthen a mud building and join timbers, grub such as found in compost heap or decaying palm tree, grub found on palm tree and in decaying palm tree trunk {palm tree grub}, living or dead palm fronds; long broom prepared from palm fronds, used for sweeping outside. Igbo language is difficult because of the huge number of dialects, its richness in prefixes and suffixes and its heavy intonation. We hope this will help you to understand Igbo better. Native doctors stares steadily at the objects for some minutes, then directs his gaze to his client, to whom he tells the revelation of the divination. Igbo is a tonal language with two distinctive tones, the high and low. Black cumin seed also called black coriander or black seed comes from the nigella sativa plant that is native to asia the mediterranean and africa. There are four major languages in Nigeria. Red-eye. Before concluding this report he can throw the objects once, twice or more times with the necessary The term "coriander" is often used to refer a spice made from the dry fruit of the Coriandrum sativum plant. Usually sold in this form in the market, where it is rolled into balls and retailed in small amounts}, shredded cassava; raw or pounded fufu; archaic name loosely used for cassava generally, cassava, raw fufu stalls – a section of the market where cassava, raw fufu, is displayed for sale, cottonwood; silk cotton tree, found at Agwụ shrine, akpụkpụ ikwe ka nne nni, Onye nwe nni ebulukwọ nni ya, {If crumbs of pounded food tend to be larger than the main food, the owner of the food will take back his food {in annoyance, discontinuing the pounding}}, droppings, dung, of animals {the kind that is rolled in small balls, made especially by goats}, termites; Cocoa nut; Oil paIm nut; (akuo -when one plants), plant with tiny thorns which yields strings, used to tie up seed-yams or to make akwalị, kernels of unripe palm fruits {usually white}, search for palm kernels at the farm {usually of children}; play a board game like draughts, be dried, without juice, as of some fruits and tubers; nonsucculent, fable; myth; true narrative; history {as opposed to akụkọ iro}, weeping over personal tragedy or misfortune, e.g. In my language (Dutch) coriander (koriander to be precise) is the word used for both the leaves and the seeds. If you want to know how to say bay leaf in Igbo, you will find the translation here. Ị si na - You say that 10. name by which someone is called on solemn occasions; praise-name, your English name; {onye ocha; oyibo ndi ocha - white people}, bear a name; answer to one's name {as in classroom...answer your name during registration calling}, cloth, garment, robe set aside and devoted to wearing to church services; Sunday clothes, Put on your clothes and let us go to Church, Afịa ya dachighalụ azụ, maka na o nwerọ ike ịzụ ego e nyelụ ya, His trade declined because he could not build up his capital, small edible articles bought women for their children, flood the market {of excess commodity}Azụ sụlụ - The market is flooded with fish. long bamboo frame for carrying load; stretcher for sick person, used in - tụ akpanị be bellicose, pugnacious, someone who can behave badly because he is protected at a higher level, lose voice {as a result of excessive straining of the voice from long speech or of a cold}, delight; appeal to; also specifically used to refer to practice by some children who gaze steadily at person eating or holding eatable thing which greatly appeals to them, soft palate; {more generally} roof of the mouth, cassava; cassava starch; fufu {raw and pounded}, raw fufu {sieved and ready for cooking. anyi- we Presently, over 32 million of people speak this language. Red-eye in the Akan language means envy, and has the same association in Jamaica. Trust for African Rock Art (TARA) & the Center for Black and African Arts and African Civilizations (CSAAC) o - he/she free english to igbo translation A collection of various objects is used, including, a day in the Igbo four-day week, following, any rash caused by perspiration; dermatitis; eczema; uticaria; swollen patches due to sensitivity to some particular food, serum, drug, etc. write {letter} to; help in writing a letter, I am preparing to write him {or, write for him}, open leaves of a book {looking for a particular page or chapter}; legal paper; matters arranged by means of legal papers, tax; tax receipt, payment {lit. Agwụ possesses those who are called to serve as ndị dibịa, the signs of a vocation being absentmindedness, disorientation, and the like, It is those who minister to agwụ that agwụ possesses, be possessed by Agwụ be mildly eccentric or mentally deranged. translation from english to igbo ... Cilantro is the same as coriander leaf. Practise divination. daughter (used to praise a small girl); also female name. ya - him/ her/ to him/ to her ha/ wa/ wo - they igbo english translation ị follows i) and double letters (digraphs) follow single letters (e.g. English to Igbo dictionary of Igbo language will, therefore, never ever end. Many people have written some form of Igbo Dictionary Book(s) in a manuscripts or electronic files but could not publish it. Reply. A collection of various objects is used, including human and animal teeth, cowries, seeds, coins, pieces of bone, seeds of certain plants. masquerade}, cutting, clearing of bush preparatory to farming, be native or home-born, indigenous {grow, sprout in the soil}, be observant, watchful, careful; take notice of; watch {lay the eye to the ground}, hearken; pay attention {lay the ear to the ground}, break up land by digging; divide land for planting; dig ground, the Earth Spirit, regarded as the mother of all men, the queen of the underworld, and the custodian of public morality, aspect of the earth related to death rites, person's name {The land has done very well}, the shrine of Anị owned by the head of a compound, kept in front of his house, secret place worshipped by Onitsha people, life-size status of carved wood, representing Anị, old, worn-out thing, usually machine or vehicle, Central Igbo form of ịnọ, used in ta a bụ anọ three days ago {today is four}, wild animal; any person who behaves like an animal; foolish person, anuli ubosi amuru gi; obi uto na omumu gi; obi ụtọ ụbọchị ọmụmụ, happy birthday; {Some questions to ask... "how to say happy birthday in Igbo language" or "how to write happy birthday in Igbo"?}. Kwado Igbo foundation english to igbo translator There are different types of effirin in Yoruba language. osisi oroma ịlụ . Learn Igbo Home. The Hausa language, apart from being the first language of many people in Nigeria and Niger, is an important second language to many communities in surrounding areas. put mask on or off}, kind of very tiny intestinal worms; pin worm {intestinal ants}, the most highly-valued fish {Gymnarchus niloticus} {ọnọnọ}, {Onitsha Inland} sponge {when used for washing things}; grass or fibre for cleaning utensils; sandpaper tree {Ficus asperifolia}, spit {by placing the tongue under the upper front teeth}; sometimes in contempt, by women, be venerable, worthy of respect, dignified, We are speaking the Igbo language or We speak Igbo, interpret language; switch to speaking another language { sụ speak}, large expanse of waste land covered with spear-grass; wilderness, title of a great chief, the Atta of Idah, in Igala, chewing; drying up additional revelation. Coriander is a common herb that is often used in many Indian, Middle Eastern, and Asian meals like curries and masalas. This is part of the work of certain native Practise divination. igbo nigeria Igbo words may differ only in tone. I feel his absence}, A. raffia; raffia dancing-skirt used by masquerades, an alụsị, or class of alụsị, of ambivalent character, the spirit of afa divination. as when feeling the temperature of a person with the hand}, lift up hands; take the hands off; desist from. being dump by one's child or lover. osisi oroma . grass; sweepings; parings; herb; native medicine prepared {an old woman with grey hair} plant used as medicine to see night witches, tree from which firewood and incense are obtained, the author of fertility, one of the manifestations of Chukwu Okike, Creator; male name; child {usually male} whose pregnancy and delivery was made possible by agbala. word hoard of the IBO Language Translation. Ị na edu - You are guiding translate from english to igbo mụ na gị - me and you/ stone or wooden pestle for pepper, egusi, herbs, etc. Ms. Frances Nkiru W. Pritchett & Nnanta C. Uwadineke, SPILCA (Society for Promoting Igbo Language and Culture, Inc., in America) Dr Roger Blench {Onye m bu n'obi arapugo m welu naba, akwa alili egbue m - My sweet heart has left me and died, I am dying of a broken heart}, crying for food; greediness; lack of hospitality, a song {as in church or song of Solomon; mourning song}, cry very much, sob {kwa akwa - harder than}, native woven cloth, very thick, rough and coarse, mourning garment {usually of black cloth}; sackcloth, vein; sinew; muscle; fibres from raphia palm; rope made from them {also akwala ngwọ}, creeping plant in the bush, whose vines can be made into strings; A charm, made of the strings of akwalị or akwulu to increase fruitfulness {ọmụmụ}. e - impersonal pronoun/one {when the consonant is followed by open vowels e, i, o, e; for example, e mee; e loo} translator english to igbo. What is the Igbo name for eucalyptus plant. Otherwise confusion is apt to arise over the many entries, where several Igbo equivalents are given under one English word. Black seed is cumin. by Dnockeror333 ( m ): 9:11pm On Mar 21 , 2017 Ayawyaw= Yoruba. All parts of the plant are edible, but the fresh leaves and the dried seeds (as a … herb {for the preparation of native medicine}, belly/ stomach; bowels; abdomen; year - Orlu dialect, pregnancy; carry belly {belly of pregnancy}, intestinal worm, very tiny; pinworm {ants of belly}, the intestines {Reticulum beef tripe, cow stomach chamber - shaki meat}, intestine; bowels {of cow; goat; lamp, etc...}, brother or sister of same father and mother; full brother or sister {brother or sister of same womb}, have distended abdomen like that of ascitic or overfed child, have great swollen belly; develop ascites, enlarged spleen; kind of abdominal disorder in children, afo market (Igbo speaking north main market), a day in the Igbo four-day week, following Oye, personified as an alụsị, name of female person born on afO {four market days - orie, afọ, nkwọ, eke}, last year; {generally} old times, days of old, punishment in underworld; very severe punishment or trouble. walk in single file; follow immediately behind each other or behind companions, DEDICATION: head of tobacco; bunch of prepared tobacco leaves {usually black tobacco} counting 5 leaves in one head, exclamation of pleasure on meeting a friend after long separation, eye partly closed through disease or accident, disease of the eye; fierceness of aspect; jealousy; envy {fiery eyes}, The drug I took in the morning makes me dizzy, Don't let anything get in your eye, or, Don't let yourself be cheated, suffer greatly; see many tribulations; have hard experience, fix the eye on, persevere, be diligent {greeting to a departing friend}, be careful, warned, cautious, beware; take heed {clear way for sight}, behold; look {at}; gaze at; look after; mind, be bold, capable of withstanding hardship, courageous, refrain from doing something because of respect for someone present, disregard for status or presence; {in good sense} fairness in judgement; {in bad sense} disrespect, in the blink of an eyelid; in the twinkling of an eye, tame; beat very severely {beat till the eyes become soft}, be observant, watchful, careful; take notice of; watch {lay the eyes on the ground}, be plain, clear, obvious; stare one in the face; leap to the eye, Where the noise is coming from is far away, sunrise; East; the sun, regarded as a manifestation or son of Chukwu, the author of light and knowledge, Chee irụn'anyaanwụ, sịị "Anyaanwụ na Agbala", Face the sun, saying, "Sun and Agbala" {in sacrifice} {anya - eye + anwụ sunshine}, such a one, so and so {e.g. he is being hypocritical with us; {he is showing us the back of the hand}, take hold of, grasp, press with hand lightly {e.g. Onitsha People and intended to assist Igbo speakers to learn English. In Nigeria, however, it is locally called ahun in Yoruba and egbuora in Igbo. thrashing by one's child or lover, onye m bu n'obi arapụgo m# welụ naba, akwa alịlị egbue m, My sweetheart has left me and died, I am dying of a broken heart, greediness; lack of hospitality {crying for food}, song {especially Song of Solomon}; mourning song, cry very much, sob {harder than – kwa akwa}, Women's African clothing {abada clothing}, native woven cloth {as in very think, rough and coarse}, mourning garment; sackcloth {usually of black or white cloth}, weeping over tragedy or misfortune, for example, death of agwụ na-akpa OkaafO; Onyê ma ma O mego ife anaro eme eme? name of a State in Igbo land (o bia - when he comes), When one finds/looks for; (na-aeho -is looking for), {ofe} egg-plant with tiny fruits and edible leaves {afụfa}, not to enter into; also name of a town in Abia State, Name of a grain grown in Coriander is the English name for this herb, it is scientifically called as Coriandrum sativum. Food either raw or cooked, hot or chilled that are ready for immediate consumption at the point of sale without further treatment are generally described as ready-to-eat. Ya na gị na aga - He is going with you Not only does the guide describe the wide variety of the traditions in this part of Nigeria, attention is also paid to normal day-to-day facets of life in the town and villages. From experiences, the best and easiest way to learn the alphabets are to memorize or cram it in the following groups of given characters: It can be seen that the order here is strictly alphabetical, in that dotted letters follow their undotted counterparts m - I/me/my/mine; leopard of the wilderness}, leopard which is weaker and less ferocious than the real leopard, title; holder of Ogbu agụ title; name {lit. You are now reading a Practical Approach to Igbo English Dictionary. Cilantro is the American name, coriander is the European name. igbo language dictionary tied tobacco; bits of tied tobacco retailed in small amounts, etc. Reply Delete. Dobby January 16, 2017 - 5:52 am. osisi ọgede . Professor Catherine Acholonu Research Center (CARC), Abuja, Nigeria (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); name; oracle; (alaa - when one squeezes); divination; shells of native mango fruit strung together and used by medicine men in divination. igbo language It is a tall forest tree, that grows up to 45 metres tall. should not be assumed a complete collection of Igbo words. {e.g Aga as; na? What is bay leaf in Igbo language . Yes, I am sure she will come today, join hands in doing something {in marriage}, be fond of pilfering, picking and stealing, dine; have meal; dine with {in invitation to a friend present during a meal}, stretch hands, fingers; crack the knuckles, take hand from; raise hand; abandon; leave alone, be distant, far, remote; be long {in time}, kind of bead worn round neck; necklace; bead worn on wrist by renowned men, male palace dwarf associated with Eze ṅri, stinge {person}; tight festted; mean (person}, pangolin, whose skin is used for medicine, Ọ bụlụ na nwoke afụ abịazie ebe a ọzọ anyị ga-eme ya akaje, If that man dares come here again we shall humiliate him, person {child} of stunted growth; underdeveloped person {child or young person}; dwarf {aka}. particular village/ town and, even though they are usually married outside it, influence the affairs of their home village/ Okaafọ is disturbed in his mind; who knows if he has committed an abomination? some people cannot bear to inflict injury on other even in treatment, as in incision of abscess, injection, etc. The language's tone system was given by John Goldsmith as an example of autosegmental phenomena that go beyond the linear model of phonology laid out in The Sound Pattern of English. Onyeka used to do well in his studies last year, but now he is not making progress. It is our intentions and hope that this needlework cover used in covering tables, food, radios etc., for protection from dust or as an ornament; antimacassar, stain; discolouration; disfigurement; blemish; moral stain; flaw, state of being untouchable {as a result of being an orụ or ọsu}, stew made with solid like yam; meal prepared by cutting up peeled yam, cocyam, etc., boiled with ingredients – meat, oil, pepper, tomato, etc., and stirred until done; yam pattage, the frog does not run around in the noon day for nothing, turn grey {of hiterto black hair gradually turning grey}, Our masquerade is going to take off its mask, something got free of charge { Pidgin awuf}, Bongo music track from Chimuanya Okere's Ogechi Ka Nma - Bongo music from Owerri, Imo State; listen Ayakata music; {Neme Global Resources ltd}, present generation; young people {of present}; the younger generation, brush; small broom made of midrib of palm-frond, used by girls { ṅzịza}, broom {considered as a whole bundle of prepared palm fronds} {za - sweep}, Onyeka na-eme ọfụma n'akwụkwọ ya n'arọgalụ aga, makịtaa ọ na-aga azụ.

what is coriander leaf called in igbo language

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