Draw a vertical line, making it as tall as you want your Eiffel Tower to be. Draw bottom details. Starting at the top, go ahead and draw the cap of the tower and then the rest of the upper shape of the building. The Eiffel tower drawing and sketches are also very famous and demanding. Easy and Beautiful Eiffel Tower Drawing and Sketches In 1889, a World’s Fair was organized at Paris which was named as ‘Exposition Universelle’ to mark the century of French Revolution. Starting at the top draw a straight line that ends with a vertical line. Also, redo the tower’s arch (the “C” you drew in step 2) as shown in picture 7 to make it more realistic. See picture 1 to make two smaller rectangles at either sides of the straight line. The complex structures of the Eiffel Tower, the pride of France and one of the most cherished monuments in the world, is not that easy to replicate on paper. Well you're in luck, because here they come. My goal is simple. At the top of the line, draw a small square. Paris on white background, Pray for Paris, drawing on canvas, picture dedicated to terrorist 3. You will then add some lines down the corner part of the tower like you see here. Add to Likebox #104086997 - Paris card. Getting Started. Step 1Using a grey pencil start with the outline of the tower. Starting with the left-hand side: from the highest point of … Step 3. (Picture 7). But unfortunately, very few people know that the original concept was given by one of the employee of Compagnie, a structural engineer Maurice Koechline. To get a little idea about drawing Eiffel Tower and to see the steps i followed in making the Eiffel Tower painting, view the video on the bottom of this post. Trace the entire drawing. Start with the legs of your tower, filling them with the crisscross pattern shown in picture 6. Feel free to explore, study and enjoy paintings with PaintingValley.com Jun 9, 2017 - Explore maggie lukasik's board "Eiffel Tower Drawings", followed by 161 people on Pinterest. Draw the upper tower and top. Jon Neidert. It is not a perfectly straight. Actually, there are lots of histories related to this beautiful creation. [CDATA[ Draw a heart near the top. This step is the trickiest of this drawing. This true-to-life rendering of the Eiffel Tower as seen from the Champ-de-Mars is intended for more experienced artists … Bright and vibrant, Shopkins toys make for amazing coloring pages, as there is no limit ... What kid doesn't dream of becoming a superhero? More from This Artist Similar Designs. Millions of people, who visited the world fair, saw this newly erected tower and flourished their enthusiasm. From the top of the pentagon, extend the straight, vertical line. Filed under Drawing, Pingback: How to Draw a Pyramid (Step by Step Pictures) | Cool2bKids, Your email address will not be published. Did you scroll all this way to get facts about eiffel tower drawing? Eiffel Tower, Ink On Paper Drawing. Draw a straight, horizontal line perpendicular to the original line. Make sure to erase all the unnecessary lines once you are done with the fair drawing. It is a curious thing that the deadlier an animal is, the more it attracts ... © 2020 Cool2bKids |All rights reserved. Make it smaller than the one drawn for the first floor. To trace the Eiffel Tower onto the canvas, position the traceable above the sheet of graphite paper so that it aligns with the horizon line. 7.Draw two hearts on the sides of the tower. Many famous artists thought that this tower was very unsafe and structurally unsound. Vincent Alexander Booth. It was made via iron and it surpassed the Washington Monument world record of tallest building. Use a pencil and ruler to make a straight vertical line in the center of the page to use as your guide. Till date it attracts lots of people from over the whole planet. The small cap-like structure at the top is the outline for the third floor. Finally paint the color, and the lovely cartoon Eiffel Tower is ready! Now all that is left to work on are the top-most floor and the tower top. All the best Eiffel Tower Drawing Sketch 36+ collected on this page. It is on a high demand on the internet and that is the cause we have collected some beautiful drawings and sketches of this greatest structure. More from This Artist Similar Designs. Now it also serves a very important role in the television and radio broadcasting. First carefully erase the vertical line (made in the first step), running down the middle of your drawing. Stephanie K Johnson. Download. Eiffel towers and cherry trees is an original oil painting by Edwige Mitterrand Delahaye. Next wait for the background and ground to completely dry. Our Blog. Make sure to use a plastic or wooden scale to keep the lines straight and symmetrical. Draw bottom tower legs. ... Eiffel Tower. See picture 9 to draw this part. Follow picture 10 to draw these parts and your neat Eiffel Tower picture is done. Similar Images . Koechline’s structure was at first rejected instructing him to ornate the design more. //

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