1.5m. The groundcover forms bear black berries. Planting winter box. Sarcococca confusa or Sweet Box as it is often called is a wonderful evergreen shrub, it is a delight in any garden. digyna ‘Schillingii’ S. hookeriana ‘Winter Gem’ S. ruscifolia var. Pretreatment given to seeds before sowing, chilling followed by heating. Height 1.5m (5ft). confusa: confused, with other species. humilis, create thick drifts of leathery foliage that suppresses weeds. Sweet box grows in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 6 through 9. Leaves alternate, simple, narrow, lanceolate, 3-5 cm long, lustrous green above, light green below. Sarcococca confusa is the big, tough one of the group. Fruit ripen a year later, at first red, then turning black, shiny, oval, 8 mm long. chinensis, which has flowers all the way up the stem, followed by red berries. Sarcococca confusa Sealy. The least amount of sun it gets, the better is does. ruscifolia A low growing evergreen shrub reaching around 1.5 – 2m, this is an excellent plant … Forms natural espalier against a wall. S. ruscifolia typically grows 3-4 feet high and wide, but can reach a height of 5 or 6 feet with time. The two most common shrub forms, Sarcococca confusa and Sarcococca ruscifolia, are nearly identical and often are sold as the same plant, but Sarcococca ruscifolia is slightly smaller, reaching 3 to 4 feet tall and wide and slightly less hardy, growing in USDA zones 7 through 9. 2 litre pot: £17.99: 2 litre pot £17.99: Quantity: in stock (shipped within 1 week) Buy. An outstanding choice for dry shade gardens where other plants won't grow! Sarcococca ruscifolia is a compact form with shiny oval leaves. Sarcococca confusa: ... Sarcococca hookeriana var. Fragrance in the winter is a real bonus to the garden and Sarcococca confusa, also known as ‘Sweet Box’, for its fragrance and in the Northern hemisphere ‘Christmas Box’, as this is when it flowers in the UK, and it is one of the best plants for winter fragrance it is from the Buxaceae family.. Landscaping Uses. Sarcococca ruscifolia’s berries stay red, another difference between the two shrubs. Every December we would notice a sweet fragrance, as we went in and out of the front door. The major difference is fruit color – S. ruscifolia has red berries rather than black. Because there are few choices of flowering evergreen shrubs for shade, sweet box is especially useful for woodland gardens and as a structural plant for the shady border. Densely bushy shrub, with deep green glossy leaves. The plants get their common name because they are members of the boxwood (Buxus spp.) CPN (Certified Plant Nerd)Patrick.Breen@oregonstate.edu, College of Agricultural Sciences - Department of Horticulture, USDA Hardiness Zone Maps of the United States, Oregon Master Gardener Training: Identifying Woody Plants. Planted one on the north side of our house, near the front door. Water regularly to establish a strong root system and drought tolerance. It is the largest of the clan and can reach 4m-plus in height. Rehd. chinensis is a favorite with flower arrangers, with its notably long vase life. Sarcococca ruscifolia is like in almost every way to S. confusa. Since 1981 Janet Bayers has written on travel, real estate trends and gardening for "The Oregonian" newspaper in Portland. Prune in spring, after flowering, if you want a more regular shape than sweet box’s dense, arching habit. It is evergreen and produces elliptic taper pointed dark green leaves and grows well in many situations. chinensis 'Dragon Gate' is suitable in size for even the smallest of gardens and a particularly good choice of shrub for an area … The most common is Sarcococca confusa, a dense, low-maintenance bush. campus: northwest corner of Cordley Hall. How to Keep Squirrels Out of My Flower Boxes, The Best Ground Cover Plants for Shady Areas, What Plants to Plant Near Blue Atlas Cedar, Clemson Cooperative Extension: Four Fragrant, Winter-Blooming Woodland Shrubs, Missouri Botanical Garden: Sarcococca Ruscifolia, Oregon State University Extension: Sarcococca Confusa (Buxaceae), Monrovia: Fragrant Sweet Box: Sarcococca Ruscifolia, Broadleaf Flowering Evergreen & Foundation Plants, Fast-Growing Evergreen Bushes for Landscaping. Pronunciation of Sarcococca confusa with 2 audio pronunciations, 1 meaning, 7 translations and more for Sarcococca confusa. Sarcococca confusa is also known as Sweet Box or Christmas Box. Sarcococca confusa’s berries start red and turn black. They are still … White flowers not showy, lack petals, but very fragrant, open in winter, male flowers (towards shoot tips) with cream-colored anthers, female flowers have 2-3 styles. Sweet box is the common name for a group of evergreen shrubs and groundcovers in the Sarcococca genus. RHS website say that both have same max height on maturity whereas some nursery websites say that Confusa grows upto 4-6 feet and Digyna grows to 3-4 feet. She holds a Master of Arts in linguistics from Michigan State University. It has shrub forms that reach up to 5 feet tall and wide, as well as 2-foot-tall groundcover forms that spread by underground rhizomes. Sarcococca from Burncoose Nurseries Varieties of Sarcococca available to buy include the following: SARCOCOCCA confusa ,SARCOCOCCA hookeriana var digyna ,SARCOCOCCA hookeriana var digyna 'Purple Stem ... Plants by mail order since 1984, over 4100 plants online today! A popular Sarcococca species for gardening is Sarcococca ruscifolia, a low-growing shrub also known as fragrant sweetbox. The dwarf version is especially well suited to borders, since it grows low to the ground, allowing gardeners to plant low shrubs and flowers in the areas bordered by this fragrant evergreen plant. By Kurlakid. Sarcococca ruscifolia is a 4-5-foot tall (and about as wide) species with small black fruit that turn red in late summer when ripe. Sarcococca confusa. Other common names fragrant sweet box . Light Needs. Possibly a natural hybrid, but it comes true from seed. One of the boons of sweet box is that it flowers in February and March when little else is blooming, scenting the air around it with sweet fragrance. White spring flowers are small, but very fragrant. Height 60cm (2ft). A beautiful shrub for shady areas! humilis: Black berries. Sarcococca confusa. & Wils. chinensis: Dark red berries. As a ground cover, S. ruscifolia is especially useful, … Small cream flowers in winter are fragrant, followed by black ornamental berries. Sweet Box comes in two basic forms for the home gardener: the tall form and short form. Details S. ruscifolia is a small, slow-growing, evergreen shrub with glossy, oval leaves … hookeriana: Black berries. It will form a natural espalier if planted against a wall and takes shearing well when used for hedging. Blooms are followed by bright red ornamental fruit. It is unusual that female flowers on the same branch may have either 2 or 3 stigmas. Height 90cm (3ft) Sarcococca hookeriana var. Because of its dark green foliage, it acts as a foil for plants with brighter foliage and flowers. Sarcococca confusa has dark green elliptical leaves. Water Needs. Synonyms: S. humilis Hort., in part, not Stapf; S. ruscifolia var. Berries develop after the flowers and ripen in late summer to early fall. It is now thought to be a hybrid formed in cultivation. It is easy to look after, of no interest to pests and diseases, and it doesn’t need pruning. 15-40cm. A dwarf version of this plant known as Sarcococca humilis is also available. All have fragrant flowers. Christmas/ Sweet/ Fragrant Box . My Burncoose. Height 1.5m (5ft). It is an upright shrub, typically reaching a height of from four to six feet, flowering from February to April. Patrick Breen, A book called "Evergreen Expert" … The fruit is a red or black drupe … Blue-black berries. Light Needs. - 5 ft. 0 in. Sarcococca confusa’s berries start red and turn black. humilis. While there are 11 species of the evergreen, broadleaf shrub ranging from 12-inches to 6-feet in height, the two most popular varieties here in the Pacific Northwest are Sarcococca ruscifolia and S. hookeriana var. It has a divine scent of vanilla, so is ideally planted by a pathway or somewhere you can appreciate it. Fairly slow growing with us, Sarcococca ruscifolia var. … Above: Sarcococca ruscifolia var. Evergreen. Stiff but arching stems with … family, Buxaceae, and because they have small, dark green leaves, similar to those of boxwood. Once established, water occasionally; more in extreme heat. It can be used to block the view of utilities, vents and air-conditioning units. Sarcococca ruscifolia. The groundcover forms bear black berries. They are slow-growing, monoecious, evergreen shrubs 1–2 m (3–7 ft) tall. Sarcococca ruscifolia’s berries stay red, another difference between the two shrubs. The flowers are tiny and white and often are hidden by the evergreen foliage, but the scent can make you swoon. chinensis Hort., in part, not (Franch.) Evergreen. Whole Plant Traits: Plant Type: Shrub Habit/Form: Dense Rounded; Cultural Conditions: Light: Deep shade (Less than 2 hours to no direct sunlight) Partial Shade (Direct sunlight only part of the day, 2-6 hours) Soil Drainage: Good Drainage Moist NC Region: Coastal … Sweet box is a valuable plant for gardeners not only because of its welcome winter blooms but because it is drought tolerant and thrives in part to full shade. Broadleaf evergreen, 3-5 ft (1-1.5 m), densely branched, spreads by underground shoots. Shade, Z7 S. confusa seedlings four months from sowing. The leaves are borne alternately, 3–12 cm long and 1–4 cm broad. If they are just yellowing with age they will do it gradually whereas if something is wrong they will yellow … Oregon State Univ. Hardy. Makes a fantastic low hedge. Good cultivars include S. h. digyna. digyna. 0 ... SARCOCOCCA ruscifolia > Commonly known as: Sweet box. Width: 3 ft. 0 in. Full shade. Sarcococca hookeriana - compact, spreading, mound-forming with red berries turning black. campus: northwest corner of Cordley Hall. Sweetly scented, Sarcococca confusa (Sweet Box) is a terrific, winter-flowering, evergreen shrub rich of many qualities. According to Sunset Western Garden Book, S. confusa is often sold as S. ruscifolia, although they are similar in appearance, S. ruscifolia has red fruit. digyna: Purple Stem New shoots flushed purple-pink. Sarcococca confusa. © Copyright 2020 Hearst Communications, Inc. Sarcococca ruscifolia var. Search. Hardy to USDA Zone (6b) 7      Origin of the species is somewhat confused, thought to have been collected by Ernest H. Wilson from the wild in China about 1908, but it has not been discovered in the wild. Genus Sarcococca are compact, sometimes suckering evergreen shrubs with simple, leathery leaves and tiny, fragrant creamy-white flowers in winter or spring, followed by red, purple or black berries which may persist into the following winter . Sarcococca ruscifolia v. chinensis.Photograph: Robbie Blackhall-Miles In 1980 Roy Lancaster collected and subsequently introduced S. ruscifolia v. chinensis from Yunnan in China. Suits dry shady sites although will grow in the sun if given enough moisture. I started new plants from cuttings and seed, from their berries. It also grows a bit larger, to 5’ x 5’. Sku #7051. Why should I plant Sarcococca hedging? Sarcococca confusa. The flowers give way to lovely, shiny fruits which change from red to black … Sarcococca hedging is an extremely good small hedging plant which has become increasingly popular in recent years as an alternative to Box hedging.. Winner of the prestigious RHS Award of Garden merit. Sarcococca confusa - reaches about 6 feet at maturity. sweet box. Her work also has appeared in “Better Homes & Gardens,” “Traditional Home,” “Outdoor Living” and other shelter magazines. Plant it in well-drained, acidic soil that has been amended with plenty of organic matter. Family Buxaceae . Smaller than S. confusa is S. ruscifolia var. Sarcococca hookeriana 'Winter Gem'Yellow leaves on plants are often due to watering or nutrient deficiency.There could be several reasons why your leaves are going yellow.The trick is to differentiate between the leaves naturally going yellow and dropping off with age and there being something wrong. Menu. Growth Rate: Medium; Height when mature: 1.5m; Buy Online - Pot Size. The groundcover forms, such as Sarcococca hookeriana var. Oregon State Univ. Sarcococca (sweet box or Christmas box) is a genus of 11 species of flowering plants in the box family Buxaceae, native to eastern and southeastern Asia and the Himalayas. They also have sweetly scented flowers, so they’re sometimes called fragrant sweet box. Flowers are followed by long lasting black berries. Sarcococcas can be planted at just … S. hookeriana var. Flowers are flushed with plum at the base. sarcococca confusa is a wonderful plant. It features (a) ovate, sharp-pointed, somewhat leathery, glossy deep green, evergreen leaves (to 2 1/2" long), (b) fragrant, unisexual, apetalous, creamy white flowers in tassel-like axillary … Ruscifolia is a larger variety, reportedly growing 6-7 feet tall and wide, sporting red berries with the same flowers and fragrance. ... (1.8), spread to 5ft (1.5m). Fragrant … Apparently confusa is often sold as ruscifolia, and yes, you too can be a victim of sloppy labeling. How to say Sarcococca confusa in English? I grew them at our place near Lynnwood, WA. Above: Creamy-white flowers and long lasting berries of Sarcococca confusa. Varieties of Sarcococca that flower later than the standard S. confusa (which begins flowering in December) include Sarcococca hookeriana var. A densely branched evergreen shrub up to 6 ft high and as much through, with a single main stem and fibrous root-system; branchlets downy. Sarcococca ruscifolia var. Sarcococca confusa was so named because of initial confusion over its origins. They bear fragrant white flowers, often in winter. A splendid Chinese shrub with fairly narrow, lance-shaped dark green leaves and masses of sweetly scented white flowers in winter. S. hookeriana var. A little harder to find but worth the search: Sarcococca hookeriana var. Sarcococca Confusa vs. Hookeriana-Digyna. Great Plant Picks is an educational program of the Elisabeth C. Miller Botanical Garden, recommending outstanding plants for gardeners living west of the Cascade Mountains from Eugene, Oregon, USA to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Above: Sarcococca hookeriana var. Due to its high tolerance for shade, the Sarcococca is a … It throws out flowers by the dozen, followed by black berries. Deer and rabbits leave sweet box alone, but the berries are attractive to birds. Producing creamy-white flowers from December to March, followed by berries. Height to 6ft (1.8), spread to 4ft (1.2m). dignya has slimmer foliage. Sarcococca hookeriana var. Christmas box, Sarcococca confusa, is a dense, winter-flowering evergreen shrub, bearing sweetly scented, pure white blooms, in contrast with dark green leaves.It’s extremely tolerant of shade and is therefore perfect for growing in a woodland border or shady corner, where you can enjoy its heady fragrance throughout winter. sarcococca: from sarco, flesh, and kokkos: a berry (i.e., fleshy fruit). chinensis 'Dragon Gate' will grow to be a compact, small shrub in time. Sarcococca confusa – also a 3-5 foot tall (and about as wide) species but with black fruit. Guys, There is a contrasting information on Confusa & Hookeriana in terms of "Height" and "Speed of growth". - 5 ft. 0 in. Sarcococca hookerana is a more erect form but not that hardy in UK. The short form (varieties of S. hookeriana) makes somewhat of a groundcover with underground stolons that form a clump no taller than 12 inches and can spread about 3 feet. Luckily for me I got confusa which grows to 4 feet which was my priority. Sarcococca ruscifolia, commonly called fragrant sweetbox or fragrant sarcococca, is a dense, low-growing, sometimes suckering, broadleaf evergreen shrub with a compact habit that typically grows to 3-4' tall and as wide. The tall form (S. ruscifolia and S. confusa) get to about 2-3 feet in height and wide. Announcing their presence with their incredible, sweet vanilla fragrance, tiny ivory-white flowers appear in late winter to early spring, somewhat hidden among the dense foliage of glossy, slightly rippled, dark green leaves. Sarcococca Species: confusa Family: Buxaceae Country Or Region Of Origin: China Dimensions: Height: 3 ft. 0 in. Position: partial to deep shade; Soil: moderately fertile, humus-rich, moist, well-drained soil; Rate of growth: slow-growing to average; Flowering period: December to March; Hardiness: fully hardy Sweetly scented, pure white flowers from December to March and lustrous, dark green leaves. It got no sunshine, no rain. Very fragrant, tiny white flowers with pink anthers from January to March, followed by tiny black berries. West Yorkshire, United Kingdom . digyna. 1.5m. Because of its fragrant flowers, sweet box is a good choice to plant near a walkway, porch or foundation.

sarcococca ruscifolia vs confusa

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