If I was going to put my voice behind a microphone and speak to the world, I needed a strong platform from which to stand. It may sound really weird or funny to someone to even have a step that discusses figuring out a topic for your podcast. Don’t care about your audio at all, which will likely result in very poor audio and, therefore, very few listeners. Once you have your completed, podcast ready mp3 file, you have to make it available online so that people can download it, play it in an app or find it on your website. Preparing for your podcast before each episode is an essential step. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”. If you are on Libsyn, simply login to the dashboard and fill in all the boxes under the destination tab and your feed will be ready to go. This crucial time period determines whether or not you will be featured in the “New & Noteworthy” section of Apple Podcasts, which can greater determine the overall success of your show. I knew this show would force me to grow up quickly. As opposed to trying to sound like a big-shot radio DJ, the best podcasters in my view are easy-to-talk-to human beings. Within 3 weeks of my launch date I had been featured in all of these except video (because I don’t have a video podcast). So this is our first stop. I am a co-founder of Voxphonic, a podcast production agency based in Nashville, Tennessee, and I’d love to help you build something meaningful that has the potential to reach your target audience through a bingeworthy podcast! Does your voice bounce off the walls, sound hollow and echo-y? I was working in a produce department at a speciality grocery store with every variety of fruit and vegetable you could find. The questions to answer before the next step: Do I know how to best use my microphone and have I established good recording levels? Over the years I have upgraded from a basic USB mic, to the Behringer Podcastudio, to where I am today with what I consider to be a semi-pro setup. As you do this, watch the audio meters and see where the peak of that meter is hitting on the db scale making sure to stay less than -6db but adjust your level as needed to keep the meters bouncing between -18db and that -6db. Video script writing 101: Basics, examples, and templates. I guarantee that you will have that same feeling once you have put in all the work I am discussing in this tutorial. Thanks! …. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. FX are built in and robust and additional third party effects are easy to add. 😉. If you’re using blubrry, you are likely running your own WordPress website and you’ll create your rss feed using the awesome PowerPress plugin. Podcast Intro Script 3 I consistently share new and fascinating content about healthy habits, personal development, and rockin’ productivity. As long as you are anywhere near that neighborhood on a consistent basis, you’ll have some nice audio to work with in post production. If you have more than one person in studio, get in touch with me. It’s no secret that video is one of the most powerful marketing methods available. Do what’s best for your podcast and make the monthly investment in one of the two best options available year after year since podcasting has started; Libsyn or blurry. We’re really into territory where there are many “yeah buts” to these suggestions but the purpose here is not to debate or belabor this decision and if you know the questions to ask then you probably have a decent handle on getting some other gear that you prefer so go ahead and make those purchases or get in touch with me to ask what I think about your choices. And many podcasters can get away with just using their free offering which is two hours of audio content per month. Using Apple’s iWeb software and the Behringer Podcastudio, I launched “Gibberish.” Yes, I named my show Gibberish and that is exactly what the show sounded like. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. There may be slight deviations from the podcast audio. At this point, all of this is not likely to make much sense but and the video will help walk you through this process and clear this section up. It’s more hard work, more fun, and more rewards. Then go back to where you plan to record and compare it. The audience can hear it in your voice that you love the topic as much as they do and that right there, the audience, that is the core thing that loving your topic will do,,,it will attract an audience. Additionally, this is also the artwork that will live inside each episode audio file or the mp3 file’s metadata (which I’ll talk more about later) and thus you should have several version of the same artwork in different sizes. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. This November will be no exception. If you have ever considered launching your own podcast, or you are curious about the process, dig in. These are mics I have more experience with, there are thousands more to choose from or you may have one you already like. When you’re setting up your microphone in front of you, make sure you are in a comfortable position and get within a few inches of the microphone. When you find that place, go to the spot in the room where you think you’ll be recording and start talking. With podcast content on the rise, you just might be missing out on some excellent entertainment and news sources. Despite normally using Audition to edit my episodes, I edited this 101 episode using Hindenburg Journalist, which I recently purchased, in order to demonstrate that this is a great app for editing podcasts. Mics to avoid would be headset mics and microphones built into your computer as I mentioned or the mic on your earbuds. This becomes a unique part of the story. One of the reasons is because once you are in Apple Podcasts, you are also available in dozens of other podcast directories automatically. Now close your eyes and listen when you talk. But now you can get the episodes that matter to you in written form to reference, learn from, and share. Think about your topic and ask yourself if this is the one thing you want to spend most of your free time on because you are just so interested in that topic. • The Format of your podcast – will it be just you or will you have a co-host or interviewees, how about audio vs video? Photo Credit: drestwn On July 1st of 2013, I launched my podcast: The 5 AM Miracle, which has ranked #1 in Apple Podcasts in the Self-Help and Business categories, been nominated for 6 podcast awards, exceeded 9 million downloads, and landed me 2 book deals. ——————————————– 5 AM CLUB ——————————————-. When you see a great movie, you don’t notice that editing and that is because it’s done well, with attention and an investment so that you are not taken out of the story. Keep in mind that when auditioning for jobs, it is recommended to only provide a small portion of the read in your audition. Use this script timer to find out how long your podcast will be with your script. Subscribe to my podcast in Apple Podcasts: If I was going to put my voice behind a microphone and speak to the world, I needed a strong platform from which to stand. In the beginning, rehearsals are very important. Apple claims that they won’t feature a show with bad artwork however I’m not entirely convinced this is the case based on what I’ve seen. Maybe a basement, a top floor, in your car, yes I said a car, in a pinch they can make a great podcast studio. I babbled on-and-on about random events in our lives and tried to make the show interesting. And if you’ve been a regular listener to The Podcasters’ Studio, you’ll know this as my every 50 episodes Back to Basics refresh. I switched my website from JeffSanders.tv to JeffSanders.com. The question to answer before the next step: What microphone will I use to record. You want a lot of distance between your speaking level and your non speaking level so that your recording is nice and clean. In terms of how your logo looks, that’s up to you but make sure the text you include is readable even a very small size like 150×150 because this is how it will display in iTunes when people are browsing podcasts. Since you are close to the mic, that air can cause noticeable pops known as plosives in your audio, something you don’t want. One that will perform better in a typical podcast studio which is often a space in your house or office. I learn best by (1) having someone show me how it’s done right and (2) doing it myself. Someone had pitched me an idea for a podcast network, and I liked the people involved. So whether you are using an audio recorder or software, speak into your microphone from your established distance and speak as loud as you will on a podcast recording, a good way to do this is to just record a test episode. Perreo 101. You’re also telling a story. And while researching this, I read that you should write about what you know about. Along with this, use a foam windscreen and/or a pop filter. The 5 AM Miracle is a resource guide for high achievers. If it’s low, let’s get you into a USB mic that works great right now and also allows you to grow into something more advanced should you decide later that you want to do more or add more pieces to your studio. This is what “muddy” audio sounds like. Auphonic is an app that will handle several key elements of post production for you. With Google Podcasts, you can find and listen to the world's podcasts for free. See my current podcast studio setup, including hardware and software. Script out your podcast intro. Nice one! Pick the spot that is more forgiving. Anne-Marie: Wahoo! The question to answer before the next step: Have I setup my RSS feed? Subscribe. Now there are a plethora of services to help you but most people do not come to podcasting with the knowledge, background or budget to put together a team of people to help…we have to do it ourselves and that is part of the hard work I mentioned in the intro. Spend hours and hours in front of the mic. New videos coming soon! Note that it doesn’t have to be dead quiet either. It’s size, file type, metadata and some additional tech specs covered in my video about how to complete this process. ... Hip Hop & R&B. Weird right? I postponed a podcast because I was scared the show would just be a boring repeat of Gibberish. How to listen to podcasts: a 101 primer. Don’t settle these issues when they come up, deal with them before. For the mp3 file artwork, which you’ll insert into each episode file, when I get to the part about creating a podcast ready audio file, you’ll want to insert an image no larger than 200KB (kiloBYTEs). Here’s your Podcast 101: How To Listen To Podcasts. There is a transcript for this episode as well as a bunch of other resources at Civics 101 podcast dot org. • Naming your Podcast – what are you going to call it?? My theme music was $44 and it was available for download in two different high-quality formats. Though I did not see fireworks, I could feel them. And in there lies a problem. You can use *promo code: podcasthelper on checkout to get your first month free. The question to answer before the next step: Did I submit my podcast to Apple? Step 1: What are you going to talk about? So I ended that show and I started the one I would have started first had I known what I know now. A 10-part instructional video series to support early-stage podcasters around the world, from PRX and the Google Podcasts creator program. The question to answer before the next step: Audio or video? It’s where are people going to go to get all the info about your podcast. Now listen to both recordings with headphones on and see how your voice sounds in each space. If you are a savvy graphic design, then go ahead and see what you can come up with. I don’t have the expertise to write intelligently about how each of these pieces of equipment work. That said there are plenty of times when I use 64kbps mono, most often when the episode is 45 minutes or longer, again to keep that file size friendly to the end user (everyone has different bandwidth limits, remember we are a global medium) and this reduces your file hosting costs. The question to answer before the next step: Did I purchase a domain name? Let’s consider a few things about your microphone. Contact me here. It wasn’t the actual topic of my podcast. I’m kidding but only kind of. Beyond that, there are 3 other directories I think you should submit to right away and the rest can be added as you go. Hosting audio – where do you put it online so people can get it? you absolutely must prioritize high quality audio for every single episode of your podcast. Translated from here Boccaperta; Why we love it: Podcasts in English is an excellent way for students to practice self-study because the podcasts … Here’s exactly what I’ll be covering on this episode: • Choosing a Topic, you have to have something to podcast about. But if you find it’s not quick for you or not something you want to do but still want better results, I have a drag and drop software solution for those of you who want the benefits of post processing but don’t want to learn how to do it. In order to do that, you should definitely be starting by choosing something you want to spend all those years on. This is what most podcasters do and it produces mediocre results. I think show notes are one of the most valuable aspects of any podcast because they connect the listener with not only all of the resources you mentioned in the episode, but also with your website. Of course you can get creative with your name and the title may not tell you much if anything about the content of your actual podcast. You can probably guess which one turned out better. Reggaeton With Gata's Bilingual Podcast detailing the history, roots, hottest trends and evolution of Reggaeton in English and Spanish. For example, a 7 to 15-second read of a 30-second script … But choose the quietest place you can find. So the ATR2100 is the best quality to budget ratio currently in a podcast microphone, check out my gear page. I used the first tactic with Gibberish and the second tactic with The 5 AM Miracle. Podcast Intro Script 2. Solo or cohost? This is typically unnecessary and reserved for the big corporations and extreme audio geeks. These different spaces should help you get an idea for the different ways your audio will sound in different spaces. A photo site with music? You might have used the one on your phone to record your room samples that I talked about in the previous step or you have one built into your computer. This is powerful stuff. You’re working hard right now, just by diving into this episode to figure out the basic building blocks of starting a podcast. There are two ways to learn how to podcast: (1) launch a show before you’re ready and figure out everything on the fly or (2) watch the professionals and learn as much from them as possible. But “bad” or good is very subjective. Choose based on your budget and the form factor you prefer. Or you either of the two hosting options, Libsyn or blurry provide you with basic websites that you can then move off of if you decide you need more control. Here’s a tip for working your way through this episode. What do you hear now? You can see the end result by simply listening to any of my podcast episodes. And your artwork may be the only chance you get to have someone take a look at your podcast. I recommend being very picky with the music you choose because you will likely hear this same song a million times. So I learned a lot on my job every day out of a motivation to be good at my job and to not have to say, I don’t know when people asked. As I mentioned before, I have been listening to podcasts for years, so I had a decent idea of the content, show format, and audio quality that I was looking for. Listeners, like yourself, expect content on a predictable basis. Podcasts from The Economist. We have samples below to inspire you to create yours! Dedicated to helping you dominate your day before breakfast! Don’t lose that chance. Sign up for The 5 AM Club to get my list of the Top 10 Productivity Tools + receive weekly email updates about early mornings, healthy habits, and rockin’ productivity! And if the name of your podcast is not available as a dot com, feel free to get a domain with a different extension, you just want something that you own. Every week you can find me writing and speaking at JeffSanders.com. When it comes to audio editing software there are free and paid options. In theory you can move faster and rely on your own schedule. There were numerous projects that needed to be completed just to be ready to work on the podcast launch itself: From the look of this list, it seems as though I was distracting myself with meaningless projects out of fear of launching my show. Well I knew I was fascinated by the medium, the ability to have your own online, global show. Of course you can still market your podcast any other way you would like, but for the average podcaster this is sacred territory. I wrote and published The 5 AM Miracle eBook a few weeks later. I re-branded all of my social media accounts. Branded Players. Unless otherwise indicated, all images, content, designs, and recordings © 2009–2018 Ray Ortega. Fifty Best Scripts Podcasts For 2020. I designed my own album artwork. I just find it much harder to work in, not as visually pleasing and you can’t work with effects the way I like to such as previewing the effect it will have on your audio in realtime. Transcribe Podcasts. Beyond that you might have more than one person on your show whether it’s you and a co-host or you and interviewee. ——————————————– KEYNOTE SPEAKER ——————————————-, ——————————————– FOCUS@WILL ——————————————-. One of my favorite tips when it comes to this is from Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting and of course co-host of Podcasters’ Roundtable which is my other podcast in case you are new here…he says, go tell a stranger the title you are considering naming your show and ask them what they think that podcast is about.

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