Pentair is known for its state-of-the-art devices which enable us to better enjoy our pools and spas and it has not disappointed us with the manufacture of this amazing pool pump. In ground pool, 17000 gallons, 2″ plumbing. Whichever pump you go with, play around with the speeds to see what works best to keep your pool clean. But Pentair will not honor the 2 year warranty and will void the warranty unless the pump is installed by a pool service professional. De extra dikke behuizing staat borg voor een zeer stille werking. I’m having a 30×19 pool built and was wondering whether to go with Hayward Ecostar or Pentair VS 3HP IntelliFlo? You have probably used a high-performance pool pump which worked a few months before it broke down and you are very cautious … No wonder they still outsell all other variable speed pumps combined. Here we went to our Amazon store to find the largest volume of reviews and the average rating for each pump. I have a budget between 700 and 800 bucks. The SuperFlo® High Performance Pumps pumps are specifically designed to be the best choice for a variety of inground pools. I just installed a new superflo vs and flo vis flow meter. 1.5HP, 230V, 8-Speed, 600-3450 RPM 2 in pipe. For the filter, for your size pool, I would go with a 24″ sand filter, like the Hayward S244T, or the Pentair TA-60. And, sometimes for storms or heavy pool use, or water problems, you will override to higher speeds for water protection or problem resolution. SIZE: 22 x 9.9 x 11.6 inches HORSEPOWER: 0.85HP PLUMBING: 1,5 x 2 Union POWER: 115V Single Phase: READ REVIEW: PENTAIR IntelliFlo VS Pool Pump. For salt system, the Aqua Trol system by hayward is very good. SuperFlo VS pumps come to you from the trusted leader that launched variable speed technology to the swimming pool industry a full 5 years ahead of every other pump manufacturer…Pentair Aquatic Systems. For your pool (pipe size, filter size, gallons and 1-SK, 1-MD, 2-Return set-up…) I would recommend the Pentair SuperFlo VS pump, or one of the other smaller 1.5 hp +/-, that are now available, like the Hayward Superpump VS, or the Waterway Power Defender 140 >>> This will save you more energy costs too, having the smaller motor. Variable speed pumps have many advantages, they run cool to the touch, and the permanent magnet motor is quiet – making only half the noise of standard pumps. See all VS pumps here: Also check your filter label for design flow rate listed. Dual speed pumps add a half-speed, at 1725 RPM. 3HP, 230V, 8-Speed 750-3450 RPM 80 - 100 gpm running 2350 rpm's using 846 Watts. Also want 10-12″ of straight-run PVC pipe coming into front of pump (no 90’s). So like 9-hours low, 3-hrs high, 9-hours low, 3-hours high…, but your experience will be the best teacher, you may want more high speed at certain times of day, for cleaning, heating, sanitizing or water feature functions – or may decide that you don’t need to run it 24/7, but can cut the 9-hour periods down to 6-hours each, and run only 18-hours per day total. 8 offers from $839.94. It comes with a 56-sq flange motor that can withstand long hours of pumping without showing any signs of burning out. If you have any questions about choosing the best variable speed pump for your pool – leave a reply below with details about your pool size, plumbing, filter and other system equipment. I have master temp heater, rainbow chlorinator and want to make certain the heater can cycle on and off and have enough pressure to do so. Super Pro 80960BU Pool Spa Filter Water Pressure Gauge, 0-60 PSI, Bottom Mount, 1/4-Inch Pipe Thread. So you do not recommend getting like a 2.7 or 3HP pump to run the water descent features on? If possible to upsize the return-side pipe (after the filter to the ground), to 2″, that would be a good move, and use 2″ sweep elbows too, also from pump to filter, use sweep 90. So you can do it yourself with that in mind. 2″ PVC pipe allows much more water to flow, with much less resistance. Stephanie. This … Previous page. Pentair Intelliflo could also be used, if your filter is large enough to handle 125 GPM. Their recommendation is to keep the pump running 24/7 @ 2300rpm – again, feels too much / too high. SuperFlo® Pump Installation and User’s Guide iii Pentair Water Pool and Spa® PUMP WARNING AND SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS For Pool and Spa Pumps (Non SVRS Pumps) (Pentair Water Pool and Spa®, Sta-Rite®, and Pentair Pool Products®) FAILURE TO FOLLOW ALL INSTRUCTIONS AND WARNINGS CAN RESULT IN SERIOUS BODILY Maintaining the Pool Pump The maintenance of a pool involves plumbing, wiring, cleaning, and replacing. 1st year pool owner so a little lost. PENTAIR SuperFlo VS Pool Pump. It will be about 22,000 gallons. More Buying Choices $296.92 (10 used & new offers) Swimables SuperFlo & SuperFlo VS Pool and Spa Pump Replacement Unions - Replacement for Pentair 350157 - Made in USA. You can obtain plumbing fittings and pipe at a local hardware. Moreover, it can work with both 115V and 230V outlets, making it ideal for commercial and residential pools.Just as suggested by its name, the WhisperFlo is quiet in operation and superior in performance. $4.99 Next page. The Pentair IntelliFlo is one of the most efficient pool pumps available today. My in-ground pool (~15,000 gallons) has Hayward C12002 Star-Clear 120sf filter. Hi Mike, The Pentair Superflo VS or the Hayward Superpump VS would both be good choices. This information should be given to the owner and/or operator of this equipment. 1.5HP, 230V, 4-Speed, 600-3450 RPM Your builder can do the calculations to compute the feet of head in the system, and with that number and the Design flow rate for the filter, you can use the VS pump flow curves to choose the most appropriate size pump. User-friendly Cam & Ramp™ locks into place with a quarter turn for easy cleaning and maintenance. It might also have a larger strainer basket. So you now have a better idea why you see so many Pentair variable speed pumps for sale, but really you should be looking at one of these two, either the IntelliFlo 011018 (011028) or the SuperFlo 342001. My current pump flows 60gpm. It has 3 intakes and 3 outlets. thank you. What size VS pump and size cartridge filter would you recommend? 301 reviews, 4.2 star rating, Hayward Super Pump VS Pump – model SP2603VSP This means that you can install the pump in noise sensitive areas such as schools and hospitals without worrying about irritating sounds.Even though the pump delivers the only 1HP, it can move lots of water in pools sized 14,000 gallons and above without much fuss. The larger VS pumps mentioned above, can push over 125 GPM on high speeds, which is far too much for smaller filters and pipes, creating too much resistance and ineffective filtration, and could actually break something, and not give the energy savings desired. I should also say that being variable speed, the larger pump will work fine, if used only at lower speeds, but then, why have a V-8 engine, if you never take it out of third gear? Head Loss: feet: Number of Fittings: 45° Elbow: 90° Elbow: Tee: Summary . Compatible with 115/230V with no need to upgrade existing wires. Moreover, the pump is extremely easy to maintain as it features an oversized strainer gasket and a see-through lid. Can depend on how good your filter is – but no matter what program you use, remember that you should turnover ALL of the water in the pool, thru the filter, at least once every 24-hours. But power was cheaper then, I could afford to run the pump for as long as necessary to achieve the results I wanted. I would like to replace both with a VS pump that could also run 2 4×20 roof mounted solar panels. The pump comes equipped with a variable speed motor and a 24-hour real time clock with memory retention that makes it easy to program and monitor your preferred speed settings. For anyone that has the Pentair SuperFlow VS 1.5HP pump, ... Those numbers are really close to the 3hp IntelliFlo pump from Intelliflo VS (011018) RPM / watts to GPM RPM for RPM, I would have guessed a pump half the size would have used half the power. 437 reviews, 4.2 star rating, Pentair IntelliFlo VS+SVRS Pump – model 011057 Furthermore, it comes equipped with an ultra-quiet, enclosed TEFC motor that eliminates high-pitched noises and unpleasant hydraulic vibrations.The only minor shortcoming is that the pump might not be ideal for large pools due to its low horsepower. However, the price tag of the WhisperFlo is roughly $100 dollars more than the SuperFlo. This pump comes in at 1.5 horsepower, 110 to 230 volts and allows for a maximum flow rate of 103 to 113 GPM with a 1.5”connection ports. Firstly, this single speed 1.5HP pool pump is capable of moving water smoothly and efficiently through the filtration system at lower operating costs. We inherited a pool from a previous owner – it’s 19×38 with a deep end, about 28k gallons. Pentair SuperFlo vs. We really do not see any major differences between these two Pentair single speed pool pumps. But the biggest advantage is that lower motor speeds saves energy. Waterfall pumps are also independent of filtering and heating functions, and can run more efficiently, because of less restrictions (one pipe in, one pipe out, no equipment), so they provide a more consistent, high rate of flow, at lower pressure. Like electric vehicles, now every manufacturer has their own variable speed pumps on the market. View and Download Pentair SuperFlo VS installation manual online. Pentair SuperFlo vs. WhisperFlo. 1 skimmer. You have to consider the pool gallon size too, and be sure that all of the pool water has cycled thru the filter completely, at least once per day, an 8-hr turnover time is standard (on high speed), but it is the same to have a 16-hr turnover on low/med speeds. My 1hp motor died. 100-120 gpm running 3110 rpm's using 1800 Watts. Any input is greatly appreciated as this is all new to us. The Pentair SuperFlo VS Variable Speed is yet another top-rated unit in our Pentair pool pump reviews, worth checking out. Variable Speed pool pumps are not new, they’ve been around now for over a decade. Pentair SuperFlo VST Variable Speed Pool Pump for inground pools is for pools requiring up to a 1.5 HP pump. Hi Davy, I have a Hayward Super II 2.4 THP pump that is 16 years old. Posted on July 21, 2017 September 10, 2017 Author Lewis J 0. For the average residential pool, the 1.5HP VS pumps are best suited to the pipe size, water volume and filter design flow rate. Is that possible or just best to avoid? Moreover, it comes with a heavy-duty motor and a thermoplastic housing that can withstand the harshest conditions, including extreme heat and corrosion. Should I ask him to do 2″ PVC for such a large pool and many water features? Hi Betty, you can use the Pentair SuperFlo VS pump, or the IntelliFlo, but you really won’t need that much flow, so I’d save a few bucks and put on the SuperFlo VS. very useful & informative article. What is more amazing is that the pump produces 45 decibels of sound, which is 4 times quieter than most pumps in its class.In terms of performance, the pump delivers a power output of 3HP. Thoughts on that? See our full line up of a dozen different models to choose from. Here we look at Keyword Search Volume on Google. what size? Pentair IntelliFlo 011018 (011028) VS SuperFlo 342001. In practice, you’d want to run it around 1200 RPM for 18-hours daily, broken up by two 3-hour periods of 3250 RPM (high speed). New SuperFlo® VS Variable Speed Pumps bring the remarkable energy cost savings of variable speed technology to everyday pools that require up to a 1.5-HP pump. This was an update that changed when Hayward ported in the display screen from their flagship EcoStar pump, which now provides not only a 4 … Energy Star Rated, 2.0″ / 2.5″ Unions Thanks in advance! FREE Shipping . Essentially, it can work with either 115V or 240V, making it easy to install. I have a 36000 gallon pool (20 x 40). As the name suggests, this Pentair pool pump works intelligently as it features 8 programmable settings and a built-in timer for optimum speed and efficiency. See all VS pumps here: ... (8 x 60 mins = 480). The sand filter is constantly breaking the clamp rings at the top and the pump costs a lot to run. Unlike other variable speed pumps, the Pentair SuperFlo can run on a lower voltage if necessary, while taking a modest hit on performance and maximum flow rate. - Answered by a verified Pool and Spa Expert. Pentair 340039 SuperFlo High Performance Single Speed Pool Pump, 1½ Horsepower, 115/230 Volt, 1 Phase From the Manufacturer. It’s still running fine, just not efficiently. For a pool your size, with 2″ plumbing and 2 skimmers/1 drain, you can look at the Hayward Tri-Star VS, the Pentair IntelliFlo VS, the Waterway 270 VS, or the JVX300 VS pump. Hi Dave; if your pool is 40K gals, you would want to move about 84 GPM, for an 8-hr turnover. Thanks for your help again. Thanks in advance. Pentair 342001 SuperFlo vs Pentair 011018 IntelliFlo I don’t own a pool anymore but I always fondly remember the pools I owned. Required fields are marked *. The question really is – what is the best VS pump for Your Pool? We have a blog post about replacing Hayward motors, it’s the same process for a Pentair > – YOu can find the B2854 here. 22 reviews, 4.0 star rating, Hayward TriStar VS Pump – model SP3202VSP 3. Davy, it is so great to finally talk to someone who responds and knows what they’re talking about! Happy to help! Thanks so much for the detailed, valuable info. I’m looking to replace my 1.5hp one speed pump with a variable speed option. Every Wednesday here at we like to inform our customers of the newest updates in the swimming pool industry. For one that would seem like overkill. For those that still have the original pool builder paperwork, you can usually find the actual Feet of Head calculation printed somewhere on one of the blueprints or documents. Not all Variable Speed pumps are the same size, horsepower ranges from 1.5HP to 3.0HP, and smaller VS pumps have 1.5″ plumbing, while larger models work best with 2″ or 2.5″ plumbing sizes. 45 gpm 1800 rpm. Thanks! My oval semi-above ground pool will be a 18’x33’ and 54’’ deep. The variable speed technology, coupled with its override capability also reduces operational costs by a significant margin.What is more amazing is that the pump does not require rewiring when installing for the first time. Pentair Superflo VS zwembadpomp. Smaller VS pumps, such as The SuperFlo or Superpump, or the Waterway 140, or the Jacuzzi JVX160, have fewer features, and less programmable speeds, but are usually a better choice for the average pool, with 1.5″ pipes and filters with “Design Flow Rates” of around 75 GPM. They just give voltage and HP. 68 reviews, 4.3 star rating. Also you can check out Best Harris Pool Pump reviews & Intex Pool Pump Buying Guide to keep your pool clean & safe. or a dual speed? I believe the plumbing will be 2″ and we will use a 30″ sand filter. I just ordered a flow meter so I can better understand what I’m working with. john c on Mar 14, 2019 BEST ANSWER: Spa Jet pumps are typically sized accordingly, meaning if it was … Hi David, great question. Flow Velocity: fps: Pipe Head Loss: feet: Fittings Head Loss: feet: Vertical Lift: feet: Misc. My single speed pump fail. Consult Pentair with any questions regarding this equipment. The Pentair SuperFlo VS is an energy efficient, variable speed pool pump ideal for standard swimming pools requiring up to 1-1/2HP pool pump. Here's my data from my SuperFlo VS … Pentair Intelliflo VS Pump – model 011028, Pentair IntelliFlo VS+SVRS Pump – model 011057, Hayward Super Pump VS Pump – model SP2603VSP, Hayward TriStar VS Pump – model SP3202VSP,,,, Energy Awareness Month – 7 Ways to Save Around the Pool, Has Fall Landed in your Pool? My current 3.14sq ft sand filter (300lbs) states the design flow rate is 63gpm. I was told the intelliflo, but after reading this it seems it may be overkill. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING – is to not oversize your VS pool pump. This Pentair pool pump reviews highlight some of the best pumps available on the market today. Attention Installer: This guide contains important information about the installation, operation and safe use of this producTt. Thnaks for your help. it has 1 1.5 return line to 3 jets there is also 1 1in line to the slide. Hi Alan, you need a square flange 56Y frame, Full-Rated, 3/4 hp, 115V/230V motor. Standard pumps have a single speed – 3450 RPM. Pentair is another huge player in the swimming pool industry, so their 1.5 horsepower 342001 SuperFlo VS pump can battle with the mighty SP2303VSP. Met deze Pentair Superflo VS pomp is tot 80% energiebesparing mogelijk en … What is the best size VS pump to go with? Or should we replace both? 99 $586.51 $586.51. I would like to have the best and optimal equipment including a cartridge VS filter, pump, salt water system, heater, pipes, elbows and everything necessary to create peace of mind. The pool is 7 years old with an IntelliPro VS 3hp pump. Then select a pump based on flowrate and total head loss requirements. Thanks! The Max-Flo, Superpump, SuperFlo or TriStar pumps – this is the best choice for most backyard pools. You do not have to wait for long for the pump to start pushing water. Or how to program a VS pump? Hi Robert, you may consider the Hayward ProSeries S210T filter, and match it with a Waterway 140 VS pump.

pentair superflo vs gpm

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