Can you own a capuchin but not a tamerin or only tamerins listed? I totally agree with the ban. Call and verify with the Department of Agriculture Wildlife Division. I can't blame a state for putting up laws against owning such pets. Bullfrogs, green frogs, snapping turtles, and spiny softshell turtles have specific rules. I guess I cant own one as a pet in ohio correct, Life Liberty and the pursuit of happiness If I can afford and want a Tiger who is to say I cant. Code § 935.01 to 935.99) into law. If we can't even responsibly take care of regular domestic pets, then we sure as hell can't properly care for these exotic creatures. "The following animals are banned as 'pets' with the exception of zoos and sanctuaries:", "(19) Nonhuman primates other than lemurs and the nonhuman, primates specified in division (C)(20) of this section". I will leave you with an sincere apology. “Caracal” by Aaron Logan is licensed under CC BY 2.0. Venomous species require liability insurance or surety bond and access to anti-venom. I do not wish to fight with you about petty comments that either of us do not like. Dogs, cats and birds are typical pets, but sometimes animal owners like to broaden their horizons. Melissa A Smith (author) from New York on December 08, 2013: Samanthajackson73-- No, I'm not saying they are not dangerous. None had attacked any humans yet they found it necessary to to hunt them down with live rounds like they were going out hunting to feed they're family's instead of using traq. Big cats belong in big spaces. No the Department of Agriculture follows laws just like the public has to. BANS import, possession or sale of raccoon dogs, marron, yabby, zebra mussel, quagga mussel, or rudd. I have a dog hamster and mouse and im going to buy two birds and another mouse because I can afford to take care of them. You were required to meet strict new regulations including registration. It's selfish to THINK "Oh, I just have such a strong loving connection to my lion that paces it's small pen, it's happy... cause it makes me happy, so it has to be happy and healthy" Get real!!! Melissa A Smith (author) from New York on August 27, 2014: Maybe you should. How foolish is that? I never said ALL pets were unhappy either, this was in reference to the dude and the people like the dude that owned Lambert. Exotic pet laws change constantly, and just because something is legal in your state doesn’t mean it is legal in your city, town, or even neighborhood association. No one really understand how these animals think and it's usually some unsuspected victim that is mauled. Bringing them into society puts them into captivity, and puts others in danger, even if the animal(s) don't intend to harm anyone. Melissa A Smith (author) from New York on May 29, 2013: Cuttlerfish, I think zoos can be poorly run and private owners can be very good, and vice versa. Civil penalties ranged from $200 to $2,000 in 2008, but there are criminal penalties, as well. And completely ignore my request to interpret the sentence I posted? (OAC 1501:31-19-01), Special rules for exhibitions of animals (OAC 901:1-18), Non-domestic animals must have an entry permit and a certificate of veterinary inspection within 30 days of importation. There will always be people who can't care for animals getting animals, that is just a fact of life. She's maybe 9' long and is not dangerous to anyone. I can definitely see the desire in wanting to own one of these beautiful, wild, exotic animals but in the long haul these animals deserve to run and be free. BANS importation or possession of raccoons from outside the state except for pets with a certificate of veterinary inspection and proof of legal ownership. BANS import, possession or sale of raccoon dogs, marron, yabby, zebra mussel, quagga mussel, or rudd. To the idiots that think this law is OK only because YOU don't "think" people should own them have no right to say anything when some government entity wants to ban something you like for no other reason then the ones doing the banning are uninformed idiots. (ORC 1531.01 and 1531.02, 1533.71), Endangered and threatened species require a letter of permission. I have owned & currently own EXOTIC cats that obviously pose little or no danger to my family nor the general public, (all have been small exotic cats with the exception to one Florida Panther to which we got at 2 weeks of age & she passed away of natural causes at the age of 19 years) ..And, yes, each & every Exotic cat that I have owned over the past 25 years were & are properly (not popularly) kept. Who composed this article? The Animal Legal Defense Fund is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Melissa A Smith (author) from New York on January 10, 2016: What about a black bear ? I mean wth man??? You may still want to contact ODA or Ohio DWA. Melissa A Smith (author) from New York on May 08, 2015: Tell me this, why would a person with as much experience with exotics as Terry Thompson had release the animals he loved and was fighting to keep ? After the incident, individuals and organizations pressured the state government to change laws to keep people and animals safer. Of course I do not want to see new & almost impossible rules & regulations put into place that would cause Exotic owners to lose their animals, or new rules that would make it almost impossible for those who are responsible Exotic animal owners to not have the choice to obtain future Exotic pets. Also, the code in section 20 is confusing because it appears that primates that are not named on the list are unregulated. Melissa A Smith (author) from New York on September 10, 2013: I honestly have no desire to own any of the animals on this list. Capuchins, lemurs, squirrel monkeys and marmosets do not have to be registered in the state of Ohio. The law spells out the procedures and hearing requirements when authorities seize and impound mistreated pets. This is a good thing! Scientific Collecting Permits (OAC 1501:31-25-01; ORC 1533.08 and 1533.09), Rehabilitation Permits (divided into Category I and Category II)  (OAC 1501:31-25-03). They deserve to try to live out their lives the way god intended. Philip Speed from Skegness UK on May 29, 2013: Much rather see these animals in the wild, they are always the ones that suffer in the long run. According to Laura Allan, executive director of the Animal Law Coalition, there are numerous fines and penalties for individuals found to own exotic pets that are illegal under Nevada law. (Rule Adopted 10/17/2020 – Effective 1/1/2021)Game birds, game quadrupeds, reptiles, amphibians, or fur-bearing animals listed in Section 1531.01 require a Commercial (sell) or Noncommercial (private use) Propagating Permits except governmental zoos. I follow the rules that are set in place & if the rules change, then I guess I must adhere to them & also make changes. Nonhuman primates except lemurs and C20 species: Golden lion, black-faced lion, golden-rumped lion, cotton-top, emperor, saddlebacked, black-mantled, and Geoffroy's tamarins; White-faced, black-bearded, white-nose bearded, and monk sakis; Black-handed, white-bellied, brown-headed, and black spider monkeys; by January 1, 2014 for current owners or within 120 days of acquiring one. Our EIN number is 94-2681680. Code § 959.132.) OK, I respect your wishes & will no longer post nor follow this article after this last & final post. I have a "tendency" to bring my job home with me instead of leaving it at work where it should be left, (and, you are not the only one that has pointed this out to me)... My job is to poke holes in the prosecutors case & to create reasonable doubt. If I can raise an animal and kill it for food, surely I can raise and pamper an animal as a pet. She is the recipient of Michigan's Wanda Nash Award for Animal Law and Ohio State's Environmental Law Award for her Note on the de-extinction of passenger pigeons. These laws may outright ban the ownership of wild or exotic animals as pets or only allow … the reason you cannot have some snakes is because they will damage the ecosystem like in florida with burmese pythons or hawaii with cane toads, Am I allowed to have capuchin monkey they’re really cate and I want one ,but don’t know if it’s legal. Summary: On June 5, 2012, Ohio governor Kasich signed the "Dangerous Wild Animal Act" into law. This law prohibits persons from possessing dangerous animals as defined by the law after 01/01/2014 unless they are grandfathered in. What does this say? I welcome Wildlife inspections, they help me-help keep my animals healthy and safe, its only when one becomes complacent with ANY type of animal when stupid accidents happen. Bullfrogs, green frogs, snapping turtles, and spiny softshell turtles have specific rules. I've owned a yellow anaconda for 11 years. So let's do away with all of them. And, I do not have to defend myself from anti-exotic pet sentiments. These animals belong in the wild, and its better not to mess with their lives, and to just let them be in the wild. Darts so they could be transferred to an appropriate animal care facility. ... We've been pushing in Ohio for them to change their law … I'm no longer accepting your comments on this article. You know, the problem isn't the animals themselves. Terry Tompdin did not commit suicide. C) I do not comprehend as to why you keep stating that I am not reading or listening. Melissa A Smith (author) from New York on January 27, 2014: You're probably right Karen, but I have not much knowledge about them and didn't want to get blasted by someone, heh. But it is one of the few states in the country with a rabies problem that does not have state-wide vaccination requirements for dogs and cats. Many people have the money, space, and experience to successfully own larger carnivores. Melissa A Smith (author) from New York on September 15, 2013: That's nice that YOU think that JD, but I should be allowed to not be dictated by it. That would be the equivalent of banning the car. Irresponsible people buy animals because they think they are cute and are thinking of the now and not the future. MOVE TO A PLACE WHERE YOU CAN HAVE WILD, DANGEROUS, VICIOUS ANIMALS..... you are a weirdo I hope somebody trap and cage your ass.... you are an animal too... and not even a good one you know an annoying animal maybe and insect best describe you... A gnat,mosquito or a bee something you can flatten with a newspaper. I just wish people who have no clue and no space were smart enough to know they aren't helping these beautiful creatures. is true or not, anyone who wants a primate should call anyway! (OAC 1501:31-19-01) Better yet, who let this article be released with such non-sense ideations? But most people don't wait and realized how serious it is to have the funds and proper things to take care of any animal. a) Golden lion, black-faced lion, golden-rumped lion, cotton-top, emperor, saddlebacked, black-mantled, and Geoffroy's tamarins, f) White-faced, black-bearded, white-nose bearded, and monk sakis, h) Black-handed, white-bellied, brown-headed, and black spider monkeys. (Ohio Rev. Maybe you are 100% correct Melissa, perhaps I should ask for a total refund from the colleges that I have attended. Efforts to strengthen the state's law took on new urgency in October when authorities were forced to … I'm not sure Starling, I'll look into it. I know they are venomous but they’re venom is like the venom from a bee, so not extremely dangerous. Ohio used to have some of the most lax laws on exotic animals in the country. And the same goes for exotics. And people shouldn't be able to sit there targeting exotic pet owners for literally no reason other than their discomfort and prejudice towards seeing something unusual. The following constricting snakes are twelve feet or longer: a) Green anacondasb) Yellow anacondasc) Reticulated pythonsd) Indian pythonse) Burmese pythonsf) North African rock pythonsg) South African rock pythonsh) Amethystine pythons, a) Atractaspididaeb) Elapidaec) Viperidaed) Boomslang snakese) Twig snakes. It isn't legal ANYWHERE in Canada to own these animals in your back yard. Such inflexible bans on the rights of the population should be considered as a last option, and this ordinance is far from necessary. people must find other things to do with their time. They don’t “ do what they want”. j) Red, black, and mantled howler monkeys. This mentality is irresponsible, self serving, and inappropriate. As of right now do you know what the rules and/or restrictions are on owning this type of primate? And few of thee animals ever really end up in good homes. Animal ownership is not being taken seriously as pertinent to the livelihoods of pet keepers by Ohio's legislators. Exotic pets such as my Serval Cat are the same thing as at one point in time ALL horses were WILD animals, but us Humans bred & kept them as pets, or like ALL birds at one time were WILD animals, but us Humans bred & kept them as pets & the list goes on & on. Pot-bellied pigs are not only farm animals. I've been told that Mr Thompson was being targeted by animal rights activists and a lot of people believe that when Mr Thompson begin making his rounds to care for his animals that day he found that they had been released and the shock of finding his animals loose was the final event that drove him to commit suicide. I have 4 children and it terrifies me to think that can be on their way home and be attacked by some wild animal (not pet) that some person who thought that it would make a great pet. Melissa A Smith (author) from New York on January 22, 2020: Jazzlynn Cotton: You're not being 'effected' by being forced to ask if the code written right on Ohio Laws and Rules website: "935.041 Registration of certain marmosets, monkeys, capuchins and lemurs." They will more than likely get put down. Melissa A Smith (author) from New York on June 12, 2013: You don't like big cats in backyards? Why does the species matter? Native snakes and turtles must be PIT tagged before sale. However, there are certain noncontrolled animals that may be privately possessed within the state without a license. Large carnivores like lions, tigers, and bears are illegal to own, as are apes, baboons, … If you are referring to myself as "ranting" then you are the one wasting YOUR time writing articles if you cannot take the good with the bad. The ban shouldn't be on the animals, it should be on the people. Ohio Exotic Pet Laws Ohio’s laws have changed given that the Zanesville massacre in 2011. Clearly this law, having been empowered by a single incident caused by one allegedly irresponsible or mentally ill individual is not a valid reason to end lifestyles, businesses, and freedom of choice. The nature of their accreditation status has nothing to do with it. It's the people. This is just as bad a problem, as having to euthanize all the dogs and cats that don't have homes. It was basically a manicure of those animals. Also never participate in cub petting or canned hunting. Cars are not illegal, they are regulated. Melissa A Smith (author) from New York on September 01, 2013: Hi NYC, what an extremely basic comment. Leopard, clouded leopard, Sundra clouded leopard, snow leopard, Cheetah, lynx, cougar, caracal, serval, and domestic hybrids except savannah. The principal attorney, Taylor Waters, has devoted her legal career to the advancement of animals through the justice system. So it should be possible for me to get one, right? Prior to the incident, Governor Kasich's task force, which was composed of organizations like the HSUS and the American Zoological Association, originally were examining the state's lack of regulations when the Zanesville incident propelled the issue into the spotlight and largely contributed to the support of the finished bill. I just spent the last hour searching through Ohio DNR for regulations and came across this rule on their page. PERMIT is required for restricted snakes by January 1, 2014 for current owners or within 120 days of acquiring one. I am pretty sure that I actually read before I write anything & I certainly hope that I can read & understand English Melissa, if not then I had better ask for a refund for all the money I spent attending college for 8 years. Ohio used to have the most liberal laws in the nation regarding the ownership of exotic animals. On 06/05/2012, former Ohio Governor John Kasich signed the “Dangerous Wild Animal Act” (Ohio Rev. I think you've completely misread the law in regards to the non-human primates. Find out how many members of the public have been severely harmed or killed by 'exotic' pets. Unless your back yard is on properly sized acreage, and unless you know what you are doing. Sorry if you don't understand my Canadian dialect. Exotic Pet Laws in Ohio Forbidden & Restricted Animals. Dwarf caimans are smaller crocodilians that are in the reptile trade and I believe pose no threat to public safety. "Non-Human Primates??" I've had plenty of exotic pets and not one has killed a human, because I'm not stupid I how I handle and care for them. I just want to own a fox one day. Melissa A Smith (author) from New York on June 15, 2015: You're happy about a law that dashes your future dreams? He was murdered. Many exceptions and qualifications apply to these exotic animal laws. Melissa A Smith (author) from New York on August 28, 2014: So you're going to sit there and stubbornly suggest that I claimed any of the animals on the list are dangerous? Exotic Pet Laws of Alabama Ohio's skunks, raccoons and bats can carry rabies. Melissa A Smith (author) from New York on August 16, 2015: I've never heard of sharks being illegal anywhere. Ohio went from having some of the nation’s loosest laws on the private exotic animal ownership to having some of the toughest. Must comply with all permit requirements. Melissa A Smith (author) from New York on December 02, 2016: I don't know why these people don't think this through. -_- It's just plain selfish to put a big cat in your back yard. By. You stated in your article- Ohio strangely bans many primates, including small ones, but allows a few species such as marmosets and lemurs with the requirement that the owner registers them. But I know I can't take care of it now so im waiting. That’s not how it works. Don’t own exotic pets, lots come from irresponsible breeders and some have been taken from the wild. It could kill an adult with no problem. Tigers are endangered and they just kill them?? I would say at least 99% of our human activities qualify as such. If having to have a license can filter out the bad owners then it's good. Melissa A Smith (author) from New York on December 16, 2013: Thank you, please if you can tell me on what criteria people can own these animals. Exotic Animal Laws Vary from State to State Since 1990, there have been more than 1,500 exotic animal incidents. You cannot have an open forum for a discussion and get pissed..I would be a problem if your animal became a problem. Ohio strangely bans many primates, including small ones, but allows a few species such as marmosets and lemurs with the requirement that the owner registers them. Also not given any consideration is the fact that domesticated animals could easily cause similar or worse damage than these unfairly stigmatized animals. Fatalities from these species, however, are rare with negligent handling often being a factor. I do not think that YOU personally had anything to do with the revised list of animals that are being deemed dangerous. Before buying a fox, finding out your local laws is the first step before doing essential research to determine if a fox would make a good pet for you. And, once again-I am on YOUR side with this matter. Email:; Phone: 419-788-9213; Address: 11277 St Ryan 613 Van Buren Ohio 45889; Sugar Gliders I have had a Class II Wildlife permit for 25 years & have owned both; Caracals & Servals , and at the present time I own a 7 year old Serval Cat & by NO means is she "WILD" nor "DANGEROUS". I am a little confused as to how you are using the term "bolded"... To me, bolded means fearless & daring; courageous etc...So, I do not know how to answer that question. Current owners were grandfathered if they met the strict and expensive requirements.The state also issues Rescue Facility Permits which must be obtained by 1/1/2014 for current ones or before 60 days of starting one. They may NOT be sold at auction or have their teeth removed. Male green anacondas only get 8 or 9' long and don't pose any kind of a danger either. Vera Zink. Melissa A Smith (author) from New York on March 19, 2014: Monica, do some research. It is a wonderful way to destroy potential opportunities for animal caretakers. Burmese python at a reptile demonstration held at a library. No permit? Wild animals are just that wild. No tropical snakes can survive their winters. Heck, if I had the room, and knowledge/know how I would love one of these critters to. Its a little confusing and confusing on how to own them? Section L addresses "restricted snakes" which means any of the following (legal only with a permit over the length of 12 feet after 2014). These snakes are killing the natural environment and disrupting the other species balances. I'm only trying to see, any average Joe shouldn't be able to buy them, because A lot of them shove them in small pens. I think I have this right but if someone has a half-breed wolf like a husky/wolf than you don't need a license to own them??? Native snakes and turtles must be PIT tagged before sale. The Dangerous Wild Animals Act specifically lists a variety of animals, from hyenas and tigers to elephants and most nonhuman primates, as banned. 310 was approved by the committee and was sent to the Senate floor for a vote, passing in the Ohio Senate 30–1; it was later signed into law by Governor Kasich). Many people actually do own spacious land. (Ohio Revised Code Ch. I do own exotic pets but who in their right mind would want to have a tiger, bear, or (seriously?) Stop being so narrow-minded. Farm animals belong on a farm. I can see why snakes are on the list. I guess that I was using this approach in my comments & for that I am sincerely sorry. Many of the monkeys on the list are smaller species, so it is confusing why they are specifically banned while even lemurs are not. What do you say to a mother whose child had been mauled to death what comfort can you provide them. Yes, removing cars from existence guarantees no car-related deaths, but it's stupid. For example, I am a perfectly safe driver and have never gotten into an accident, but I really HATE having to follow all those rules of the road. I noticed that you didn't bold either the yellow or green anaconda. Kasich could get this bill passed. Melissa A Smith (author) from New York on May 22, 2013: Hi independentminded, big snakes aren't really so dangerous as long as you know what you're doing. The list includes many highly advanced "pets" that should never be kept by a typical person (however, the few exceptions to this rule should be granted the opportunity to state their situation and privately own a "restricted species" without being a zoo or so-called sanctuary). How irresponsible! Medium-sized carnivores such as lynxes, servals, and caracals pose no more threat in society than similarly-sized domestic dogs (and in many cases, less). -_- like I said UNLESS you have a properly sized yard, and the knowledge to take care of them. If you did not notice, I am on YOUR side with this issue. You can't, or shouldn't run around banning everything from everyone trying to erase bad things from existence. Venomous species require liability insurance or surety bond and access to anti-venom. The registered animal had to be microchipped. ... saying Ohio's new exotic animal ban means it can't afford to continue its work. Melissa A Smith (author) from New York on January 10, 2015: Great "argument" you have there War Eagle. Though with my luck someone will let them know that they missed Heloderma and it will show up magically on the list. I've never once said ALL exotics are kept improperly, or ALL exotics are depressed and have bad lives. You know ferrets are banned in California. Maybe a few of you can, but it's not good enough, when many CANNOT. It serves no positive purpose. This entire situation was a nightmare. So many people have big cats locked up in small pens. It was all a set up so mr . Seriously? Elephants tend to be owned privately for exhibition purposes. Melissa A Smith (author) from New York on February 22, 2014: Also I didn't think that wolves would be considered exotic I mean they come from the U.S. Just get a dog or car from a sanctuary rather than allow a baby tiger to torn from its mum. I believe that all Gods creation have a right to life but what do you do to an animal that attacks and kills. If people want to own these animals move somewhere these animals are at like Africa, Australia hell move to Colorado or California where mountain lions roam free and walk around find and catch one now it's probably is going to end with your demise and then what. Also, so is your stern belief that all 'pet' exotics are unhappy. Many of the above species are typically not owned as pets or are non-existent in the pet trade (rhinoceros, hippos, cape buffaloes, Komodo dragons). Ever since the Dangerous Wild Animal Act has taken effect and made many exotic animals illegal to own or need a license to hold what the state considers as harmful. 1. This is probably true about all pets, not just 'wild' ones. Exotic animal escape. OK, lets back up for one second....A) I am not "stubbornly suggesting" that YOU personally claimed any animal on the list as being dangerous. Ohio is one of a handful of states that allow bystanders to break into locked cars in order to rescue pets in distress. The Ohio Wild Animal Incident – What Celebs Are Saying I think it's cruel, irresponsible and plain foolish to own a monkey, a large cat or a venomous snake or insect. I must be reading a different article than most of you Humans are reading, OR I am reading it all wrong. Arkansas. Many groups want it eliminated because they want no captivity, period. After the Ohio exotic pet massacre that occurred in Zanesville, Ohio on October 19th, 2011, the country, and possibly the rest of the world, was shocked to learn that Ohio had no laws restricting most exotic pets. I'm from Harrison County in Ohio, one county away from Muskingum county where Zanesville resides. No new animals could be purchased when the ban took effect on January 1, 2014. State laws on exotic animal ownership at a glance.-- Carla Hall. First hello all,i do not own any large exotics.The reason being i do not have the land or knowledge for the best possible care.I do own exotics with four,six,and eight legs.Also a few with no legs being up 8ft in length.I also have the sense to give the best possible care for what i do own,PERIOD!

ohio exotic pet laws

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