... this crap is being played," she said of Staples's "Norf Norf." She said she heard the song on a … But in an unexpected turn of events, Vince's latest critic is a concerned mother who fears the consequences of her 11-year-old child hearing Staples' "Norf Norf" on the radio. It’s seem to me that he doesn’t want to battle lyricist genius like Lupe Fiasco. "I … The album was released on June 30, 2015. Genius 215 CF Antennaholder . The track reached viral prominence after a video of a mom tearfully complaining about the song became popular on social media. As pointed out by Genius, a woman, who claims to be a mother of four, filmed an 11-minute video in which she rants about Staples' song “Norf Norf." It received widespread acclaim by critics and was placed on several year-end lists. Tip Designer. “Norf Norf,” the grimy trap single off Vince Staples’ Summertime ’06. r/hiphopheads: Everything hip-hop! by norf Jan 18, 2015 . 40 70 0. To be clear, the track reflecting on Staples’ home turf (the north side of Long Beach, California) dropped last year. "Norf Norf" is a song recorded by American rapper Vince Staples for his debut double studio album, Summertime '06. Most of all, I can’t wait until Vince sees this and starts tweeting. It did not peak in any major chart. Hopefully she sees herself rapping “Norf Norf” on beat and it makes her day like it made mine. VTX and XT60 Holder for ZMR 250 . by norf Dec 30, 2017 . by norf Jan 18, 2015 . 1 4 0. The latest mixtapes, videos, news, and anything else hip-hop related from your favorite artists. Happy 4th of July From NORF Collective Team! On June 22, he released the album's third and final single, "Norf Norf". It received widespread acclaim and debuted at number 39 on the US Billboard 200. We are currently spending our holiday grinding to make sure that We give our viewers good quality from our NORF’s Artists & Artists that Inspired us. (Via Genius ) Atlanta Season Two Episode Three had a genius take on the viral video of the white Christian mom crying about rap. norf Germany South. Listen to Vince Staples’ “Norf Norf” mp3 and let us know what do you think about the latest single track “Norf Norf” in … It was produced by Clams Casino, and released on June 22, 2015 by ARTium Recordings and Def Jam Recordings. Also, if you are looking for the full “Norf Norf” lyrics, then you can read them at Genius.com (though you might want to make sure they are no children around!). As pointed out by Genius, a woman, who claims to be a mother of four, filmed an 11-minute video in which she rants about Staples' song “Norf Norf." ZMR 250 Sidecover .

norf norf genius

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