The entertainment consisted of medieval reenactment, fire eaters, belly dancers and it was fantastic. Why not return for another voyage under favorable flows? “Hobmock, a benevolent spirit giant,” was called upon to “relieve the stressed people, and that he did by chasing the troublesome beast “into the immense lake… and flinging great handfuls of dirt and rock” at it. They were harmless hippies – friendly, in fact, once they understood they were not threatened. Never has the Pocumtuck name for this Great Beaver ever surfaced, so it will be forever unknown. And let him conquer me that can, Oh, how times have changed. Well – Bingo! Last time I checked, the Nest was still sturdy and standing amid outcroppings of ledge on the hardwood ridge. Yes, he said, deer often bed in that field after feeding on acorns along the north-south oak ridge behind it. “Looks like about 175 years old,” he said. A century later, in 1771, Hatfield was split in two, the northern half becoming Whately, today the member of a different county no less. It’s not surprising. “It looks like a Native American petroglyph,” he wrote. Forges. From no perspective does Sugarloaf fit that profile better than from the meadows stretching out a mile south from its base. It was then that he shared valuable advice his Abenaki grandfather had once imparted while observing him as a 5-year-old whipping a tree with a long stick for no particular reason. accusations that criminals planned their nefarious activities No need fo do anything except enjoy ourselves. Crooked or not, Sorry, Kid. Sheldon, who apparently was not familiar with the landscape tale before Field brought it to light, increased the word-count to 120 and introduced a few new elements. Progenitor Zachariah Field is found among the 161 names cut in stone on the Hartford Founders Monument. Dassatti joined us on our way to the site, all of us arriving in separate vehicles in compliance with social-distancing recommendations. In cellar never was Following a sudden health event brought on by advancing age, one that doctors apparently never totally understood, he had lost his eyesight overnight a few years ago. When the time and place is right, such a process can sweep you away from a starting point to a magical place you’re not expecting, one worth exploring. Outlook was alerting me to Peirce’s email. The first the engineer saw of Mr. Sanderson or his buggy, was Mr. Sanderson’s body thrown up several feet in the air. He’d found an online column of mine expressing confidence about the existence of ancient petroglyphs and pictographs still to be discovered in our slice of the Connecticut Valley. Then, in 1662, he moved a few miles north to infant Hatfield, where he died four years later. I finally reached out by Facebook Messenger, and he agreed to visit the site and age the big elm on one of his trips through Greenfield. A treasure trove of local history focused on the old Hatfield/Whately neighborhood called Canterbury, the peripheral information among many debits and credits enhanced some of the Hatfield records most interesting to me personally. Download my royalty free music here:***Want to use my music in your own videos, games, etc. The tavern is underground and were shown to our reserved spot which had rustic table and benches. After I had obtained all the facts I could gather from the man named Bill something-or-other, I phoned the Hatfield hunter to get his story. That was how the ancient, indigenous Beaver Tale was brought into white Connecticut Valley culture. (Twelfth Night, See more ideas about Tavern, Medieval, Interior. I had walked a couple of miles at daybreak, eaten a light breakfast, read, caught up on TV news, gone through emails, responding to a few, maybe even chatted on the phone, though that I do not recall. It is what it is – just another uncanny example of Native intuition. Warm, too. Personal-distancing measures and fear of infection were palpable and rampant the day I met my new neighbor named Gilead, a 7-year-old boy whose parents bought a home down the street. Once I learned to navigating around the program, I was able to glean much new information about South Deerfield ancestors and relatives long ago entered into my Family Tree Maker program. The main meal was pottage, a thick stew made by boiling vegetables and grains. In recent years, new life has been pumped into this deep-history oral tale by scholarly, professional, Abenaki storytellers, Marge Bruchac and Lisa Brooks, among other Native contributors who continue to come forward with their own little tweaks and twerks to an alluring tale. Heavy overnight winds and rains have passed, leaving in their wake an ebullient-green yard, the rich, verdant base only enhancing ornamental trees and bushes to their happiest springtime splendor. He lived in a home I pass in my daily rambles. He failed to mention progenitor Zachariah Field’s Pequot War service and, curiously, his own direct and peripheral family connections to Deerfield’s infamous 1704 attack. Yet he still believed it could be an important discovery dating back to the Colonial Contact Period, maybe even a smidge earlier. and his cohorts of keeping his mistress awake: "Do you make No, it was just a name used by residents to identify a small section of town. No white man carved that panther.”. Because, yes, I was there 50 years ago for the same towns’ last birthday galas, celebrated in villages where as a kid I played baseball, fished, farmed and foraged … and unapologetically raised hell. More Maps by RobotChrisMinecraft. Comments (2). She was home when I left for a men’s softball game in Buckland, and dead at the hospital before I returned home. The life-expectancy of an American elm is about 300 years, and he thinks it had simply run its course in fertile isolation and died of old age. I hope so. “Well,” he said, “someday when we have more time, I’ll show it to you. A beaver profile has but three components: a head, a body, and a flat tail. “Wow,” he said, in awe of its girth. No one knew the ridges, swamps, rocks, and rills in Whately’s northwest corner better than Lyndon Scott. I also attended the same high school as his three children, and often stopped to chat as an adult when passing through his neighborhood, especially during pheasant hunting. Just one more nagging reminder that I’m getting old is the realization that this will be my second rodeo. Obviously, now that field trip will never happen. Although that name is indeed more of a Whately phenomenon, it was settled between 1749 and 1770, when still part of Hatfield. Yet they couldn’t have appeared in a timelier fashion. or tick-tack-toe, played with coloured pegs and a board This one motivated me back to Old Deerfield, where I re-examined my ancestor’s account book. So, at this point, we’ll just have to live with the mystery at a time when only a few local historians are familiar with the obsolete name that went out of use long ago. Metal trade goods had surely found their way to our slice of the Connecticut Valley decades before the Agawam Plantation (Springfield) was founded in 1636; and even if it had been carved for spiritual posterity by some post-King Philip’s War indigenous straggler, perhaps a shaman, it would still be a remarkable discovery. There were games, festivals, and things for recreation. He had learned something worth knowing. That’s precisely where my Saturday-morning walk took me: a half-century back in time. How old was this carving? A real medieval tavern, beer mugs, lit by torches, candlesticks on the table and feast like in the Middle Ages :). Deacon D.W. Childs of Deerfield insured his life a short time since for $1,000.”. A major problem with all three early historians’ tales is that beavers are herbivores, and thus do not eat meat. A right-place, right-time scenario, they are the beneficiaries of a captive audience, housebound and bored silly, that’s searching for anything to break the tedium of COVID-19 quarantine. Click to hear a conversation* with Falstaff, This dinner party was hosted in full theme with rich medieval characters, we decorated in a medieval style with rich fabrics and tapestries, the dinner party included medieval games and a medieval … Indian is no longer acceptable in some circles, where Native American or my friend’s term are preferred. It should come as no surprise that Sheldon had embellished Field’s vague beaver tale by the time it was published in his History of Deerfield. We finally connected last week, when we in front of the Deerfield Inn. Hatfield is a proud Yankee town that helped seed the Connecticut Valley with families that still populate our hills and dales. Wanting to share images, he took several digital photos with his Canon Point-and-Shoot camera before paddling back to his launching site, which, to his relief, was vacant, the path to his vehicle clear. He just listed Canterbury among 15 localities he believed to have been named “since the earliest settlement of the territory.” That includes Hopewell, which overlaps Canterbury and he believed received its name in 1679. (Shakespeare, parodying Malvolio as a Still, there are other Native American myths that involve the killing of vicious or unruly beavers, so the man-eating twist was probably a colonial misinterpretation. With my curiosity piqued, I reached down to inspect the cord, which looked relatively new. The fare includes such dishes as Lentil soup with meat balls, green Swabian cheese dumplings, ox-tongue with wild seafood, grilled chicken knuckles with plums, … Just like that, a generation had evaporated. Staring him in the face was a well-executed petroglyph of a strange creature he thought could be a resting deer with a snake or eel beneath it. Brooks is now a professor of English and American Studies at Amherst College, and Bruchac, assistant professor of Anthropology, is Coordinator of Native American and Indigenous Studies at the University of Pennsylvania. Then I purchased two compilations of scholarly essays online – Ancient Objects and Sacred Reals: Interpretations of Mississippian Iconography and Icons of Power: Feline Symbolism in the Americas. Entertainment Program Lyric Green Stage Market Stage Roving Performers 9.00 – 9.45 Torin 10.00 – 10.15 Sydney Madrigal Choir Feldergast the Fool 10.00 – 10.45 Praxis 10.15 – 10.45 Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales Norton Street Players MapMoyle the Mynstrel 11.00 – 11.45 Pastance […] Born 1799 and raised in Northfield, he died at 85 in Charlemont in 1884. After Field’s original story left the carcass totally open to the imagination, Sheldon exercised poetic license to provide an anatomically incorrect description. Though I’d often learn by word of mouth about local hunters’ success, even then I’d get confirmation from the men and women who weighed and recorded deer kills at state fish hatcheries and private gun shops. The bottom line is that there’s still a lot more to learn. Could it possibly be unknown to locals? This is a tale that took place decades ago. The accident occurred on the evening of Wednesday, December 4, 1867, and is titled “Fatal Accident” in the December 9 Greenfield Gazette. Thus, the carving had context, always important in such matters. We’re talking about familiar surnames like Allis and Arms, Bardwell and Belden, Dickinson, Hinsdale, Jennings, Marsh, Nash, Porter, Waite, Wells, and many more. $('#embed-d11').mediaelementplayer({'customError':$('#embed-d11 .me-err-fallback').html()}); "Dost thou think that because thou art virtuous, there shall It was long ago. Richard M. Nixon was president, and America was enflamed in protest opposing the Vietnam War and supporting the civil-rights movement. Other animal names for taverns include The Horse, The Lamb and The Old Bull. Of course, I couldn’t resist skimming the pages for interesting tidbits and names of ancestors. A third source, Theresa S. Smith’s The Island of the Anishnaabeg: Thunderers and Water Monsters in the Traditional Ojibwe Life-World goes into great detail, plus provides the best explanation of the underwater panther’s link to the Midewiwin. Hmmmmm? I was not surprised to find on my recent review of the account book quite a few debts settled with loads of hemlock boards and tree bark, but I was surprised that Deacon Sanderson went so far as to note that they were coming specifically from the Great Swamp, just two miles as the crow flies from his Canterbury farm. There is no shame or foolishness in feeling such affection for a tree. Shakespeare's most famous tavern denizen. I’m sure that the many small, pre-Industrial Revolution, family tanneries and leather and shoemaking shops evolved into assembly-line, factory production. Neither of them placed the Allis Farm, now owned by the Pasiecniks, in Canterbury, associating it instead with the old Bradstreet Grant, the northern boundary of which fell some 4,800 feet shy of the Deerfield line. The Seven Stars (vij Sterres) – according to medieval knowledge, the seven stars represented the sun, the moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus and Mercury. Ktsi Amiskw apparently extends south from the foot of Mount Sugarloaf to the Holyoke Range, which is split by the Connecticut River (Kwiniteku) narrows exiting Northampton Meadows. The first to respond was Gramly. All this under a dark, ominous COVID-19 cloud, which complicates social interaction. So, there you have it. The last survivor of four siblings born at the dawning of the 20th century, she came with the purchase of my home after my grandfather’s sudden 1980 death. Those villages existed in an area now occupied by Northfield, Hinsdale, New Hampshire., and Vernon, Vermont. She was a gracious hostess to me and Thomas during a two-hour, June 12 visit to her home. In a foul mood, this lurking creature was known to emerge from the depths to pull swimmers and boaters to drowning death. Forges. Tom, made havoc among the fish and when these failed he would come ashore and devour Indians. But how old was it? The earliest settlers had to understand the spiritual significance Indians placed on the mountain. After picking the most accessible berries, young Gilead was presented with the same problem that has confronted berry-picking hunter-gatherers since their ancient beginnings. Whether someone was living in the upper class or lower class everyone in the towns played games, though they varied based on social ranks (Middle Ages). The prominent landscape feature looming over Canterbury is distinctive Mount Sugarloaf, poking abruptly from the northern perimeter of the river meadows like a cathedral off the Connecticut’s west bank. I’m sitting in a leather recliner, legs outstretched, head and back upright. Old wooden medieval tavern signboard isolated on white. for offline playback in a dedicated media player. “I don’t want to touch the nettles.”. Selfishness was not tolerated by Native Americans, who valued community sharing and charity. My search started with Michael Angel’s Preserving the Sacred: Historical Perspectives of the Ojibwa Midewiwin, then moved to Brian Swann’s trilogy on Native American Literature. Yes, he had work to do – the kind he loves. He was living with her at the time after retiring from the US Marine Corps. The two writers are close in age, travel in the same circles, and are from the same bolt of cloth. Drinking songs preserve some sense of the vitality of the Samuel Field, survived the Falls Fight of May 19, 1676 only to be slain and scalped by Indians while working on his Hatfield farm 21 years later, on June 24, 1697. I had just completed my junior year in high school for Hatfield’s last birthday party, a time when Hunter S. Thompson’s “Gonzo” journalism was born. Despite their different appearance – one with legs, the other without – they were the same beast playing the same cosmological role: in perpetual warfare with thunderbirds, lords of the Sky World in the indigenous Eastern Woodlands realm. Then, peering up innocently through the drooping, tangled canes, the boy dropped the hammer, saying, “You’re supposed to call them indigenous people.”. We traveled a short distance, took a quick right before a barn and followed the lane along a barb-wired pasture holding cattle, parking 50 yards north of the tree. However, with that project ongoing and far from finished, why bother piecemealing it out so early in the process, and chancing errors? Although the regional preferences didn’t necessarily rule out the possibility that the Montague carving had been executed by an indigenous carver of Connecticut Valley heritage, it did raise warning flags. Close inspection of the stone revealed drill holes indicative of modern quarrying. “So, maybe I’ll use your full name,” I said. The sensational story got big play in a newspaper full of short local-news blurbs. The year 1970 also produced Kent State, which unfolded on May 4 and likely means nothing to most high-school students today. The Gazette story reported that Sanderson had traveled from Whately to Meadow Mills for a “grist” and was killed on the return trip. The Scott farm’s acreage once extended roughly from the Deerfield line passing through the Great Swamp all the way to Roaring Brook Road in Conway, with vast forest property on both sides of the South Deerfield reservoirs. He was sincerely moved by its passing, like losing an old teammate. I had met my first bad editor. Could the ruins brought to my attention by the late Lyndon Scott have been associated with a Great Swamp lumber mill that once supplied the Sanderson tannery with bark and lumber in payment for leather goods? I was sitting at my desk crafting the opening paragraphs of a column, when a sudden distraction flashed in the lower right-hand corner of my laptop screen. Nothing wrong with that. In my next column, we’ll take a look at how the Sugarloaf Beaver Myth has evolved since Marge Bruchac and Lisa Brooks have taken control of it. That’s why it wasn’t settled until the late date of 1749, by outsider Abraham Parker of Groton. Not unlike the Wild West, I’m glad I grew up where I did. in town, possibly as crude as the house where the owner was That’s when he came upon his exciting discovery, not far upstream from an island and across from an agricultural shelf known in Deerfield annals as Sheldon’s Field. Still, why not expediate the discovery process? Newest results. I contacted Lattrell when lingering questions about the tree, its cause of death and age kept surfacing during telephone conversations. A passing deer would hit the tripwire like I had and stop the timer inside to record the time of passing. Could it have been suicide? It was a way of life. Launching from Montague, across from the Deerfield’s dangerous Connecticut River confluence located between the General Pierce and bicycle-path bridges, Peirce had maneuvered more than a mile upriver when obstructed by shallow water requiring walking. Back then I even happened upon a small Sixties artist commune hidden there, the members of which summered in twine-bound lean-tos off Henhawk Road. Plants, animals, mountains, springs and even some stones have spirits that must be included in cosmological council. medieval-tavern-3982824. As for the 1973 Deerfield Tercentenary, yes, my memories are clearer. An adventure, indeed. I’m moving into a meditative space I have often visited over the past 41 years, one I always welcome and from which I have produced thousands of columns created by whatever spirit moves me. Field came from his own proud New England heritage. Download the MP3 file They started at a little walnut tree on the Connecticut River bank and continued two miles west to Mill Swamp. So, no doubt this one would have been known to our earliest indigenous paddlers, who recognized it as a perilous place of high spirit inhabited by dark underworld and water spirits. Interpreting deer sign along that circuitous journey, we’d be able to assess their feeding and bedding habits. A simple coincidence? Describing the evolution and function of indigenous landscape tales, she stuck to the documented Pocumtuck-language place names for Mount Sugarloaf (Wequomps on a 1672 deed; now more commonly Wequamps, which she translates as “the place where a hill drops off”), the Pocumtuck Range (Pemawatchuwatunck), and the Connecticut and Deerfield rivers, as they appeared in the earliest deeds. A couple of proud, hard-right characters I recall were Deerfield selectmen, another owned a Sunderland business, and still another flipped eggs and burgers at his greasy-spoon in, of all places, the People’s Republic of Montague Center.

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