Te Whāriki is a bicultural curriculum based on the partnership established between Māori and the Crown by Te Tiriti o Waitangi (as expressed in the Te Whāriki foreword). (Tamariki moving black silhouettes on a light box and using figures on a felt board). We’ve now discovered that the children are going home and telling their whānau members about Tamatea – where he's been and what his adventures have included and also where our landmarks in our local community have come from. So they are now retelling the story through drama. We've really been able to explore the story and unpack it with them. The Ministry of Education is planning a series of rule changes that will make it easier to crack down on poor-quality early childhood centres. Tuia Mātauranga aimed to inspire kaiako, children, and whānau to explore their own stories of who they are and where they come from – to develop their knowledge of whakapapa and identity. NZ Certificate in Early Childhood Education and Care Level 3 - 20 Weeks. The days went by and Tamatea saw his whānau and friends becoming ill and unhappy. These dispositions incorporate courage, determination, and leadership. We were first introduced to this story by a colleague who created a book about his adventures in Whakaraupō/Lyttelton Harbour. Dr Lesley Rameka video presentation on the bicultural perspective of the revised Te Whāriki curriculum. So her being able to tell this story and create the book tells me that she has a very in-depth understanding about this pakiwaitara and how it affects people around them in her own whānau. ... teaching practice of New Zealand ECE and the importance of teachers’ professional knowledge, ... local kindergarten association. Te Papa for Educators Early childhood education (ECE) provides education and care for children before they are old enough to go to primary school. The national Tuia Mātauranga education programme invited kaiako and learners to develop their knowledge of their whakapapa and identity by exploring local history, including the stories of who they are and where they came from. The atua heard him and sent a fireball through the air. This site offers information, resources, news, advice, and guidance, inspiring school stories, practical ideas, research reports, how to … An early childhood teacher plays a critical role in young children’s learning and exploration of the world. Hargreaves, E. (2007). Most children in New Zealand (95%) get some form of early childhood education, usually for 20-22 hours a week. The New Zealand Curriculum is a clear statement of what we deem important in education. The sections specifically address Māori, Pacific communities, and inclusion contexts. Kaiako in ECE settings weave together the principles and strands, in collaboration with children, parents, whānau and community, to create a local curriculum for their setting. They think a lot and talk a lot about what it would have been like to live in Aotearoa hundreds of years ago. It started to drizzle and Tangaroa sent some big waves their way. She's very proud of herself. It provides the framework for schools and kura to use in their local curriculum design. Te Ara is an online reference for information on the people, environment, history, culture, and society of Aotearoa New Zealand. We introduced a storytelling app that they were able to use quietly by themselves to really express what they understood. It is now a significant part of the curriculum, told and retold in many different ways, as illustrated in the presentation below. Kaiako were inspired by the topics and themes in Tuia Mātauranga. (Three tamariki sitting on a couch, with a child showing her book to the other two tamariki). He explored Aotearoa from the far north to the deep south in the 1300s. We suggest you read the guides and then decide which areas you’d like to focus on. Then we were able to share this digital platform with peers and whānau. Relationships lie at the heart of early childhood education principles, curriculum, and pedagogy. It takes as its starting point a vision of our young people as lifelong learners who are confident and creative, connected, and actively involved and includes a clear set of principles on which to base curriculum decision making. After some time the weather began to change. The passage below greets visitors at the entrance to Te Kōngahu Museum of Waitangi. New Zealand Research In Early Childhood Education Journal, 17, 19-32. This book is a useful resource for those seeking information on Māori navigation and navigators. Tamatea Pōkai Whenua sailed into Whakaraupō in his waka with his whānau and friends. We have one child who has retold me the whole story and then done all the illustrations and she now shares that book with her peers and her whānau. When he got to the top, he called to the atua to send him some fire, “Homai te ahi tapu!”. Questions such as, “Why do we make agreements?” took kaiako in directions they wouldn’t have otherwise gone and encouraged them to draw on resources unique to their location. Dunn, L. (2008). Our children are now at the point where they know this pakiwaitara so well that they can even make and illustrate their own books. If you still have queries, you can email ece.info@education.govt.nz or call 0800 323 323. A little bit of fire fell off at Maruia Springs and a little bit dropped off at Hanmer Springs before landing on the beach at Rāpaki. We wanted them to really think about what it would have felt like to be Tamatea and his whānau out on Whakaraupō. Effective curriculum design ensures that an early childhood setting’s priorities for learning are promoted and supported through teachers’ and children’s daily activities and interactions. Did you want to Search all of TKI? The Leading Local Curriculum Guide series has been developed to steer review of your curriculum, assessment, and design decisions as you strengthen your local curriculum, respond to progress, and reinforce learning partnerships with parents and whānau. ... For feedback with any suggestions or ideas for further content, please contact us at early.learning@education.govt.nz.

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