Please note that translated content may differ from the original English page. Use coins to pay your fare into the box at the front next to the driver. We appreciate your cooperation. Bus tour is best option for sightseeing in Kyoto because it's reasonable and comfortable! This site uses machine translation, so content is not always accurate. 京都の地図、京歩きマップのダウンロードページです。滞在時にあると便利な観光マップ、魅力的な旅にしてくれる観光ガイドや人力車について紹介します。旅のプランをたてるとき、京都に到着してからも。あなたの旅のスタイルに合わせて、活用してください。 See our privacy policy for more information. Disclosure: is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to and Buses operate frequently and they run through many tourist spots and stations. The Kyoto City Bus System operates in all areas of Kyoto City. Take the bus to the northwest of town (Kinkaku-ji Temple, Ryoan-ji Temple, Myoshin-ji Temple etc). 100 express bus which passes several sightseeing spots, the No. The city website only gives the names of the attractions. Kyoto city bus #5 is almost always crowded with residents and tourists. Shinjuku Expwy.Bus Terminal 4F(South Exit) Extra buses depart and arrive at Shinjuku Station West Exit. Note that work and school commuting times are crowded. *The fare for children is 120 JPY. 京都市内には数社のバスが運行しており系統が複雑な上、主要ターミナルには複数の「バス停」があります。多くのバス停が集中し、特に迷いやすいいくつかのバス停において、目的地へ向かうバス停の場所を容易に見つけることができるようにバス停位置情報を公開しています。 京都市交通局 〒616-8104 京都市右京区太秦下刑部町12番地 ナビダイヤル:0570-666-846 受付時間:7時30分~19時30分 Kansai One Pass or other IC cards can be used. Some bus stops have signs that indicate when buses are approaching the stop. Available from roughly 6:00 a.m.-10:00 p.m. 会社概要 お問い合わせ サイトマップ 京都バス株式会社 〒616-8337 京都市右京区嵯峨明星町1-1 TEL:075-871-7521 FAX:075-881-2005 Unless you’ve got a rental bicycle, buses are the best way to get to destinations not served by subway or train lines. Kyoto buses are a useful way of getting around the city. Does anybody have a route map of the Kyoto Raku Bus system (100, 101, 102)? Yasemin Olgunoz Berber /, Special Kyoto Bus, Train and Subway passes, Kansai International Airport (for Osaka and Kyoto), Kyoto Walking Tour 1: Nanzen-ji Temple to Yoshida-jinja Shrine, Kyoto Walking Tour 2: Tofuku-ji Temple to Fushimi-Inari Taisha Shrine, Kyoto Walking Tour 3: Classic Southern Higashiyama, Kyoto Itineraries for Families with Children, Kyoto One-Day Off-the-Beaten-Track Cherry Blossom Itinerary, The Most Romantic Hotels and Ryokan in Kyoto. Kyoto Bus: Yasemin Olgunoz Berber / Kyoto Map powered by Stroly (Free) Stroly is an internet service which links maps and location information. If you don’t have the exact fare, there is a change machine beneath the payment slot that can break down coins and 1000 yen notes. The price is about the same and you’ll get there faster and in more comfort. It is recommended that tourists use a luggage delivery service, so as to enjoy riding the bus unburdened. For all the essentials in a brief overview, see my, Check Kyoto accommodation availability on, Need tips on where to stay? The bus travels around "highlite route" such as popular sightseeing attractions you won’t want to miss. See my one page guide, Buy a data-only SIM card online for collection when you arrive at, Compare Japan flight prices and timings to, If you're visiting more than one city, save a ton of money with a. 【24時間 即時予約・決済OK】嵐山(京都)を効率的に楽しむなら日帰りの定期観光バスツアーで!定番スポットから穴場まで、京都を知り尽くしたガイドがご案内します。人気のお花見バスツアー、食事付コースや夜のコースなど、おすすめ観光バスツアー盛りだくさん! Kyoto Station Map Kyoto Sky Bus – Sightseeing Bus Tour of Kyoto In the autumn of 2015 the Keihan and Myojo Bus Companies introduced an open top, double decker touring service called the Kyoto Sky Bus. Download an online Kyoto bus map for free to help you plan your journey. There are sets for tourists which include 1-day passes for both subways and buses for 900 JPY (not usable on private railways). Toei Kyoto Studio Park is an active film studio which … Medicine Campus Map Medicine Campus Map ... Kyoto City Bus 31 (Iwakura) About 15 minutes Konoedori Keihan Railway Demachiyanagi Station* Demachiyanagi Station Kyoto City Bus 201 (Gion via Hyakumanben) About 10 Three-digit bus numbers on a red background indicate loop lines. Kyoto buses are a useful way of getting around the city. You'll find information on how to get to Kyoto Prefecture, convenient transportation information for sightseeing around Kyoto by train or bus, accommodations, guide maps, and other information useful in planning your trip. The Kyoto City Bus System operates in all areas of Kyoto City. You should pay with the exact fare. If you plan to use the bus a lot, you should probably buy yourself a bus pass. All bus stops have bus timetables written in Japanese with English route numbers (so you can read them even if you don’t speak Japanese). There are various buses connecting the major sightseeing spots, including the No. Pick up a hardcopy version of this map at the Kyoto Bus Information Center, just outside Kyoto Station. You will find priority seating on all buses. Purchase a one-day pass from the bus information attendant at the Hachijo Gate of Kyoto Front Side: Highlights the fastest and easiest way to access major tourist locations.The map also will inform you on how to take the bus and utilize the Kyoto City bus system. 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When you want to get off, press the button next to your seat, on the poles or on the ceiling of the bus (you’ll known them when you see them). By using this site, you agree to the use of cookies. Raku Bus 100 Raku Bus 101 Raku Bus 102 Kyoto Travel Guide: Kyoto Raku Buses 洛バス In addition to Kyoto's regular city bus services, Kyoto city also operates three loop buses specifically for tourists.These are the Raku 100, Raku 101 and Raku 102. See the Kyoto Transport Overview for a general summary of Kyoto transport. In addition to Kyoto municipal buses, there are also privately operated buses such as. NPO Pedestrian Friendly City Kyoto Forum Mail: ※We will respond to your inquiry within 4 to 5 business days. NPO Pedestrian Friendly City Kyoto Forum Mail: ※We will respond to your inquiry within 4 to 5 business days. 2017.09.01 JR西日本でのPiTaPaカードによるチャージ不要のポストペイサービスの導入について 2017.08.18 第17回スルッとKANSAIバスまつりのイベント内容など概要を更新いたしました … You can also take the Keihan Line to Demachiyanagi Station and walk to Ginkaku-ji in about 15 minutes (follow Imadegawa-dori east to the mountains). 200 bus that makes a circuit mainly on the major roads, and the Kyoto-Okazaki Loop Line. Trains and subways are faster and more comfortable than buses. Skip to main content. 会社概要 お問い合わせ サイトマップ 京都バス株式会社 〒616-8337 京都市右京区嵯峨明星町1-1 TEL:075-871-7521 FAX:075-881-2005 In Kyoto, there are so many temples / shrines which are registered as World Heritage Sights. get-off 100 and board 101) between routes. As in the picture, the Kyoto City Buses are a green color. Use the number of the ticket to calculate the fare when you get off. 京都市交通局 〒616-8104 京都市右京区太秦下刑部町12番地 ナビダイヤル:0570-666-846 受付時間:7時30分~19時30分 *Fares are roughly uniform in the city center, but fares may vary for riding certain sections of routes. This map is designed to make your sightseeing days a bit easier by highlighting the most convenient Kyoto City bus and subway routes available to each tourist location. There is a flat fare for buses in the city center: Y220/110 for adults/children aged 6 to 12. Put the ticket into the fare box along with your fare. Users can upload maps and find other users’ maps as well. I am looking for a map with English text to get a better handle on how and where I can transfer (i.e. Kyoto京都 As of January 22, 2020 きょうと ↓ N Hachijo East Gate Shinkansen Hachijo East Gate 3F 2F 1F B2F To Tokyo To Hakata Waiting room Waiting room Waiting room Waiting room Train Information Kyoto Station North Police Official site for Kyoto Prefecture, Japan Kyoto Tourism DESTINATIONS HIGHLIGHTS PLAN TRAVEL INFO Kyoto … 京都駅の烏丸口にある京都駅前バスのりばを、はじめての方でも迷わず利用できるコツを案内マップと写真でわかりやすく解説しています。京都の主要な観光スポットをピックアップして目的地別にバスでのアクセスを整理しています。 For more details, see our. The map is called: Bus Navi: Kyoto City Bus Sightseeing Map. Get access to our exciting routes, helping you plan where you'll explore around Kyoto. The fare for adults is 230 JPY per ride. Buses have announcements and displays in English. As in the picture, the Kyoto City Buses are a green color. Take the bus to the northeast of town (Ginkaku-ji Temple, Honen-in Temple, Manshu-in Temple, Shisen-do Temple, Shugaku-in Temple). Kyoto Hop-on Hop-off Bus. It is recommendable for first visit Kyoto! 京都市交通局 〒616-8104 京都市右京区太秦下刑部町12番地 市バス・地下鉄のお問い合わせ先このマップは,観光地を結ぶ主な路線を抜粋し掲載しています。また,観光地へのアクセス早見表や地下鉄・市バスの乗り方なども掲載しています(日本語版,英語版,中国語(簡体字)版,韓国・朝 … Please note that translated content may differ from the original English page. Things To Do In Kyoto Overview – Start Here! The schedules list times for weekdays ( 平日 ), Saturdays ( 土曜日 ), and Sundays/holidays ( 日曜日 / 祝祭日). If you’re going to the northern Higashiyama area, take the subway from Kyoto Station. If you have a group of three or four people, consider taking a taxi instead of a bus for short journeys. Kyoto Buses provide a convenient way to get around Kyoto and it's relatively easy to use. 条件や好みを入力すると京都の主要スポットからあなたにぴったりのコースをご提案。最適なルート案内やより自分好みのプランにカスタマイズできるマップ機能もあるのでそちらもぜひご活用ください。 Sky Hop Bus KYOTO Use the map to find exciting The machine next to the driver will change Y500 coins and Y1000 notes. 京都市交通局 〒616-8104 京都市右京区太秦下刑部町12番地 市バス・地下鉄のお問い合わせ先 京都市交通局 〒616-8104 京都市右京区太秦下刑部町12番地 市バス・地下鉄のお問い合わせ先 組織一覧 開庁時間 午前8時45分から午後5時30分(土日祝及び年末年始を除く) Download a Kyoto bus map for free to help you plan your journey. 09:30 - 16:30 . We appreciate your cooperation. Take the train or subway instead of the bus whenever possible. See the luggage delivery service guide here. Take care when you board buses: Kyoto city buses are green; Keihan buses are red and white; Kyoto buses (which serve point north of the city) are tan. See a guide to major stops and boarding areas here. Children under 6 ride for free. Arm yourself with an English-language bus map. 2 Toei Kyoto Studio Park (東映太秦映画村 tōei uzumasa eigamura), Kyoto, Ukyo Ward, Uzumasa Higashihachiokacho 10 (take bus line 75 from Kyoto station), +81-57-006-4349. Yield these seats to seniors, people with disabilities, and people with infants, etc. This site uses machine translation, so content is not always accurate. Use them when planning your sightseeing or travel in Kyoto. Refrain from talking loudly or making phone calls on the bus. For destinations outside the city center, take a seiriken (a small numbered paper ticket) from the machine near the door where you board. We are the only hop-on hop-off sightseeing tour operator in Kyoto. Take the Karasuma Subway Line to Karasuma-Oike Station, switch to the Tozai Subway Line and get off at Higashiyama (for the museum district) or Keage (for Nanzen-ji Temple and the Path of Philosophy/Ginkaku-ji Temple. [ please see mark on the map below ] It (7-9a.m., 6-7 p.m.). Buses operate frequently and they run through many tourist spots and stations. Two digit numbers on a blue background are usually north-south lines. (Number 26) 6:13 23:30 Shibuya Mark City 5F 5:48 ~ 5:32 Yamashina Station 23:41 5:45 Sanjo Keihan 23:25 6:04 23:05 Shuttle Bus Schedule For your convenience, we run Free daily shuttles between JR kyoto station and ANA CROWNE PLAZA KYOTO Please wait by the south exit of JR kyoto station.

kyoto bus map

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