How to Check if iPhone is Not Charging First things first, how do you definitively know if an iPhone is charging the battery or not? Sometimes people do not remove the case from their iPhone while charging. This would prevent you from turning it back on or even seeing whether or not the phone is charging. Also, if your iPhone is not charging it makes sense to check the integrity of the charger wire. So you've been using iOS 13 for a little while and noticed your iPhone is pretty slow to charge. More specifically, the software of your iPhone is malfunctioning causing it not to charge. If it does not, it is possible the problem lies with either the iPhone, the wall adapter, or the charging cable you’re using. Reply I have this question too (895) I have this question too Me too (895) Me too. iPhone XR is not charging. First, make sure that you can charge your phone with the normal USB adapter that came with your iPhone to rule out general charging issues. Why Is iPhone 6S Battery Not Charging? Why Is My iPhone 8/8 Plus/X Wireless Charging Not Working? While it is hard to know what is causing the problem, it is not impossible. Make sure there is no loose connection between charging pin and jack. 5- iPhone Not Charging: Restart Your Phone A major reason for the iPhone 6s battery problem is, not using the apple certified power adapter and the lightning cable that comes along with the box. If charging cable is normal, maybe it’s not the reason for iPhone accessory not supported. So if your iPhone isn’t charging, the software may have crashed in the background while your screen was off. One of the most common reasons why an iPhone won’t charge comes from low-quality 3rd-party iPhone charger cables that people buy in gas stations. Here I list the main causes for iPhone charging issues after iOS 12 update. It could be something wrong with your charger, not the Lightning cable. Add a comment . If your iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, or iPhone 11 Pro Max not charging, then you have come to the right place. Sometimes the answer to why is my iPhone not charging may lie in the cable you are using. The All-New. I tried several different cables (all official apple leads), several plugs and charging through my … iPhone 5s, original battery will not hold a charge for very long, takes ages to charge up. November 6 by mz558003. If the other iPhone is not charging either, then the issue is with the charger. Tackle now easily! Lightly blow air on the charging port or use a soft cloth to wipe if there is any dust, water, or liquid in or around the charging port. If everything checks out, try the following fixes. Please help! Connect it to at least one other computer to see if it charges from it or not. And then press and hold the side button until the Apple logo appears on display. Many users who reported charging problems for iPhone 5s and those who complained about iPhone 4 problem with charging, solve it by cleaning the charging port. But that’s not the case every time. If the above methods not working, you can have a try on AnyFix to solve the iPhone charging issues. Sure, sometimes it's a hardware problem with the Lightning or USB-C connector or the battery, but often enough it's a software issue that a few simple steps can fix. Download AnyFix – iOS System Recovery on your computer and follow the steps below to fix the iOS system issue: Question: Q: iPhone not charging (no battery icon) My iPhone has stopped charging, I attempted to charge it from 6% and it simply wasn't recognising the cable. Way 2. If your iPhone is not charging, there are a number of potential fixes available, from restarting your iPhone to changing your Lightning cable. 3. If there are any obstructions, the cable won’t be properly placed into the charging port, thus, the device won’t charge. IOS is 12.1 have power cycled and done the volume up/down reset. Using the 5-watt power adapter out of the box, in the time it used to take your iPhone to charge its battery to 100 percent, your iPhone is stuck at 80% or below instead. iPhone cables become flippy after its many uses. If the device is getting charged then the issue is with your iPhone. Charging your iPhone using a third-party charger or USB lead that does not regulate the power but instead, allows for larger variables in voltage and current, can damages the … For instance, the iPhone 11 not charging is a commonly faced issue. If changing the charging cable and USB adapter doesn't work, it is very possible that the charging port may be dirty or damaged. 0 /1024. All replies Drop Down menu. It can be extremely frustrating when your iPhone just wouldn’t charge. It can also quickly put or get your iPhone out of recovery mode . Check the Wire Cable. So what do you do, if, say, your iPhone 6 won’t charge when plugged in? While some iPhone problems give you a few warning signs before really becoming an issue, more often than not if your iPhone is not charging, it was quick onset, leaving you unprepared and with a depleted battery at the last moment. All laptops have at least one charging … You can use your charger to charge another iPhone. Troubleshoot iPhone 11 won’t charge or charging very slowly. When the device is plugged into a power source, look in the status bar for the battery icon. A multitude of reasons could be attributed to the issue of iPhones 6s not charging, the few mentioned below are some of the most commonly known issues. Note: We have given you the solution to get out of iPhone stuck on the charging screen or iPhone stuck on the red battery screen. If not, the issue must be with the charger. Posted on Nov 26, 2018 10:57 PM. To make sure that the iPhone 6/6s/6 plus not charging issue is not due to any clogging on the charging port, follow these tips. Check the condition of the device immediately to ensure that your iPhone, not damages. This may also interrupts your iPhone charging. If you're charging your iPhone from a computer's USB port, make sure the computer is fully awake (not in sleep or hibernation mode). Cancel Post comment. That's because Apple introduced a new feature in iOS 13 called "Optimized Battery Charging." Fix iPhone 7/7 Plus Not Charging Issue via Software (without Data Loss) If you want to fix the iPhone 7 not charging issue without any data loss, try a professional third-party tool - iMyFone Fixppo. When your iPhone is back online, remove the charging cable. With the charging cable still connected, switch on your iPhone. The Solution(s) for iPhone Not Charging. It can be the adaptor itself or the wire cable. Conclusion to iPhone 5/5S not Charging. The new iOS update could cause certain alterations that make the iPhone not to charge or even turn on. In this guide, we will make you familiar with various quick and easy solutions for the iPhone 11 not charging issue. If it works for you please subscribe! I picked up an iPhone 12 Pro yesterday, it did not work with my wireless upright charger that worked fine with my iPhone 11 Pro in an Otterbox Defender case.. After taking the case off the iPhone 12 Pro still didn’t charge. Standard mode: With standard mode, you can fix iPhone software problems without losing important data. So if like me, your iPhone is not taking a charge there are a few things to do before you chuck the thing out the window (or worse, pay for a visit or replacement part with Apple Support.) 1. Check the Charging Port on Your iPhone. Let your iPhone charge for at least 5 hours. More Less. Next, follow the three tips below to make sure everything is setup correctly: Find Out the Factors of the iPhone 6s Plus Not Charging. My iPhone 6 was being wet in water after coming to my home unfortunately I put my iPhone on Charging since from that my iPhone is not getting on and not getting Charged. We should mention that most of the users may think that there is an issue with the charging adapter or USB cable or charging port on your device if your handset has some charging issue. The reason for that is simple. For most of us, charging problems result from a blockage in the lighting port. If your iPhone is not charging to 100%, you may notice that it remains at the 80% threshold, or something close to that (like 83-84% for me). Your iPhone not charging properly might be caused by many reasons. Software update issues. Change port/Charging port. 7. 3rd-party cables can charge iPhone charging problems. It is a good idea to use a lightning wire that has MFi certification. In case your iPhone not charging wirelessly at all, try a hard reset. 4) The screen with 2-options “Standard mode ” and “Advanced mode” appears that will help you to solve your iPhone Not Charging problem. Although the charger and outlet are key components, the iPhone itself is what decides on its charging. It is developed with the latest technology and comes with the fastest repairing rate and a 100% success rate for solving the system issues. Yes, Apple cables are expensive, but in my … If iPhone is not recognizing the charger, try cleaning out the lint or debris, or use a different charger (non-Apple charger still could stop working suddenly) . You cannot turn it on because of the iPhone lack of battery. If there is a lightning bolt next to the battery icon, the iPhone is charging. That's because Apple introduced a new feature in iOS 13 that slows down charging — but for a good reason. Pro Tech Toolkit. So, do following activities: Try to charge with case. 6. If you can't charge your iPhone or iPad, whether it's the latest iPhone 12 or iPad Pro, or an older iPhone 6s or iPad Air, there's a lot you can try on your own before contacting Apple for help. Faulty cheap knock-off cables may be the culprit. NOTE: I found clear packing tape worked better than electrical tape because it is a little thinner. How to do it: Press and release volume up button and then volume down button, quickly. During charging large temperature may cause battery charging and degradation at temperatures over 45 °C will degrade battery performance, whereas in the lower temperatures that the inner resistance of the battery can increase, leading to quicker charging times. Sometimes, there is a relationship between the device that won’t turn on and the battery condition. This will force your iPhone to turn off and back on quickly that can help fix wireless charging issues. 5. The high performance electronics repair kit. If not charging, then remove the case and try again. The hardware of the phone is the brawns of the operation, while the software is the brains. In this article, we have listed some common reasons that prevent an iPhone 5 or 5S model from charging.

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