Llamas hate coyotes and will attack when spotted. Your fence should be at least 5 to 6 feet tall and made of brick, cement blocks, wood or net -- wire is recommended. That raises the chances they’ll get hit by a car or get into a catfight. You say: Well, when coyotes are around, just keep your cat inside. Our closest neighbor is 3 miles away. If your cat does go outside, call him indoors well before dusk and don’t let him out again until morning. Tip 6. Don't let your small dog (or cat) roam in the backyard if you suspect a coyote is lurking. Coyotes are mostly, although not entirely, nocturnal. If you choose to have outdoor cats (not recommended), install cat posts To protect your rabbit, you should make your own predator-proof hutch. It stops predators from being able to reach your rabbit. If you let them out it's not IF the coyote will get them it's when. How can I protect my cat or dog from coyotes? Cat lover Lisa Harris used to let her seven felines roam outdoors – until she saw a coyote waltzing across her front yard. See all above recommendations for additional ideas. Donkeys will rush at a coyote. It's entirely constructed with a super tough puncture resistant Cordura ® fabric that can resist sharp teeth and features a large collar to protect the back of the neck. Attacks and bites wounds aren’t the only danger coyotes pose to your cats and dogs. Install cat posts for outside cats. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. If you want your cats to have outside access build a catio. And even if it’s too tall to easily jump, coyotes have been known to climb fences seven feet tall (their back legs are quite strong). Install a Coyote-Proof Cat Shelter. Losing a cat to a coyote is devastating. Cat lover Lisa Harris used to let her seven felines roam outdoors – until she saw a coyote waltzing across her front yard. The SpikeVest for Cats covers the back and the neck with a formidable array of shiny spikes that makes it very difficult for a coyote or aggressive dog to bite down. I wouldn't be at all suprised if you had coyotes throughout the greater Dallas area. If you see coyotes regularly, we highly recommend a visit to Coyote Watch Canada — their website … Birds, mice, rats, guinea pigs and rabbits are all fair game to a cat. 6. These repellents are available in dry granular forms that have ingredients targeting a cat’s natural fears of predators by using the urine of other animals, like bobcats, coyotes and foxes. Get Morning Report and other email newsletters. Devices such as the "coyote roller,” which “rolls off” coyotes that try to scramble over the fence, can enhance the effectiveness of a fence. Use wolf urine to repel coyotes the natural way. In recent days, several dogs and cats have been killed or injured in the East Bay cities from coyote attacks in their own yards. They also hunt for sport, so keeping your cat well-fed won’t deter them from attacking. Cats that live outdoors in the city do their darnedest to steer clear of urban coyotes, a new study says. How can I protect my pets from coyotes? Use Outdoor Lights to Protect Small Dogs from Coyotes. Give Your Outdoor Cat a Safe Collar and ID . The catio can serve as an outdoor playground for your cat that keeps her within the vicinity of her home. I live in the suburbs in south Louisiana. Coyotes are generally reclusive animals that keep their distance from humans and their dwellings, but there is a real risk from coyotes who have lost some of their fear of people and discovered our pets are easy prey. Related Articles Our rescue is located in a rural area and, while we have never had an encounter ourselves, we frequently hear them in the surrounding forested areas. “Especially because the cats expend more calories in the wintertime than they do in the summertime,” Huggins says. Cat fencing is another way to keep your cat contained to your backyard. He’s been gone for 3 days now. And coyotes do routinely go after cats and smaller dogs. Experts agree that the best way to drive coyotes from the area is through hazing. Doorways should only be large enough for a cat to pass through to eliminate threats from predators such as dogs or coyotes. Choose a collar with a safety clasp that will come undone if it gets snagged on something, to reduce the danger of strangulation. The coyote vest mentioned above is great for your dog to wear on a walk if you’re in an area where you might encounter one. Cats. Suggest to neighbors who have indoor-outdoor cats that their cats wear bells and bright collars to help birds see them and escape. To protect your yard, fences needs to be at least 8 feet tall and made of smooth materials that won’t allow the coyote traction. Donkeys will rush at a coyote. Posts should be at least 7 feet tall and made out of a material that a cat can climb, with enough space on top for the cat to sit. I live in the suburbs in south Louisiana. When you allow your cat to roam freely outdoors, even for short periods of time, you expose her to perils such as … These incidents generally involve coyotes who are accustomed or habituated to people (usually due to wildlife feeding) or coyotes who are protecting their territory and pups (usually during breeding season). “Coyotes will kill cats,” Kays said. 5.) A cat's best defense is flight. While a properly built catio is perfectly safe for your cat, if you want added protection, a motion sensor sprinkler or coyote roller for your fence can provide that extra peace of mind. Use treats to entice your outdoor cat inside before it gets dark. Here at Dog Tales, we are constantly on high alert for coyotes. The main reason a coyote will enter a yard or go to the trouble of scaling or jumping fences is that something in that yard is attractive to them. Sort by reaction score Thread starter bock; Start date Jul 5, 2010; Prev. You also can install barbed or concertina wire on the top of your fences, although people may not be keen on making their backyards look like prison yards. Spay or neuter your pet. I’m currently wondering if my indoor/outdoor cat was injured in a cat or raccoon fight and I should keep searching for him or if he was eaten by a coyote and I would appreciate some expertise. Keep your cats inside at night. Dogs (especially small dogs) should not be left outside unattended, should never be chained and should always be kept on a leash in public areas. What you need to know about protecting your pets and community cats from coyotes, Better Business Bureau Accredited Charity, mistakenly believe it's cruel to keep cats indoors, Feed cats only during the day and at a set time—and pick up any leftovers immediately, In treeless or open areas, erect "cat posts"—long pieces of wood (four inches by four inches or corner posts) that stand out of the ground at least ten to twelve feet. Outdoor, free-roaming cats have a five times higher mortality rate than do indoor cats. She has lived in the Bay Area since 1988. Why the Bay Area’s pets are behaving strangely. Of particular concern to owners’ of lost or outdoor-access cats is how frequently coyotes eat cats. Remove all attractants from your yard (see section #1). The Humane Society of the United States is registered as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. In an effort to deter fellow cats, you can also buy coyote or mountain lion urine and mark your yard with it. My concern is at night when visibility is low and coyotes do their roaming. Buy Nite Guard Solar lights online. He’s been gone for 3 days now. *** There are no two ways about it: If you have a small to medium-sized dog, you need to be aware of the potential dangers coyotes represent. (You'll be helping your neighboring wildlife stay safer and happier as well.) I got my kitten (now 9 months old) as a stray. I say: What about my poor cat? Jul 5, 2010. Your cat can catch feline leukemia and FIV from other outdoor cats, and there's also the risk for fleas, ticks, worms, and mosquitoes. Coyote terrorizes Bay Area neighborhood; multiple dogs killed, attacked Indoor Cats vs. Those things may include: That doesn’t mean you have to get rid of your fruit trees and gardens, but you should harvest often and keep dropped fruit cleaned up. If you have livestock or other animals, put a single llama or donkey in the space and keep more of your animals safe. I say: What about my poor cat? And there is ALWAYS a when. Off-duty cop throttles coyote attacking child Never leave pet food out at night. Mar 14, 2017 - Find out how to protect cats from coyotes with these tips from the predator deterrent experts at Nite Guard. If given the opportunity, they will also make a meal of a cat, tame or feral. How do I protect my cats from coyotes? The razor-sharp wire can also lead to unintentional injuries. Ken Benjamin created an outdoor “Catio” or enclosed patio for cats (which could also be a “Doggio” for small dogs.) The easiest way to protect your cats from coyote attacks is to keep them indoors. She also writes about gardening and is the founder of Our Garden, a demonstration garden in Walnut Creek. During this time, it is especially important not to let dogs outside unattended and to keep them on leashes when in public areas. Tip 2: Protect Cats from Coyotes with a Fence If you want to go the fence route, you’ll need your fence to be at least six feet tall. By their nature, cats are hard-wired to hunt anything small and furry (or feathered). We must always be vigilant when it comes to our pets and the wild animals that also live in the area, but there are some specific things you can do to make your pet safer from coyotes. And if you have outdoor cats, now is a good time to bring them indoors. 5. Reply STOP to opt out. If you want your cat to be safe, keep her indoors. Feed your pets indoors. Keep unattended cats and dogs indoors or in completely enclosed runs, especially at night, and do not assume that a fence will keep a coyote out of your back yard. Utilize exclusionary fencing (see section #3). Create an Unwelcome Environment for Coyotes But if you're looking for a quick and easy alternative, you can try to place orange peels near your windows and doors. Coyotes are mostly, although not entirely, nocturnal. These are rolling bars that go on top of a fence. If you have livestock or other animals, put a single llama or donkey in the space and keep more of your animals safe. Coyote bites 5-year-old boy at California college campus Hazing Whistles on Amazon.com. Your presence won’t stop all attacks, but it will deter many. Help Please She adjusted well and we recently had our final move to our permanent home. Go ••• More options Who Replied? Try spraying the coyote with a hose or throw rocks and sticks near the animal. My parents live in suburban San Diego, and have coyotes in their neighborhood. Coyotes will attack household pets, but the numbers are difficult to pin down because it's hard to prove a coyote … If you want them to stay alive keep them in. Adoptable Cats Adoption Information Dogs ... 10 Ways to Protect your Dog from Coyotes. Don't do it ... period. Protect fruit trees and vegetable gardens to deter coyotes from scavenging for food on your property. We saw a coyote wandering on our street at dusk just a couple nights ago. I live in Portland, OR, about ten minutes from downtown. To protect your yard, fences needs to be at least 8 feet tall and made of smooth materials that won’t allow the coyote traction. Place the house in the sun. Tip 7. We've got guidelines to help you keep your indoor cat happy. "It is a good idea to keep your cat up to date on veterinary check-ups including vaccinations and flea preventative, especially if … Urban coyotes have a fierce and formidable reputation as midnight predators that stalk and kill our beloved pets, especially small dogs and outdoor cats. If a coyote has grabbed your pet, try all of the hazing techniques, but use care in trying to pull your pet away. A fence may help deter coyotes, but is not full-proof. “That’s one of the benefits of having predators in the environment -- they help keep the balance of nature and help prevent cats from overrunning it.” People who feed feral cats are often concerned that coyotes might prey on the cats. Here’s why there are so many coyotes and why they are spreading so fast If your rabbit’s hutch is predator-proof, this solves the biggest problem. Coyotes aren't the only threat cats face when they go outside—there are far greater dangers. We’ll discuss how to do this further on. You'll always know where she is, and she's safe from running out into the street or being picked up by large predatory birds or coyotes that may roam the area. Other Benefits to Protecting Pets . Placing the house up high can attract the cats but it also helps protect them from potential predators (such as coyotes) by giving them a better vantage point and an improved likelihood they will be aware of any approach, giving them more time to escape. Outdoor Cats. Work with your neighbors to prevent their pets from visiting your yard or hunting birds you want to protect.

how do i protect my outdoor cats from coyotes

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