In the ensuing panic, the criminal makes his getaway. get away (with you)! Garbage Truck Getaway: Jessie and Buzz are stuck in a garbage truck you build with Legos. Whether you are looking for a weekend getaway or a one night stay, there is sure to be an area that meets your needs and allows you to not only enjoy the scenic mountains of Pennsylvania but the challenging slopes as well. They shouldn't be allowed to get away with it. Did you know you could have a romantic getaway in your backyard? In similar examples involving not coordination but anaphora, it's much easier to get awaywith this sort of denotation switching. Visit various islands and soak up the sun during your tropical getaway. Getaway Today:  If you have your eye on a Disney vacation, Getaway Today is the place for you. She lets those kids get away with murder. When you purchase a cruise vacation, you get much more than a simple getaway. It does n't scrabble for grip or tug at the steering wheel; it does n't spin its front wheels on a brisk getaway. 1. Learn more. A typical girls getaway cruise features top Christian music stars including Sandi Patty and "Brother's Keeper", as well as top-rated Christian motivational speakers. Learn more in the Cambridge English-Italian Dictionary. Particularly popular from northern ports during the winter busy season, the eastern Caribbean offers a delightful tropical getaway suitable for any cruiser. Traduzioni in contesto per "to get away" in inglese-italiano da Reverso Context: trying to get away, need to get away, going to get away, want to get away, wanted to get away If our boy made his getaway at more than five or ten miles an hour, you can bet your ass he was on one of these babies. Many of the gowns come with matching robes or peignoirs, making them ideal for romantic honeymoon sleepwear or just a weekend getaway. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. Surrounded by picturesque mountains, the hotel's serene atmosphere is ideal for honeymooners or couples looking for a romantic getaway. Anywhere can become the prefect honeymoon getaway as long as it has what a couple is looking for. Example sentences with the word away. Cruise planning basics, such as Cruise Ship Cabins, Cruise Activities, and Cruise Travel Agents that can help you plan the perfect getaway. With a little effort, you will easily discover the best available pricing for your Las Vegas getaway. To request a Getaway Guide or download the electronic version, visit the official website. It offers an easy avenue for the getaway they've always dreamed of. Some of those children get away with murder! (8) The robbers shot a policeman before making their, (18) But these sheep weren't posing for a rural, (20) The two gunmen succeeded in making a, (21) After the hold - up , the gang made their, (22) Weekend tours are ideal for families who want a short, (23) Every weekend,he make a 80-mile drive to his $700000, (24) They were more concerned about the dogs' welfare than a clean, (25) They said they'd do me over if I refused to drive the, (26) Police say they've already contacted several potential witnesses and this afternoon they recovered the, (27) Police recognized Moll and arrested him as a suspect in two grocery store robberies, also involving, (28) There, we spent a night at a Yonchon inn and waited until dawn to make our, (29) Whoever it was must be making a very quick, (30) What he is doing is laying the groundwork for the decisive moment and preparing his. LoveToKnow Theme Parks is your one stop guide to a fabulous theme park getaway. I would, if I thought I could get away with it. Some cruises offer themes that children, teens and families adore, so steer clear of these when you are looking for a more private getaway. The Tahoe Pines RV Campground in California camping destination has an ideal setting for a relaxing getaway, with campsites available along the Echo Creek and the Truckee River, which is the main tributary to Lake Tahoe. 2. Whether you are in town for a business meeting or you are planning an intimate getaway for a special someone, Hotel Nikko's five-star accommodations will not disappoint. burnt out getaway car was later found in Milton Keynes. With different features for the whole family to enjoy, a stay at this resort can be a unique theme park getaway. (2) They made their getaway along a pavement on a stolen motorcycle. 3. I was almost mugged but I managed to get away. Whether it's a short weekend at a local campsite, or a long getaway in the heart of the mountains, there's a trailer that is perfectly suited to make your trip, and all of your future adventures, one to remember. If you're on a tight budget but still want to enjoy a fun theme park getaway, consider the different ways that you could get free amusement park tickets. Whether you are participating in the Bud Light Party Cruise or you are planning your own party boat getaway, always drink responsibly and practice safe behavior on board the ship as well as when visiting different ports of call. In addition, Cunard also offers a getaway to Mexico for four days. Get-away-with sentence examples. We've decided to go to hiking in the mountains to get away from it all. Whether you're taking a driving vacation, a city weekend, or a getaway to a country bed and breakfast, a travel map can be invaluable, both in the planning and once your arrive. CoCo Key indoor water park is the perfect escape if you are looking to take a tropical getaway with the entire clan. The robber is getting away! 3. We walked to … It can be a weekend getaway, a day at the spa or just a manicure or pedicure. Package deals: These deals bundle flight, hotel and rental car fees, so you are paying reduced rates for all aspects of your spring break getaway. Meaning: n. 1. the attribute of being capable of rapid acceleration 2. a rapid escape (as by criminals). Pasdar starred in Top Gun and Streets of Gold among other films, and his TV acting career includes series such as Desperate Housewives, Perfect Getaway and The Lost Capone as well as many others. Set in a balmy, bright colored atmosphere at a pleasant 85 degrees Fahrenheit, Fallsview is the perfect tropical getaway at any time of year. For a getaway of sensual pleasure be sure to pick up the Naughty Travel Kit ! Dozens of thrilling rides make this park a wild getaway for anyone searching for an adrenaline rush. [VERB PARTICLE] 2. phrasal verb. Fall golf vacation packages are the ideal getaway for frugal athletes who are looking to hit the greens one last time before Old Man Winter arrives. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples The Island of Tobago offers the perfect Caribbean getaway. Flight will be impossible for the quick-footed, and the force of the strong will become feeble, and the man of war will not get awaysafely. This special getaway is a promotional event sponsored by Budweiser, and it is the hottest cruise vacation in 2008. Once you find a desirable camping site and make a reservation, you'll be one step closer to enjoying a wonderful outdoor getaway in the lovely state of North Carolina. get away with it v expr verbal expression: Phrase with special meaning functioning as verb--for example, "put their heads together," "come to an end." I let some chances get away that could have been crucial, 2. Hornibrook Mansion is open for tours and high teas daily, or of course, for a weekend getaway. Choosing Sea World California packages can make planning a theme park getaway a breeze, but before booking hotel rooms and buying tickets, it is important to understand the pros and cons different packages offer. Vacation proposals: Proposing on vacation can make a getaway even more special and romantic. 4. Whether you are planning a pool party or beach celebration, the right tropical party decoration supplies can turn any event into an exotic getaway full of color, energy, and fun. The amazing thing is, he really believes he'll get away with it. Regardless of whether you are booking an extended transatlantic cruise or a quick weekend getaway, finding a great deal is possible if can leave on a moment's notice. Whether it's an extravagant luxury cruise or an excitement-packed, one-day getaway, you will find a Costa Rican cruise that will deliver what you want. The area is a welcoming location for travelers looking for a low-key getaway. 4. It can be worthwhile to investigate coupons for Cedar Point to save a few dollars when planning a summer getaway to this northern Ohio amusement park. A cruise to nowhere can be a fun, quick getaway for cruise enthusiasts who aren't concerned about different cruise destinations but who still want to enjoy all the luxury and amenities available on board. Travel: Propose at a memorable location during a vacation or getaway, or plan a short vacation explicitly for the proposal. Great getaway: A cruise to nowhere is perfect for those looking for a quick escape from the chaos of everyday life. Pole position man Walton made the best initial getaway, but then got the first upshift all wrong. Great place for a getaway lodge, isn't it? I've got some friends that thought it sounded like a great getaway for a vacation. Take advantage of Cedar Point packages that include park admission, discounts, and hotel stays for the ultimate Cedar Point resort getaway. If you plan to buy a women's plus sized chiffon sundress for a special getaway, like a cruise or tropical vacation, take time to note the care instructions. Verbi frasali: Inglese: Italiano: get away vi phrasal phrasal verb, intransitive: Verb with adverb(s) or preposition(s), having special meaning and not taking direct object--for example, "make up" [=reconcile]: "After they fought, they made up." Begin your gourmet getaway at The Falcon Hotel, Castle Ashby, a relaxing 16th Century Inn with an award winning AA rosette restaurant. Preferences-What do you envision the two of you doing on your honeymoon getaway? Mountain getaway - Reserve a night or two at a mountain resort. Sentence Examples. Because numerous cruise ports offer voyages on these Mexican itineraries, passengers also have a wide choice on where they wish to embark on their last minute Mexican getaway. Since you're purchasing your park tickets, hotel accommodations, and vacation meals ahead of time, you'll be able to enjoy the reduced stress benefits of an all-inclusive Disney getaway. Kids! use "get away with" in a sentence Politicians in Japan sometimes get away with doing illegal things. A 2008 edition proclaimed her one of the Sexiest Women in Film Ever for her role in The Getaway, a film made 36 years before that periodical issue was released. Families looking for a fantastic indoor water park getaway can look to the Ohio Great Wolf Lodge resorts for fabulous, splashtastic fun all year round. Another benefit of cruise vacations is the fact that all of these items can be arranged for a relatively short getaway: most cruises last 3-7 days, with less frequent itinerary options ranging from 2-18 days or longer. Rand McNally's Trip Maker planning tool helps you plot out your entire road getaway from start to finish without fumbling through countless paper maps. While planning this type of event can be costly and time consuming, it may be the best way for your organization to experience a religious getaway that is specific to your group's particular needs and desires. Furthermore, passengers should also consider the cost of airfare if necessary when budgeting for their cruise getaway. Learn more. You shouldn't let him get away with cheating. If guests are planning a lengthy getaway to Sea World, finding a discount hotel can help keep a vacation budget under control. Getaway in a sentence (1) The gunmen made a getaway on foot. Hearst dreamed of replacing the sophisticated camping and dining tents with a more inviting getaway. This scenic campground offers an idyllic setting perfect for a weekend getaway for anyone who wants to enjoy relaxation in the great outdoors. It's hard to decide on a California theme park getaway because there is so much to do, but finding California theme park discount tickets can make this process easier. If you're planning a theme park getaway to Orlando, be sure to investigate the different types of Islands of Adventure tickets so you don't miss one of today's most highly acclaimed theme parks. Throw it an overnight bag for a weekend getaway or pack a few in various colors for a long vacation; the result is flattering and practical. No one wants an exciting theme park getaway to become a trip to the emergency room, and understanding the causes of roller coaster accidents can help guests avoid dangerous situations. While they provide lodging just like a hotel, bed and breakfasts offer a different atmosphere for your romantic weekend getaway. While the original Wii Sports did not seem to have a specific location attached to it at all, Wii Sports Resort introduces the Nintendo gaming community to a tropical getaway known as Wuhu Island. If you would like to experience the lifestyle of a Del Webb community, several of the locations offer a three-night vacation getaway or a one-day guest pass. use "get away" in a sentence A crazed man attacked a couple of schoolchildren with a hammer, but luckily the kids were able to get away before he hurt anyone. If you are looking to save on a family getaway to the beach, then consider staying at Beaches resort in Jamaica or Turks and Caicos. Located at the base of the Cedar Point Causeway with convenient access to the amusement park, Castaway Bay is a getaway in and of itself. This suitcase is perfect for the impromptu getaway, or a last minute business trip. They shouldn't be allowed to get away with it. get away. Hawaii private vacation rental villas and luxury vacation... luxury vacation getaway in Hawaii - with all the amenities. getaway car was later found in Milton Keynes. At each step in the package customization process, the price is updated so travelers can see the total cost of their getaway and can make choices that fit their budget without any surprises. For thousands of visitors each day, Disneyland and Walt Disney World are fantasy destinations, and Disney theme park tickets are a magic key for a once-in-a-lifetime getaway. Whether you plan to go solo or gather a group of friends for a getaway, the shopping opportunities and prices at San Marcos Outlet Mall are hard to beat. Similarly, not every destination will appeal to children and teens, and parents should take those factors into consideration when planning a getaway. A weekend getaway requires less preparation than a two week exploration of the Southwest. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. I can't seem to get away from technical problems this morning. Well, get away from the cat if he's hissing at you. See more. Topics Crime and punishment c1. This is the perfect size for carry on luggage, but is deep and wide enough to carry all your essentials for a weekend getaway. Women's plus sized chiffon sundresses are lightweight and a good selection for a special summer party dress, or to pack for a warm weather getaway. I'll get away from work as soon as I can. Feel free to explore the site and learn why theme parks are a popular family summer getaway. Even though couples obviously look forward to their wedding day, it's the perfect honeymoon getaway that is the icing on the cake! to manage with less of something than you might expect to need. Combining a water park resort vacation with other activities is the ideal family getaway. get away in a sentence - Use "get away" in a sentence 1. The family room can easily be the getaway room where the family goes to relax. Plan the getaway with several friends and share a room, therefore splitting the fare cost for a lower per-person rate. This is especially good for people who live near Orlando or who plan to take an extended getaway to the Disney area. It truly is an all-in-one destination families can enjoy together, but it does take some preparation to ensure a fun getaway. If you're planning a visit to Cedar Point amusement park during the park's annual Halloween event, investigating Halloweekends discount rates can make paying for a late season getaway far less scary. A bedroom can be an oasis, a place to getaway from the routine and a place to find that sometimes needed tranquility and solitude. Don't be tempted to cheat—you'll never get away with it. 2. Malta Direct has fantastic deals on a wide range of packages for the perfect winter getaway. Traduzioni in contesto per "get away from" in inglese-italiano da Reverso Context: They need to get away from this. There are many reasons why you may wish to consider a mini weekend getaway like this, instead of longer times at sea. If you get away, you succeed in leaving a place or a person's company . However, if you can be responsible and make sure that you pay your bill in full every month, you'll earn points toward your upcoming Disney getaway without incurring any additional expenses. getaway car driver, Matrix climbs a building to snipe at police. Adults only cruise ships are an attractive option for newlywed couples, retired couples, singles cruises, or parents just eager for a private getaway, but unfortunately, they are also very rare. Getaway Guides: These large brochures and maps can only be ordered online and will be mailed free of charge to interested visitors. The coupons in the Getaway Guide and on specially marked Pepsi cans can be valuable, but they may not always be the best deal. If you've been searching for a quick, inexpensive getaway on a floating resort, then Carnival Triumph cruise to nowhere should be at the top of your list. With so much to see and do at Cedar Point, the costs of a theme park getaway can quickly add up. You can make it a snug getaway with nubby pillows and a fluffy comforter, a decadent indulgence with satins and velvets, or a masculine man-cave with homespun fabrics, plaids and lots of wood. With ski-in/ski-out access, Wisp Resort Hotel & Conference Center is the heart of the getaway experience. Of course, this is just a sampling of vacation resorts near Disney World, so research your options carefully to find the best resort for your Disney getaway plans. get away with doing something Nobody gets away with insulting me like that. Whether from home to office, to the gym, or a quick getaway weekend, these versatile roomy travel bags make it easy to have everything you need in one place. get away with in a sentence - Use "get away with" in a sentence 1. A romantic weekend getaway can make a great gift for any occasion. To really expand on the learning vacation/workshop experience, plan your next getaway around what you find in Shaw Guides. From choosing a cruise travel agent to Planning a Cruise Itinerary to making the most of your cruise vacation while at sea and in port, you can find knowledgeable articles to assist you while planning your oceanic getaway. Not every cruise is suitable for a family getaway. One-legged cruises make the ideal weekend getaway. The website as well as knowledgeable sales staff is happy to assist grooms-to-be select the perfect ring for their beloved, as well as plan a romantic proposal or private getaway. Learn how to install a Jacuzzi tub for a private getaway at the end of a long day -- at a fraction of the cost of a full sized hot tub. away example sentences. 2. If you're a guy who's looking for something new to wear at the beach, by the pool or on a lakeside getaway, Baskit Swimwear is an option worth checking out. Consider Barbados if you are seeking a peaceful island getaway. [VERB PARTICLE + from] We hang out together after training - nobody's in a rush to get away. Who says you have to leave the house for a romantic weekend getaway? For more information about Cedar Point packages or to book a getaway, interested guests should make reservations early for the best deals. A good travel agent will discuss your vacation needs and wants and help design a getaway that will come in under budget, but won't skimp on fabulous features. Mel Gibson and Britney Spears left the United States for Costa Rica on a getaway of sobriety. 2 get away with murder informal to not be punished for doing something wrong Some of those children get away with murder! Get away in a sentence. For discerning families looking for a quiet Spanish holiday getaway, the Costa Almeria is the place to go. Take advantage of the Shop and Stay packages offered by the Courtyard by Marriott or the Hilton Garden Inn, or create your own innovative getaway at other local facilities. With so much to see and do, a Cedar Point park map is an essential tool, but the creativity of the maps and their fun designs also makes them popular souvenirs so guests can navigate their theme park getaway memories long after their visit. In addition to the Getaway Guide brochure, it is possible to find Cedar Point coupons in other ways, such as through the Discover Ohio Travel Guide, though specific offers and restrictions vary from year to year. Conveniently located at the Disney World Resort, these accommodations offer many both privileges and luxury for a Florida getaway. 24+1 sentence examples: 1. 0. Whether it will be worn for a beach wedding, a Spring Break getaway, a tropical cruise, or just for fun, palm tree jewelry is always stunning. Nostalgic theme park visitors often look for old photographs of their favorite theme park getaway destinations, and pictures of Crystal Beach amusement park are some of the most sought after among past guests and park fans. An all inclusive family vacation is a getaway that includes all a family needs for a memorable and fantastic vacation. Whether the party is indoors or outdoors, tropical accents, colors, and party decorations can turn a beach, pool, hall, or any room into a luxurious tropical getaway. Available online or at your local Nordstrom store, this carry-on bag is roomy enough to hold all of your essentials for that weekend getaway. This unique line offers an extraordinary experience for passengers who truly want a unique getaway. If you plan on going to a tropical island getaway and want to surprise your partner with an alluring swimsuit, fishnet is the way to go. It's ideal for a weekend getaway or an outdoor lunch. They let their children get away with murder! 1. phrasal verb. Because there are so many theme parks in Orlando, Florida, it is a theme park getaway dream destination for many roller coaster fans and amusement park connoisseurs. Finding that perfect getaway is a beautiful way to begin your life with your sweetheart. (3) The getaway car was dumped near a motorway tunnel. If you love shopping with a large group or want to plan a weekend getaway for a holiday shopping trip, the mall offers group tours for 15 people or more. You start by selecting your desired destination, dates and number of adults, then hit "Create Quote" and you will be provided with the price for your own personal fall golf getaway. & press on in a sentence.. fall apart in a sentence.. Show More Sentences Speed cameras do not detect drunk-drivers, careless drivers, uninsured drivers, unlicensed drivers, stolen vehicles or crooks in getaway cars. get away from him - English Only forum. Free admission to all 18 participating Six Flags parks nationwide, perfect for a quick getaway for different thrills. 0. For many people, an Alaskan cruise is a once-in-a-lifetime vacation: what better way to make the most of the getaway than to take an Alaska cruise tour? Escape (from)/run (away) from/get away from/outrun a car - English Only forum. For a quick cruise getaway with all the luxury and flair of longer sailings, travelers can try Regal Empress cruise vacations from Fort Lauderdale to the Bahamas. How to use away in a sentence. Many corporate groups book cruises with Royal Caribbean because the ships offer an immense variety of cruise activities and destinations to choose from, ensuring that everyone has an enjoyable getaway. Families that don't have time for a water park getaway can still splash into summer fun with a Six Flags Banzai Falls water slide - right in the backyard! Knowing the price for Cedar Point tickets and other expenses can help roller coaster and amusement park fans plan a reasonable budget for a theme park getaway to this world class park. All of these cruise ships have fabulous reputations for providing comfort and scenic accommodations to make your Mexico cruise getaway an experience which you will never forget. A romantic weekend getaway is always a good choice for surprising your special love one on this amorous holiday. Day trip or vacation - Take your partner on a surprise getaway to the mountains or the beach, or surprise him or her with a jaunt to the site of your first date or first kiss. If I thought I could get away with it (, I wouldn't pay any tax at all. Music can be a powerful advertising tool and marketing brand, as the popular Six Flags theme song "We Like to Party" has proven by becoming synonymous with the enjoyment of a Six Flags theme park getaway. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. Challenging the fastest roller coaster in the world is the ultimate theme park getaway for thrill-seekers, and there are several astonishingly speedy coasters to choose from at parks around the world. If you try to grab a lizard's tail, it will detach, and the lizard will get away. For a wild ride in the Lone Star State, thrill seekers can enjoy the seven amazing Six Flags Fiesta Texas roller coasters that make San Antonio a great theme park getaway destination. A Mississippi steamboat cruise leaving New Orleans can make a great date night or extended getaway. 2. Finding amusement park discount coupons is a great way to make a theme park getaway more affordable. He's so charming that he really does get away with murder. converted luxury farmhouses and barns abound in Devon, for that really private romantic getaway. They do not represent the opinions of 3. Choosing Cedar Point packages is a great way to save money on a getaway to this roller coaster haven. When deciding where to go, make sure it's somewhere that you know will be an easy and relaxing getaway. get away definition: 1. to leave or escape from a person or place, often when it is difficult to do this: 2. to go…. Visiting an indoor water park hotel in Michigan can be a quick, fun getaway or a lengthy luxury stay. While that may seem like a poor choice for a getaway, passengers should note that on a short weekend sailing, even small ships offer a great number of activities and options for those few days. Castaway Bay in Ohio is an exciting indoor water park that is also one of the hotels at Cedar Point that offers guests an amazing theme park getaway near one of the world's best amusement parks. All Rights Reserved. Take care to note weather patterns such as hurricane season when planning a beach getaway. The desert oasis of Palm Springs is a popular getaway for many celebrities. Youths ran stumbling through the thick white smoke to get away. 3. From adventurous getaways to relaxing retreats, whether guests want to ski, surf, or just enjoy the spa, the Disney Vacation Club can take them there and personal vacation planners will help ensure that every getaway is magical. To properly plan a visit to Six Flags New England, guests should understand what admission options are available and how to get more information to plan their perfect theme park getaway. An ideal holiday for a relaxing getaway, romantic vacation or family holiday. After their car broke down, they had to abort their plans for a weekend getaway. You could also enjoy a two-night getaway aboard the Norwegian Jewel. Classism ... takes attention away from ... people are still struggling ... while the rich get richer - English Only forum. phrasal verb, intransitive: Verb with adverb (s) or preposition (s), having special meaning and not taking direct object--for example, "make up" [=reconcile]: "After they fought, they made up ." Despite a slew of additional fees, the basic cruise fare includes all the necessities of a luxurious getaway, and savvy vacationers can easily avoid extensive additional charges. Don't be shy about stealing a kiss, or proposing a weekend getaway to go kayaking. It could be the perfect getaway if you're usually faced with snow for months on end. What does get away with expression mean? Comparison shopping and verifying every offer will ensure you find the very best deal for a Sea World Orlando getaway. They may not have the budget or time for a more distant getaway, or they may prefer the simplicity and nostalgia of starting their marriage where they started their relationship. get away - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums. For ease and convenience, Sea World California packages can't be beat, and guests who opt for these coordinated plans can dive into their getaway without worrying about drowning in details. get away with translate: farla franca. This theme wraps every square foot of the park into a stunning, magical world, a fun and exotic getaway, right in the heart of one of Florida's largest metropolitan areas. A Disney World getaway may be every child's dream vacation, but without coupons for Disney World it can be a parent's budget nightmare.

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