The tall and the fat person must have approximately the same weight. Tip: Each user MUST have a Garmin Connect account. In the graph I see a dot on a lower part of the grey blob. Ideally this would be more cohesively presented to a user upon any link-up, but it’s not today. No, that’s not the reason. Body composition must be measured at the end of the day when all fluids and processes of the body are up and running. A: Consistency. Have you observed this or heard anything from Garmin on this phenomenon? Adding any form of API to make it easy to upload data means they start loosing control of this. One problem I consistently have with the 1st generation Index is the weigh is consistency 2-3 pounds higher than any other digital scale that I compare with. Tip: Use the Garmin Connect app to pair. So here is the most up to date list of products I like and fit the bill for me and my training needs best! Body+ from Withings by Nokia is the smart scale for the tech-obsessed. In fact, you can also use apps like HealthFit to push that data elsewhere from your phone. It's mostly me behind the labour of love which is this site, meaning it's entirely reader-powered content ❤️ I'd really appreciate it if you'd follow, 5k Training Plan – Running | Sub 19, 21, 23, 25 | minute 5k, 10k Training Plan | Sub 40, Sub 45, Sub 50 | Running PB PR, Straightforward Sub 20 19 5k Training Plan, the Apple ecosystem then the Withings Body+ is a better choice, buy the reviewed product via, Garmin: Some Big Firmware Releases – now live,,, STRYD Black Friday 2020 Discount Code UK, USA, EU ⚡🏃⚡ Best Ever, new Garmin Running Power coming 2021 🏃 impacts on Strava + Forerunner 955, STRYD Rolls out Apple Watch Training Service – Garmin too | STRYD Membership for 2021, Running Power – Comparison – A Windy, Hilly Run with Coros, Garmin, STRYD, Polar, Jabra Elite 85t Review | The Best Earbuds got a Bit Better, Bryton Rider 750 Review – Highly Featured bikenav, Cheaper than Garmin, Wahoo Kickr Axis Review | Wahoo KICKRmat, Trainer Floormat too, NRC X1 Review | cycling eyewear sunglasses glasses review. If the user is trying to decrease and the device consistently shows an increase then the user can infer they need to make an adjustment to their plans. However, what is firmly in Garmin’s control is the lack of weight trendline information properly accounting for historical data for existing Garmin Index scale users. I ended up turning that off because I thought the numbers were too low. You would have thought that preference would come from your Garmin Connect account but, nope, they are manually set with the button underneath the scales. Unless by some strange miracle I have been able to hold 7% body fat for 19 straight months. Let's be honest, tracking all those steps with a fitness wearable is nice. First up is putting in the batteries and placing it on the floor…I’m sure you know how to do that. My S1 is widely inaccurate for muscle mass and body fat % (i measure the later with a medical caliper, way more accurate). Seems like reasonable refreshes of neglected products though I will not be replacing my original Index. Hi GLT. From this moment forward it’ll look worse, even if you never touch it. This is what I’m using – There’s a widget you can add to the dashboard to show your current weight. BC1000 was 190EUR in 2011 and the BC1500 is holding the price level of 400EUR since 2009…. The old one could just use 2.4 GHz. So, I learned my lesson and will not give Garmin the next try, unless there are serious tests available. You can delete weigh-ins if you want, as well as add a weight goal, which will show up on your trending charts both on the app and on the device itself: For the weight scale itself there are a few options in the Devices menu. Crisis averted! Alternatively, for iPhone users, there’s also the HealthFit app, which can pull the data that Garmin Connect Mobile puts into Apple Health, and from there send it off to 3rd party platforms. So I’ll dig into all the nuances between the two, so you can figure out if it’s worth the cash, since, it’s pretty expensive at $149. But then the scale should at least do what say a Fitbit Charge 4 does for SP02, that is to show a relative change with time and not the actual measurement, that’d be more honest I think. Try this one: Step at the scale and record your weight. I have BMI > 30% and now for proper calories (BMR and active) calculations I put in GC setting ‘fake’ weight (weight I should have without extra fat). I have not checked the terms and conditions recently but historically you were never meant to upload data that was not from a Garmin device. Its the only time these two are talking. The regression factor b for weight is very strong. There are valid aspects to this perspective, though this is slowly inching closer to the “Running Power” rabbit hole. With the Garmin Index Smart Scale you can register your weight, body fat, muscle mass, etc., and automatically synchronize it to the Garmin Connect app via your WiFi connection. Get all your awesome high quality DCR kit and gear here! WiFi scales tend to be ‘set it and forget it’, versus a Bluetooth scale usually has dependencies on having your phone nearby, the app opened, Apple or Google not having broken something in the recent update, etc… Whereas a WiFi scale doesn’t care about your phone and does it all behind the scenes. There is not body fat settings in GC so this was the only solution for proper calories calculations. It’s mind-boggling.  So in my case, I’ve got piles of data that would show up here – and most importantly from a vanity standpoint, show up with a nice decreasing trendline over the past while.

garmin index smart scale review 2020

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