but rather, a bare-minimum starting point for you as you plan your own trip to Chile. The rest of the journey into them thar hills would be on these here feet. Meanwhile, we have to be told not to use “password123” to keep our data on lock. And if you know how I feel about both of those cities…, Valparaiso is nothing like Santiago—so much so that you don’t even feel like you’re in the same country. Plaza de Armas. The fourth day of our week in Chile we spent sampling (craploads of) Chilean wines and I’m going to do my best to describe that briefly here. and when I told our unbelievably wineducated server he responded, “Ah yes, that is the least sophisticated wine in all of Chile!”. It wasn’t until after we left that we learned La Piojera means The Fleahouse. A ramshackle town hugging the depressingly-named—yet enchantingly picturesque—Last Hope Sound, Puerto Natales is deep in cowboy country. Valparaíso is easily accessible from Santiago via a bus journey of less than two hours, with several services running every day. I’m no stranger to dive bars but, La Piojera, I don’t think they mean “dumpster dive.”. No explanation. Answer 1 of 3: Hi, folks. Got picked up at our apartment in Santiago by our guide in our Little Bus, Started the day with brunch (and wine) at the home of a local Maipo Valley artist, Visited a handful of wineries around the Maipo Valley area, drinking wine all the live-long day. Leave the city to return to Santiago for the night and enjoy a sundowner on the rooftop terrace of the exclusive The Singular Hotel. And since I had just spent the morning with wild penguins, I had nothing left to wish for. So do with that what you will. has so much to offer yet makes covering all the bases still simple enough for the casual time budget traveler. Santiago de Chile … Heading to Chile? 1 year ago. Chile itinerary for two weeks of travel. best chile itinerary. (Don’t forget to consider travel insurance!) I’ve never wanted to hug a statue so much in my life. The itinerary is rich in culture, mind-blowing nature, and is specifically geared to budget-conscious backpacking travelers who want to meet new people. Loved reading your post. Take three to four daysexploring the walkable city’s intriguing museums during the day (including the Pinochet-era Museum of Memories and Human Rights), and buzzing gastronomic and bar scene at night (especially the Providencia and Bellavista neighbourhoods). San Pedro de Atacama – 6 day itinerary. Day Seven would be the last full day of our week in Chile. I felt really great about it. Timely Read! After settling into our insane Airbnb situation (details to follow), our group simply walked around Valparaiso aimlessly—taking it all in and dodging land mines* like our lives depended on it. The scenery was unreal and the hike was just challenging enough to earn myself a beer at the bottom, but not so challenging I needed to be emergency airlifted. However, after carefully planning my week, I actually managed to fit in a lot. While in Santiago, the five of us stayed in two different Airbnbs, properties of the same owner. Because I was traveling with my friend Tim of Annual Adventure, there was zero question that this trip would include mountains, trails, glaciers, and dirt that was not Charmin soft in the least bit. The main attraction is the eight-hour hike up to the three towers, although you can shake things up a little and instead go ice trekking on the park’s 3.7-mile-wide glacier, Grey, or paddle out to its snout across the glacier's namesake lake for a completely new perspective. The final stop in this two-week Chile itinerary is the coastal city of Valparaíso, before returning to Santiago Days 11–12: walking tours and street art discovery. On the way back to Valparaiso from Cachagua, we made the snap decision (there was a lot of swerving off the highway that day) to visit the town of Horcón to see the Puente de los Deseos. Plus, none of them would make great coats. So… much… wine. I thought up an epic 4-6 week South America itinerary for her, taking in the best parts of my six months in South America. Well, before sampling my terremoto it was described to me as “a toothpaste-y liqueur.”. Transportation tip The altitude can hit—and fiercely—so spend your afternoon gently to acclimate. And by that I really mean behind. ), but basically the Maipo Valley Little Wine Bus is an all-day small group tour of various wineries in the region, combined with some intimate local experiences, all while being shuttled around on a small bus with a never ending supply of wine. We chose a food stall pretty much at random and ordered lunch like strangers on a newly discovered planet. Day drinking wine. One month Argentina and Chile Itinerary Santiago (1 day) Chile. As they’re located at 4,320 meters (14,173 feet) above sea level, you may well be struggling for breath, so take things slowly as you admire jets of steam that erupt from the earth’s crust. Our last formal tasting of the day. Northern Chile Itinerary: Days One and Two Santiago to La Serena. Travel to Valparaíso … The trash thing happened, not once, but twice more while we were there. Santa Lucía Hill. A 10 day journey taking in fertile wine valleys, the northern altiplano and breathtaking scenery of the Atacama desert, and the imposing lakes and snow-capped volcanoes of Lauca National Park. You’re supposed to write your wish on a ribbon then tie it to the bridge. Santa Lucía Hill is a small hill in the center of Santiago—what’s left of an ancient volcano, actually—and is a cornucopia of many ... La Moneda Palace. Book onto an afternoon speedboat tour with Fiordos del Sur out to Magdalena Island, a 97-hectare reserve with some 120,000 resident Magellanic penguins between November and March. Though the weather will be too cold to do any sunbathing, you can still enjoy the relaxing beach atmosphere. *, *Unless you lose your bus ticket sometime during the process of ordering your morning empanada and not realize it until you try to board moments before the bus pulls away. Because getting high first thing in the morning wasn’t enough—we had to get even higher in the afternoon. Bring lots of snacks, a solid raincoat, and pack as light as possible, because you’ll be moving fast. Besides the wine, the food at Bocanáriz was both delicious and adventurous. I spent two days tasting wines in two very different ways. A One-Week Itinerary to Chile: Santiago, Valparaíso and Atacama. Life is like a box of chocolates drinking in Chile—you never know what you’re gonna get! But…! Santiago. If you're not skiing and really only have 1 week to see Chile, your best bet is to pick one destination only: Patagonia, the Central Region, or San Pedro de Atacama. Read on for my ultimate guide to backpacking Chile and the best itinerary for 2 w eeks in Chile. The mountains were some of the most unique I’ve seen and I spent the entire day searching for mountain goats only to eventually find so many mountain goats! Even Forrest Gump got shot in the buttocks. In that time we did everything we set out to do (and then some… ahem, looking at you 3 whole days of Chilean wine tasting I thought I was ready for but was, to the surprise of no one, not) but still had plenty of downtime for passing the nighttime hours on our terrace (drinking more wine), leisurely strolling the city streets (on our way to drink wine), and getting plenty of sleep (because we drank more wine in seven days than I have in the last seven years of my life). A one-minute walk just around the corner from Mulato is Heladería Emporio la Rosa—the place to get ice cream in Santiago. To understand the vivid history of these sights, you’re best off exploring with a tour. 3-WEEK & 1-MONTH PATAGONIA ITINERARY. If a night here is in your plans, be sure to make a reservation ahead of time. Devote an hour or so to the Museo del Meteorito (Meteorite Museum) and their collection of more than 3,200 meteorites that have landed in the surrounding desert, some of which are a remarkable 4.5 million years old. It would be the day we left the city life behind and made for the mountains. There are tours available if you don’t want to plan on your own (see below), but doing so self-guided is simple, rewarding, and requires very little planning. Natural Wonders of Chile - Desert, Glaciers, and Coast. ─ See & Do The Best Things to See and Do in Chile. Those apartment views were ridiculous, right? Wake up in the heart of this bustling metropolis in one of Santiago’s chic hotels, enjoy a … Located off the other side of Lake Titicaca, the opposite to Puno, Peru, Copacabana give you access to hiking trails that you don't get from the Peruvian side. Classic Chile Itineraries Chile in 1 Week - First Time Visit. Chile Itinerary 1 - The grand tour - 3 weeks. Chile itinerary 2 weeks for first-timers. The sun is glorious, the breeze is life-giving, and there’s a hat-wearing llama at the bottom. I learned something awesome! It would also be the only day during my week in Chile that not even a single wine glass would graze my lips. According to their website, “Bocanáriz is a Meeting Place for tourists and locals who love wine.”*. So naturally I got sorbet because I pay all the attention. Barrio Lasterria. Touch down in Santiago’s Arturo Merino Benítez to begin your Chilean adventure. There were cats and peacocks and geese, that’s all I have to say about that. They’re meant to reflect the spirit of the deceased and assist them in their journey to the afterlife. One-Week Itinerary for Chile Your Trip to Chile: The Complete Guide close Overview Central & South America Chile One Week in Chile: The Ultimate Itinerary . 1. This Chile and Argentina itinerary will hit all of Patagonia: the impressive Andes mountains crowned with glaciers, waterfalls, glacial lakes and … This… I’mma just say it… shitty-ass dive bar in Santiago somehow consistently finds itself on lists of bars you need to visit. That’s a pretty good week you can have! My stay in Chile, for example, was just over a week – far too short for a country with 4,000 miles of coastline. After checking out of our Airbnb, we started the morning with an awkward-as-hell breakfast and coffee in the Plaza (just become fluent in Spanish, okay?) 1 Week; How about a few days sleeping under star-crazy skies and following condor shadows along desert mountaintops? Allow at least three weeks if you wish to cover Chile from top to bottom; flying between some of the destinations will allow you to cover vast distances quickly. Here's our itinerary (days can be cut out here & there): Day 1: Fly overnight US to Santiago. One month Argentina and Chile Itinerary Santiago (1 day) Chile. Check out how we made it from Patagonia to the Atacama Desert in one week Being that it’s one of the highest spots in Santiago (2,790 feet above sea level to be exact), the views of this vast city and the surrounding mountains are phenomenal. I’ll post an example itinerary below, along with a few other ideas of how to spend one week in Santiago and nearby. See & Do The 15 Best Destinations to Visit in Chile in 2018. The building is in a great location–walkable to everywhere–and safe, clean, and with a lobby attendant and lots of dogs to pet. Back at your hotel, take an afternoon nap before joining a tour out to Laguna Chaxa, a saline lake surrounded by the gray-white salt flats of the Salar de Atacama. Four out of five personal trainers also recommend it for its cardio benefits. Chile – One Month Itinerary Contents. Restaurants The 10 Best Family-Friendly Restaurants in Chile. Santiago was our first surprise. If you can I would recommend at least two weeks in Chile, maybe … I don’t know. This tour includes pickup and dropoff at your hotel in Santiago, a guided hike to the glaciers, lunch and pisco, and tons of 5-star reviews. The cacti-covered winding pathways and countless random historical finds are enough to keep you interested and venturing ever higher until it’s a socially acceptable time to booze it up. Stretching 4,270 kilometers (2,653 miles) from north to south, Chile is one long, lean, and epically diverse country. Back to reality, Isla de Cachagua is a protected natural monument and an important home/nesting ground for Humboldt penguins. Obviously I’m talking about taking the funicular to the top of Santiago’s second highest hill, Cerro San Cristóbal. Does that mean we’re getting even higher later? ─ Classic itineraries (just Chile) Northern Chile - wine valleys, volcanoes and desert. O Chile tem lugares lindos, cultura expressiva e comida deliciosa. Day One: Santiago; Days Two to Five: Chiloé; Days Five and Six: Puerto Varas; Days Seven to Eight: Valdivia ; Days Nine to Twelve: Pucón; Days Twelve to Fourteen: Parque Nacional Conguillio; Changes you can make to this Chile itinerary for two weeks: My stay in Chile, for example, was just over a week – far too short for a country with 4,000 miles of coastline. Interested in seeing the scenery and not so much hiking it? Just off the coast of Playa Cachagua in the northern part of the Valparaiso region is Isla de Cachagua – that’s Spanish for a whole island of adorable penguins all to myself! Wow! ─ Don’t be put off by the sheer length of Chile and its countless opportunities for sightseeing and adventure. Day 1 – Travel to the Atacama desert. 1-week patagonia itinerary Patagonia is a vast region, so we won't lie to you that one week is a long time to explore all the highlights, but it is for sure still better than nothing. We stopped in Santiago for some rest and culture after nearly two weeks in Peru (the first leg of the South American itinerary of #DrJSabbatical) One week may feel like a long stay for a city without a lot of hype in South American travel circles. And by that I mean we made a beeline for the alpaca pen and never looked back. Instead, we just took infinity+1 pictures (a freaking dog fell asleep on the bridge) then stopped for ice cream in this adorable, tiny seaside town. GOATS!” and “STOP THE CAR! Guess what? Or, you could opt to extend your trip to include Argentine Patagonia, just across the border. (Probably.). A place we thought was a winery but wasn’t. Chile Itinerary Day 1 – 3: Santiago de Chile. Places to Stay The Best Boutique Hotels in Chile. , Did you know mummies in Northern Chile predate those of the Egyptians by more than 2,000 years? Detailed itinerary Day 1: Santiago de Chile. Dayumm. Alternatively, you can travel to the harsh and dramatic landscape of Tierra del Fuego in the deep south for some challenging hiking. Nov 22, 2018 - Aug 30, 2017 - Don't think one week is enough time to get a taste of all that Chile has to offer? My Wanderlusty Life participates in several affiliate programs. Some of the most popular include … Unfortunately, the week between Christmas and New Years is one of the busiest times in Torres del Paine. Answer 1 of 5: Hi, I'm going to Atacama desert and then Santiago, then would like to spend a week or so exploring Chile southwards before moving on to Argentina. Re: Help with Three Week Chile itinerary . We booked this at their airport counter upon arrival for a more than reasonable fee and didn’t have to wait more than ten minutes. (There was a lot of pointing and a lot of head-scratching.). (Easter Island is a Chilean territory – not sure if you knew that or not?). Heladería Emporio la Rosa is supposedly one of the top places to get ice cream in the world. (which we also did). Pack a swimsuit for a morning dip on the way back in the luxuriously hot Puritama hot springs, a series of eight, crystal-clear pools fed by geothermal water. I chose Saludo a la Bandera: pisco, homemade pineapple and sweet potato syrup, triple sec, lemon juice, basil, raspberries and blueberries. It will take you through breathtaking & dramatic landscapes of Patagonia all the way down to the remote part known as Land of Fire. All others went to the West to eat bitter potatoes beyond the sea.” Just how bitter were the potatoes in Pre-Colombian times? In Chile, it’s always wine o’clock and not a minute later. After all, I’m trying more and more to live according to what can only be called the Forrest Gump life trajectory—just going wherever the opportunities take me, asking very few questions along the way. Answer 1 of 6: Hi We are planning a 2 week trip to Chile, arriving Easter Friday 2020. Actually that would explain a few things… *cough/terremoto/cough*. Afterwards dive nose-first into a tasting at Bocanáriz, home to more than 300 of the country’s finest wines. (Spent an entire day there, drank all the things, still had to Google this.). Begin your trip flying or bussing into the cosmopolitan Chilean capital. I took a few sips then spilled mine all over the table. There were all those times in front of Michelangelo’s David. I highly recommend considering travel insurance before you attempt any hiking in a foreign country. The attractions are located far from town and with plenty of tour agencies in town and online, group tours are the most convenient and cost-effective way to explore Atacama. Wrap up warm for a stargazing tour with local experts SPACE, who’ll whisk you out into the desert to observe the night skies using their 15 professional telescopes; with more than 300 clear nights annually, the Atacama Desert is one of the world’s best places for stargazing. Also, La Moneda hosts a traditional changing of the guard ceremony every other day—on odd-numbered days in odd-numbered months, and on even-numbered days in even-numbered months. WHY WOULD SOMEONE WANT TO DRINK THIS? According to the display, “Chiefs and great warriors were sent to the East to roam among the volcanoes. Chile and can’t recommend these guidebooks enough. Drop your luggage at your hotel and slather on the sunscreen: At 2,433 meters (7,982 feet) above sea level, you’ll want to take care. You'll then catch a late, three-hour bus ride across plains to Puerto Natales. Much of the main tourist neighborhoods of Cerro Alegre and Cerro Concepción are now daubed in a lively lick of paint from the internationally-renowned graffiti artists who have left their mark here. Need… mas… alpacas. Like would you spend a few days in Washington DC and not walk by the White House to see what kind of crazy is brewing over there today? After spending a decent amount of time in the children’s area (with mostly other adults btw, creating this ⇣)…. We had another fabulous dinner and I finally got to sleep the kinda sleep you can only get from a spell cast by an evil witch on your 16th birthday oooooooooooooorrrr day drinking wine. The museum displays pieces spanning 10,000 years of history from Central and South America and is located in the center of town, just a couple blocks from both Plaza de Armas and La Moneda. These Are the Top 15 Destinations in Chile, Try These 15 Rad Adventures in South America, Trekking Torres del Paine, Chile's Fantastic Patagonian Park, How to See the Best of Borneo in One Week, The 15 Best Things to Do in Santiago, Chile, One Week in Chile: The Ultimate Itinerary, Tripsavvy uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. My week in Chile both started and ended with a half day, with the whole trip coming to a full 7 days in Chile. I regret nothing! ), our group headed back to the bus station to catch a ride into Chile’s Casablanca valley—famous for its Chardonnays and Sauvignon Blancs. Two weeks in Chile: an awesome itinerary *** What to do in Buenos Aires ? Get ready for clear skies, jaw-dropping beauty, and lots of sack lunches with a view. We rented a car (4×4 mandatory) and headed into the Maipo Canyon in the direction of El Glaciar el Morado… and drove until we literally couldn’t drive anymore. We spent a few hours walking the coastal walk between Cachagua and Zapallar (sounds like Futurama space-talk if you ask me) spying on the penguins, sea lions, and otters, exploring the tide pools, and really pressing our luck when it came to big waves crashing into big rocks. My Two-Week Chile and Easter Island Itinerary. Wine. If there was any moment the entire day I risked needing to be emergency airlifted, this was it. If you’ve got limited time, it’s essential to plan your trip in advance. They serve beef casserole. Why visit Santiago Chile for a full week? Let’s start with the obvious: Chile is a big country. I had a few of these during my week in Chile and I can definitively say… I like them a lot more than I like wine. What to do with your luggage ─ On this two-week trip, you’ll visit many of … If you arrive late in the evening I suggest you to stay at the Holiday Inn Hotel at the Santiago de Chile airport. It’s apparently one of the city’s oldest and “most beloved” dive bars. A One-Week Itinerary to Chile: Santiago, Valparaíso and Atacama. But they grew grapes. (is not good). tripsavvy.com | 29d. HORSES!” and even that one time, “STOP THE CAR! Someone sprinkled something similar to sawdust over the mess—ya know, that stuff teachers use to cover up when a kid pukes in the hallway at school? Wine Tasting in Chile: Casablanca vs. Maipo Valley. You can file that under “Crossing the Equator and Other Things You Just Can’t Say ‘No’ To.”. But guess what else? Also check out We already covered Casablanca, so now we’re doing the Maipo Valley, famous for Cabernet Sauvignons and other red things. Before Chile and Argentina, we went to Peru and didn’t really enjoy visiting Lima so we were a bit worried. Beats me. Days 2-4: Puerto Natales & Torres del Paine National Park - spend time in the cute port city and hike to the famous Three Towers of Paine in Patagonia . There are plenty of sights to see in Santiago and a trip to the nearby towns of Valparaiso and Vina del Mar on the coast is a must (only a 1.5 hour bus trip). Like this post? What to eat at Casa Lastarria We wound our way through the park, dodging pigeons and a shouting man with a briefcase and an agenda, strolled through Santiago’s Metropolitan Cathedral, eventually landing at Comedor Central for beers and various pickled food items. For it was the last day. I mean, what more could you want from a dinner than to constantly ask, “And what part of the animal do you think this is from?”. We’ve compiled the following four itineraries to help you plan a week in Patagonia. However, it was delicious. 1. We arrived in Santiago after our overnight flights from JFK and ATL, the last of which we boarded using only our faces and nothing else. This rounded hill that rises out of the city center offers some of the finest views across Santiago. It’s member of my favorite chain IHG and is a great hotel. Patagonia itinerary for one week of travel: Perito Moreno and hiking in Los Glaciares National Park . Regardless of how little time we would have in Chile, it was mandatory for me that we cover all the bases, i.e. Obrigado Roseane! For a final flavor of Santiago’s unique culture, book a table at pioneering restaurant Peumayen to sample enigmatic flavors from Chile’s indigenous populations. Estou retornando ao Chile em janeiro/2020 e vou seguir as suas dicas. Atacama desert. Sometimes things just don’t work out. In the spirit of covering all the bases, I like to include a country’s capital, as well as another one of its popular cities in my travel itineraries. Chances are there’s also a dog that’s way better at climbing stairs than you are. What it is, is a kind of shepherd’s pie consisting of ground beef, a chicken leg, olives, a hard boiled egg, and other miscellaneous things all cooked into a loaf of corn bread. Wine tasting in Chile In Santiago, we had just enough time to swing by our Airbnb, change out of our ocean-scented clothes (sea hair, don’t care), and make it to Bocanáriz for our 8:00 pm reservation. I was worried one week wouldn’t be long enough, when the journey there totalled 24hours door to door. You’ve a great chance to spot Andean, James’s, and Chilean flamingos (although good luck telling them apart), who come here to dine on the waters’ veritable feast of algae. Back in town, enjoy classy Andean dining beside an open fire at Adobe, where live Andean music begins at 8 p.m. It’s an early start—think 4 a.m.—for a tour up into the mountains that encircle San Pedro de Atacama. See & Do The Best Things to See and Do in Chile. Hit me up on Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest, Filed Under: Chile, Quick Trip Itineraries. What else have I written about Chile? I was very excited about my new favorite (yay history!) Hope to make it to Chile next year, your post will definitely come in handy! Heladería Emporio La Rosa. This Bridge of Wishes sits over the ocean all covered in brightly colored ribbons. For the first few nights we stayed at: Great apartment, clean, amazing views from an awesome balcony. That’s right. These two Patagonia travel itineraries for one week include hiking Patagonia’s most famous trails, such as the W trek in Torres del Paine National Park, Chile and around El Chaltén, Argentina, as well as a visit to the mesmerising Perito Moreno Glacier. I spent most of the time lying down in the grass. However, instead of a winery this time, we found ourselves back in Barrio Lastarria at Bocanáriz, Santiago’s premier wine bar. We stopped in Santiago for some rest and culture after nearly two weeks in Peru (the first leg of the South American itinerary of #DrJSabbatical) One week may feel like a long stay for a city without a lot of hype in South American travel circles. For lunch, soak up the sun on the shady terrace of Restaurant El Peral, where the razor clams and seasonal fish give you a taste of traditional coastal Chilean dining straight off the boat. Santa Lucía Hill is a small hill in the center of Santiago—what’s left of an ancient volcano, actually—and is a cornucopia of many pretty things. You can also visit Puerto Natales in Chilean Patagonia and hike the Torres del Paine trail in one day if you don’t have 2 weeks to spare. I don’t understand. After grabbing transport into the city and settling into our Airbnb (Real World-style complete with room-snatching and roommate negotiations), we headed straight for Mercado Vega Chica for lunch which was totally part of our plan the whole time because we are professional travelers with professional itineraries. Places to Stay The Best Boutique Hotels in Chile. One Week in Chile: The Ultimate Itinerary. Pro tip April 9, 2019 //  by Ashley Smith 8 Comments. Half headed over to the Museum of Memory and Human Rights, because apparently breakfast wasn’t heavy enough, and the rest of us opted for a lighter afternoon of pretty flowers, sunshine, beautiful views, and other things that wouldn’t make us weep for humanity. The building and property are extremely understated but still interesting to see just hanging out right there in the middle of the city. ─ The main gateway to Chilean Patagonia, this wind-battered town lies on the northern shore of the Magellan Strait, where eagle-eyed visitors may spy squat-nosed Chilean dolphins frolicking in the waters if you take a wander along the coastal road. Santiago was our first surprise. Of the many interesting and lovely neighborhoods within Santiago, Barrio Lasterria is one of the interesting-and-loveliest. On the contrary, we found Santiago to be very dynamic and cosmopolitan capital, we enjoyed wandering around the contrasting neighborhoods. Let’s do it!” Because even though Chile was a stranger to me, All of the Above didn’t sound half bad. After dropping off the rental car in Valparaiso, we hopped on the next bus to Santiago where I kept track of all my tiny papers! Stretching 4,270 kilometers (2,653 miles) from north to south, Chile is one long, lean, and epically diverse country. Some of the below are affiliate links and I’ll earn a percentage of the sale if you purchase through them, at no extra cost to you. Haven’t been to South America yet and couldn’t figure out where to dip my toes first…I think a week in Chile is a winner! We’ll even give it a penguin-shaped star on the Wanderlusty Walk of Fame for good measure. Sometimes these things just fall into your lap. And since it was summer there in the South Hemi (that’s what we’re calling it now), stopping here took little convincing. The first day is a day to acclimatize. AARROOOOOOO! Revered for its three spire-like peaks of granite that rear out of a landscape awash with glassy lakes and thunderous glaciers, it epitomizes remote Patagonia. Two weeks in Chile: an awesome itinerary… San Pedro de Atacama. It was beautiful and peaceful and the service was fantastic and I was so high on life from our hike that Tim overheard the staff making fun of how amazing I thought everything was. Here’s how to spend one week in Chile and still cover all the bases…. The antithesis of Santiago’s urban modernity lies a two-hour bus journey west in the tumbling coastal city of Valparaíso. Snow, Ski and Cities. It’s a place where you’re never more than a stone’s throw away from the mountains or the sea, with a remarkable assortment of places to hike, spot animals, and soak up Chilean history and culture. And just like that our week in Chile was over and our airport lounge fresh fruit binge was about to begin. Please contact me before using any original photos or content. We stored it securely at a local hostel via a service called Airkeep. Before we knew it four hours had passed and I’d purchased a new Patagonia fleece jacket. This itinerary is ambitious. Looking for a complete travel guide for Chile and Argentina? I could use some assistance planning an upcoming trip to Chile. After leaving, Valerie read an article on La Piojera—no doubt trying to solve the mystery—and came across a page that said women should not go to the restroom alone at La Piojera.

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