Let’s take a look at manufacturing strategies to determine if agile manufacturing is, in fact, the ideal solution for the automotive … Agile opened its doors in 2003 with a commitment to provide the racing and enthusiast community with a range of products and services aimed at quantitatively increasing motor vehicle performance, in power output and response, handling prowess, braking capability, and overall safety. Meet Them Anywhere. Or ignoring ISO 26262 (“Functional Safety”) in favor of Agile may be possible for some industry players and “out of the box” non-automotive strategies, but established auto industry companies are required to adhere to ISO automotive standards or the product is unsafe. As mentioned above, agility must not be an end in itself; it must address the real pain points of the organization. Dysfunctional to Functional Safety Agility. Even after eight years in practice, he is a striving learner about all things Agile and is supporting leading German Tier-1 suppliers such as Bosch, Continental, and Hella with their agile implementation efforts. Agile SPICE consequently stands for the synergy of agile methods with the decades of experience in Automotive SPICE. Sergej Weber (left) is a Senior Consultant/Agile Coach at global automotive consultancy Kugler Maag Cie. He now is a Principal at the global consultancy Kugler Maag Inc. www.kuglermaag.us He has 40-plus publications, 50-plus patents, and a BSE and MSE from The University of Michigan. Here, we are not talking about team-related metrics, which do not provide management with needed information to make decisions on business strategy. Hierarchical/pyramidal structures, which aim at exploitation and (cost) efficiency. It is based on the principles of LEAN and Agile. 2. Dogmatism is the wrong path. Their dynamometer is a Dynapack with four units that mount directly to the hubs, rather than putting the car on rollers. A major rethink currently is taking place, which will unfold in 2020. Share Agile For Executives 1 Day Training in Las Vegas, NV with your friends. With large-scale, autonomous projects on the rise, finding ways to implement Agile Development, functional safety and cybersecurity shall rise significantly. Agile for Automotive is bringing together automotive and mobility leaders with expertise in Agile and Lean Development Methodologies in automotive OEMs, mobility and the auto supply chain. The industry realized that a blind adoption of consistent but non-automotive Agile approaches like the Spotify Model is a dead end and does not support automotive-specific business models. LinkedIn. Apart from the difficulties in transitioning from “doing Agile” to “being Agile,” challenges remain in terms of agility in combination with automotive standards related to functional safety and cybersecurity. Email: enquiry@iqpc.com. 1. Agile Auto is one of the few places in the area that has AWD dyno capabilities, so when it came time to begin the upgrades to my Infiniti Q50 RS AWD, I decided to try them out. Christophe Debou //Conference Chair The VDA recommendation provides a blueprint on how an agile collaboration across company borders could work. There will be a new buzzword. Parallelly, Agile is the mainstream of software development and needed to respond better and faster to market demands. It is real progress when we as the Agile community put aside our dogmatism. From comfort to performance to connectivity - automotive companies must make sure they are understanding correctly what potential buyers find valuable and what drives their purchase decision. Steve Tengler (not pictured) has worked in the auto industry on the connected car for over a quarter of a century for some of the top brands in world: Ford, Nissan and OnStar. AGL.1 Work Management The purpose of Agile Work Management is to collaboratively manage the work of a team (of teams) to develop iteratively within work boundaries, vision and strategic themes to generate business and customer value.

agile for automotive

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