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Programmable drones for kids




drones for kids


drones for kids

Robolink, a California-based robotics company, demonstrated their programmable CoDrone at CES. The company’s representative flew a floor model by controlling it with a laptop’s camera that read the pilot’s hand signals. The drone ended up crashing towards the top part of the netted area, but Robolink still showed their drone’s potential. CoDrone is usually controlled with a remote or an app, but it can also be controlled by other methods thanks to its programmable design. Robolink’s palm-size drone was created specifically for NGSS-aligned lessons plans, which means it was built for classroom use.

CoDrone is regarded as the world’s first programmable drone with block coding, and it has an eight minute flight time with a maximum flight distance of 160 feet. CoDrone can be purchased in the lite version for $119.99 or the pro version for $179.99. The lite version is meant for fourth graders and above, while the pro version was designed for sixth graders and above. The pro version supports a more advanced programming platform called Arduino, so kids can program just like a real engineer with true text-base coding. Robolink also offers a 10% educator discount, but use promo code “CES2018” to receive 15 percent off on their official website.

drones for kids

Drones for kids

These drones for kids were designed to make flying and learning fun. Tello is the newest and lowest priced toy quadcopter, but the other programmable drones have their own strengths to consider. With both programming and drones on the rise, companies have created these drones to combine the best of both worlds.

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