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Programmable drones for kids




drones for kids

Instead of featuring faster drones at CES 2018, some companies showcased drones built for kids. Not only were these drones safe to use, but they were designed to teach kids the basics of programming. Teachers or even parents can now encourage children to use drones created with the STEM curriculum in mind. STEM, or science, technology, engineering and mathematics, are the core fields that can help students get ready for college, so these emerging drones for kids can be used to bridge the gap between fun and education.


drones for kids

A drone startup company called Ryze teamed up with DJI and Intel to create Tello. This $99 toy drone can be programmed to do unique aerial maneuvers through an MIT-developed system called Scratch. The quadcopter is rated to fly 13 minutes, and it has a maximum distance of 328 feet. Standard HD or 720p videos can be filmed using Tello, and it can even do flips. With an anticipated high demand upon release, even third-party companies like PGYTECH have already started building accessories for it. Ryze’s first drone features technology from leading drones companies, so parents can be assured of a quality drone with Tello.

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