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Primoco drones ready for production




Primoco UAV

Model One 100 and One 150 from Czech company Primoco UAV SE were certified by the Civilian Aviation Authority and are ready for production according sUAS News.

The total development time for the drone technology was three years – lightening speed in the tech world.The Primoco Model One 100 and One 150 embody the bold vision of the company’s founder, Ladislav Semetkovský, a pioneer who has helped establish a new frontier for Czech aviation.

Unmanned aerial systems is one of the fastest growing manufacturing segments in the world, and Primoco wants to be at the front of technological development.

Semetkovský began his career in media but always dreamed of manufacturing his own drones. Ladislav Semetkovský’s former career took him to some of the far reaches of the vast Russian Federation and to environments that are difficult for humans, let alone drones. In his travels, he noticed that there was a dearth of robust and durable drones that could handle the harsh conditions of Siberia, for example.

He told sUAS News: “There are about a thousand unmanned aircraft manufacturers in the world today, but 90% of them make tiny battery-powered drones with an endurance of tens of minutes, with very limited ability to carry any useful size of payload. At the opposite end, there are large and powerful systems that have been developed for military needs. So, in the middle of 2014, I decided to try to produce my own aircraft to fill the gap in the civilian market.”

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