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Price cut hints new Mavic Pro 2 is about to be released!




DJI’s first most portable 4K drone just dropped in price on Amazon, and based on past product releases, the price cut may mean a new drone is around the corner. The DJI Mavic Pro was being sold at a record-low price on Amazon by DJI. Currently, the Mavic Air is DJI’s latest model, but an article from DroneDJ suggested that the Mavic Pro 2 is bound to be released in June. The Mavic Pro 2 speculation can be sourced to OsitalV; the Twitter account correctly predicted the Mavic Air before it was actually released, so here are his latest notes on the Mavic Pro 2:

Pro 2

Source: DroneDJ

Mavic Pro 2 – latest rumored specs

According to @OsitalV, the Mavic Pro 2 will actually be called “Mavic Pro II.” A larger 4820 mAh battery will mean the new Mavic will be able to fly up to 33 minutes. Its top speed is speculated to max out at 45 mph, and it will have a 1” CMOS sensor, which is the same size as the much larger Phantom 4 Pro sensor. A bigger battery and sensor also means the new Mavic will be larger in terms of overall design, but the main selling point would be a portable drone with an upgraded camera and obstacle avoidance system.

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