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President Trump ramps up US drone strike program – more civilians die




Human’s rights group Reprieve have published damning new information about the United States’ drone assassination program under President Trump.

Trump has overseen a drastic rise in the number of predator drone strikes in Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia and Pakistan, none of which are currently at war with the US.

In the seven months of the Trump administration, more people have died as a result of drone strikes than during the entire eight years under Obama.

During Obama’s era, according this leaked 2013 Justice Department memo, approximately 2300-3400 people were killed in drone strikes. A leaked government memo about US drone attacks from that time estimated that 90 percent of those killed in the targeted attacks were not the intended targets and in many instances were in fact women and children.  Meanwhile, based on the latest estimates detailed here, in the seven months following Trump’s inauguration coalition airstrikes were estimated to have killed between 2800-4500 civilians.

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