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PowerVision: Drone Company That Made A Splash At CES 2017





Commercial drones usually have the same design as their competitors, but this year at CES 2017, PowerVision, an upcoming company based in Beijing, China, surprised the crowds with their one of a kind design and a professional grade drone release. Their floor demos captured audiences because it was an egg shaped quadcopter flying steadily inside a demonstration area. They also had a fish finding underwater drone called the PowerRay being displayed with a mermaid, and their professional grade PowerEye quadcopter may be the next contender against DJI and Yuneec.


What’s With the Shape? 

When the floor attendant was asked about the logic behind the design of their PowerEgg drone, he said that it was aimed around the demands of the consumers seeking a portable carrying solution. The PowerVision representative also added, “it is designed by nature.” When folded, this one of a kind quadcopter lacks any handles, so it must be carried like a delicate baby. This forces the owner to place it directly into a case, so its portability is somewhat great if you have something to transport it with. The closed shell design also minimizes damage because it covers the camera and arms when it is fully folded in, and this also means no more props or legs in your shots since it retracts when in flight! This is also like a table centerpiece with a stand, and it can be compared to an American football but just don’t throw it like one.

PowerVision Egg

The Egg Specs

This flying egg can reach great distances of about 5 kilometers or 3.1 miles, and its camera can rotate 360º. It comes equipped with a 4k HD camera, and its FOV is 95º. The maximum image size is 4,254 X 3,264. There are multiple vision positioning sensors on the removable bottom next to the camera. This sits at 4.6lbs or 2,100g with the battery and propellers attached. Its battery will give you enough power to last for up to 23 minutes.

New PowerVision Egg

North American Price and Release Date

According to the PowerVision representative, the PowerEgg will be released in North America by the end of this month! The price for this consumer drone will be $1280 USD, and that will include the plastic case but not the optional backpack. 

PowerVision Egg Release

The Fish-Bait Drone

Fish-Bait Drone

This anglerfish looking drone drew in crowds this year at CES because of its innovative features. An optional pole looking bait drop can attract a fish for some close-up shots. It is tethered with a cord that can allow it to dive up to 98 feet or 30 meters. It comes in red or white, but the most impressive feature is its detachable FishFinder pod that can also be used alone to find fish locations, water temperatures, water depths, and it has the ability to attract fish with its integrated blue light. It is equipped with 4k UHD, and it rocks a 12MP camera. Preorders for this item will start on February 27, but the official pricing has not yet been released to the public.

The PowerEye Contender


The PowerEye is a professionally leveled quadcopter that is made for photographers, videographers, and other commercial applications. Its retractable leg design is similar to a Typhoon H, so it’ll allow some unobstructed footage with its interchangeable micro 4/3 lenses. Its front comes with a separately streamed FPV camera and sensors. There is also a thermal option for its camera, but it must be requested by the company, and prices will vary depending on the lenses. It runs on dual 9000 mAh LiPo batteries to provide a 29.5 minute flight time, and that is impressive for an 8.7lbs or 3950g quadcopter. Its foldable legs allow this to be compact when placed in its case. It will cost you $3988 USD, and presales have started back in September 2016, but they will initiate shipping in 4 weeks or early February.

PowerVision’s Year

All of PowerVision’s products have been teased around for a few months now, but the company projected the official releases this year, according to the staff members at CES. 2017 can either make or break this company’s reputation with their new creations. They have some eyebrows raised with their designs, so hopefully, they can provide the customers with these new products because there are many impressive features for a wide variety of users from different fields.

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