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PowerDolphin shoots 4K, and it can catch fish!





PowerVision, the company that showcased the egg quadcopter last year, unveiled a new type of intelligent water drone at CES 2018. Their latest marine drone is called the PowerDolphin, and it wirelessly operates like an RC boat. Unlike their underwater PowerRay drone, PowerDolphin stays leveled on the surface of the water. This drone can be used for fishing, filming underwater, shooting small-wave surf shots, or even search and rescue purposes.

PowerDolphin Specs

This marine drone has an adjustable 215° dual-joint 4K camera, which makes it ideal for recording at water level or filming anything underwater near the surface. The camera’s viewing angle can be pointed upwards and even look backwards underwater. The 4K camera can film up to 30 fps, and it can shoot stills up to 12MP. A return to home button is also installed, which is an ensuring feature for a marine drone that could travel up to about 3,281 feet.


It’s controlled wirelessly, and an app is all that is required to get live view. FPV headsets are also supported! Full HD 1080p video transmission allows pilots to view what the marine drone sees in real time and in great detail. This marine drone has a two hour battery life and features three speed modes. The fastest mode allows the PowerDolphin to travel up to 5m/s, which is about 11 mph.


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