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Police trains with DJI Mavic for school shootings!




school shootings

When ABC Journalist Gio Benitez asked Moore what was going through his mind before the drone went through the doors, the drone pilot replied, “Keep the officers that are coming in safe. Make sure I can keep eyes on the bad guy, suspect, and make sure that they’re not walking into something that is going to get them killed.”

Other departments use drones to train for active shooters

Even a fire department in North Carolina teamed with a local police tactical unit to conduct an active shooter training inside a large retail store with a drone. The Wake Forest Fire Department used a DJI Matrice 210 quadcopter to find a shooter inside of a Sam’s Club while officers sneaked through the back. Usually quieter drones would be ideal for these types of situations, but the Matrice 210’s loud flight noise was used as a distraction, according to Public Safety Flight’s article. In this case, the drone’s weakness became its strength; the drone’s rotors echoed in the store and gave an opening for officers to flank the shooter.

Quadcopters can easily be purchased and modded, so first responders and police have used them for training purposes. There’ll be drones specifically made for the police, but for now, consumer drones are sufficient enough to get the job done. It’ll only be a matter of time before drones become a regular tool for the police, especially since they can be bought at a low price for their undeniable advantages.

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