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Police trains with DJI Mavic for school shootings!




school shootings

Everyday drones like the DJI Inspire and Mavic series are commonly used for aerial photos and videos, but now fairly low-priced consumer quadcopters are helping law enforcement train for school shootings. ABC News uploaded a video showing how first responders use DJI drones with thermal imaging camera systems for search and rescue missions, and they even included footage of a police department in Texas using a Mavic inside a building to search for an active shooter:

Training with drones for school shootings

school shootings

Screenshot from ABC Nightline

In a response team exercise, Mansfield Police in Texas used a Mavic with propeller guards to peek around corners. Drone Pilot and Detective Barry Moore flew a Mavic ahead of a squad that searched rooms for the shooter and signaled when it was clear to approach an area via radio. To make the simulation more realistic, volunteer kids and teachers ran across school halls. There were also mannequins placed on the floor to represent wounded victims. Once Moore spotted the shooter, he warned the squad and they took him down with paintball markers.

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