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Police Threatens To Arrest Law-Abiding Citizen Over Drone




Drone laws these days are still in the gray area, especially since they are always changing. With the constant updates and bad press, many police officers are unaware or misinformed when it comes to the legal use of UAVs.

This video shows a police officer answering a neighbor’s call regarding a drone that they perceived as an invasion of privacy. The problem with this is that the officer assumed that drone flying was illegal in the area of Lakewood, California. Watch this video and find out what happens:

The person defending himself is known as Dave H on YouTube, and his reaction to this incident can be seen as a model to learn from. He defended himself in a composed manner for the most part. The description also has an important disclaimer that says,

“Don’t do what I did. I know the federal laws and of my state and city, this cop did not. If you disobey the police you may get arrested and beaten or worse. You fly at your own risk. I am not an attorney and my video and text should not be considered as legal advice.”

Police Mistake #1

The first mistake that the police officer made was saying that drone flying was illegal because “it had cameras on it.” The officer might not have known the laws regarding UAV flights, but his biggest mistake was pressing the notion that what he said was legal when in fact it was not.

Police Mistake #2

The officer said that they were going to take it if they saw the drone again. David H then responded by saying that it wasn’t against the law, and he mentioned that he’d take him to court if that happened. Towards the end of the video, the dialogue between the officer and David H escalated, and the officer started leaving due to another call, but David H insisted on proving the law. The officer then said that he’d arrest him if he looked at people’s houses. The officer had no grounds to make that threat since what David H was doing was legal.

Most police officers don’t want to be schooled in their own profession, so if you ever get into this kind of situation, take down their badge number and take it up to their police chief! Don’t continue to argue or resist arrest if it reaches that point. Police are trained to react to resistance, so be careful in how you “enlighten” them of the law they are supposed to know.

#8 = Police Badge Number

Police officers are respectable people whose profession consists of knowing and enforcing the law. The officer might have been given misleading information, or he may not have known the drone rules at all, but this is just an example of the importance of being updated with the latest rules regarding UAVs, especially since he is the police.

An update in the description says that a number of officers were later educated with drone laws in a training class. At the end of the day, it’s a win-win for everyone since people now know how to deal with situations like this and officers are more aware of drone laws.


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