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Pilot Arrested After Flying Drone Close To The Passenger Jet




Recently, this video went viral all over the Internet in China. The pilot was flying drone close to the passenger jet. Not only was he brave/irresponsible enough to do so, but also to share this video in the Weibo community. This case took place in the Hangzhou city in Chinese province Zhejiang.

The civic plane was approaching Hangzhou airport when the irresponsible pilot shot this short 9 seconds video.

Chinese Police Arrested Pilot Within 24 Hours

How? Well, the internet in China is strictly regulated. Users should sign up for the social media and other online platforms with the official name. So it was not difficult for Chinese police to get all the personal information, including the address of that careless pilot.

What’s Happened With Geofencing And NFZ?

As we know DJI drones all have no flight zones and geofencing system that doesn’t allow the user to fly anywhere close to the airport. There is a well-known method of avoiding the NFZ by sticking few layers of tinfoil on top of the drone’s GPS. This way drone will not know that it’s actually inside the no-fly zone. But pilot only can fly it in Atti (no GPS) mode. However, it is difficult to control an aircraft with no GPS especially at the high altitudes.

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Please fly with accordance of your local laws and remember that you are responsible for public safety!


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